Severus frowned as Remus eyed the bubbling cauldron suspiciously. There werewolf seemed eager five minutes ago when Severus had fire called him about having produced a cure (granted only a potential one at the moment) for what had plagued the him for nearly three decades. He spooned a portion of the blue-gray liquid into a goblet and handed it to an apprehensive Remus.

"Are you absolutely positive this will work, Severus? One time and I will be back to normal, 35 year old wizard again?" Remus asked, hope showing in his eyes. Severus forced himself to swallow the sigh he was about to breathe out.

"Honestly, there is no real way to test out how a potion is going to work until after it has been taken. And so far no one else seems willing to give it a try until it has proven given the fact that I am a former Death Eater. So you are my test subject if you are still willing to give it a try," Severus replied calmly. Remus cast his glance to the chair where Sirius sat, the question going unasked between them. "the wolfsbane potion worked. What I did was add on to it so at worst you will still have your human mind. I added on to it for you to keep your human body as well." Remus hesitated for a heartbeat but swallowed the potion willingly.

"Well, if this really does work we will have to work on getting you a second form that is quite a bit more controllable," Sirius chipped in. He placed a calming hand on Remus' shoulder when a shade of sickly green overtook his face. "Remus, are you sick or are you changing?" Severus stepped forward to steady the man and get him seated carefully on the chair.

"I actually feel amazing right now! I don't know if I have ever felt this normal before!" Remus exclaimed, a grin plastered on his face. Severus sighed in relief as the full moon shone through the window and casts its silvery light onto Remus' face. Remus laughs wildly while spinning Sirius around a few feet off the ground. "I'm not a werewolf! I am whole again, Sirius!"