I loved Harry and Georgiana's relationship on the 2012 ITV Mini-Series, but I was not as keen on Georgiana as I was Harry. I literally fell in love with him every time I saw him on screen. So, I decided I would put a little twist on things. What if Harry was trying to catch Georgiana's attention, whilst someone else was trying to catch his?

Also, I decided to rewrite this story based on some character's that interested me.

Disclaimer; I do not own the Titanic or most of the character's, I am simply writing what I personally think they would be like. I do, however, own Evelynn Davenport and her parents.

Not many people survived that horrible night. It killed over a thousand people, ruined families, broke hearts and shocked most of the world. I was lucky to have survived, as well as many of the others. But seeing the distraught faces of the people around me was the worst part. As the sun came up, it got worse- the floating bodies were revealed and people were disgusted, some being sick, others hysterically crying. Children were shaking, their small, frail, bodies barely able to keep them warm. Luckily, the RMS Carpathia arrived to save us, sparing us having to see the wreckage.

There was one person that I couldn't get out of my mind, though. Someone that would also be on other's minds...

Harry Widener.

He had caught my eye, just like Lady Georgiana Grex had caught his, and I knew I would never get him.. but it was worth a try. Now not knowing whether he was dead or alive scared me, because I knew that Lady Georgiana had fallen in love with him and she would be distraught. His love being upset would be the opposite of what he wanted, that was for sure, and just knowing that made me want to comfort her and cheer her up. Because I would do anything to make him happy, even if he did not realise it.

I am Evelynn Davenport and this is the story of what happened when I boarded the RMS Titanic.