Chapter 1

Doreah and Daenerys were playing the with the dragons in her room, trying to teach them to fly. "Khaleesi," Doreah said, not looking away from the dragon. Dany looked up to look at her servant who was not returning eye contact, "Yes?"

"Will you happen to marry one of the 13?" she asked innocently, petting the dragon. Khaleesi gave her a puzzled look, "I don't plan to," she answered. Doreah nodded her head, not saying a word after that.

"Why?" the blonde asked curiously, going back to playing with the dragon. Doreah looked at her Khaleesi, giving a fake smile, "Xaros bled for you when the Spice King denied the entrance to the gate. Perhaps he has a reason," she answered. Dany sensed the slight worry in her voice and knew exactly why. Ever since Doreah taught her how to pleasure Khal Drogo, she couldn't shake the feeling of intense attraction towards her servant. A spark ignited every time they were together however, they were never alone after that time. She'd catch Doreah looking at her, smiling and she'd smile back but never anything beyond that. Especially at the party. In fact, this was the first time they were alone since that time weeks ago. Dany remembered Xaros' offer to her after the party, during the night. He did ask her to marry him but they had a common motive. She needed his resources to cross the narrow sea and take what was rightfully hers.

Daenerys inched closer to her, placing her hand on the brunette's, "Perhaps," she answered, not saying anything beyond that. She gave her a comforting smile, "Are we jealous?" she asked with a playful grin. Doreah returned her smile and her eyes darkened with desire, "Jealous?" she asked, her face leaning closer. Dany didn't move and when their lips met, she had no objection. She kissed her back with just as much enthusiasm as Doreah, feeling her tongue enter her mouth, coaxing her tongue to play. Then, suddenly, she felt herself pushed back on the bed, Doreah straddling her hips.

"Remember what I taught you, Khaleesi?" Doreah asked as she moved her hips. Daenerys smiled and quickly flipped them over, lifting her leg to straddle her servant. The blonde leaned down to kiss her, her hand holding her face. She didn't exactly know what she was doing but she was doing good so far. Her hand traveled down her neck, caressing her skin and then to her breast, cupping it. A slight moan escaped the brunette, biting Dany's bottom lip before letting go. Doreah knew this was Khaleesi's first with a woman but she allowed her to explore a little more.

Dany's hand traveled down her flat stomach and under her garment, wanting to feel her flesh. Her hand cupped her lover's breast once again and her thumb grazed her peak. She could feel her nipple harden in her hand as she continued to play with it. Flicking it, pinching it. Eliciting tiny mewls from the woman under her. Soon, Dany's lips traveled down her neck. Kissing, licking, nipping and occasionally biting, making Doreah's lips part a little but not a sound escaping her.

When she felt that her Khaleesi's movements became a little hesitant, she flipped them back over, pinning the blonde's wrists beside her head. She bent down to her ear and whispered, "It seems another lesson is in order, Khaleesi." Dany's eyes fluttered closed as she felt Doreah's breath on her ear and her mouth suckling on her earlobe.

"The key to pleasure a woman," Doreah continued, kissing her way back to Dany's lips, "is to make her ready," she finished. Dany gave her a slightly bewildered expression, "Ready?" she whispered. She saw the grin that spread across the brunette's face. Doreah kissed her Khaleesi, a slow, heated, passionate kiss that almost took Dany's breath away, however, when Doreah's hand slipped into Dany's undergarment covering her center, she dipped her finger in the heated slit and spread her slickness to her clit- only lightly touching it. Khaleesi sucked in a breath and her hands grabbed the sheets beneath her as she felt a huge wave of pleasure wash through her body. Doreah chuckled and whispered in her ear, "Yes, ready."

Dany bit her lip as she felt Doreah's finger move around, circling around her clit but never touching it directly. Finally, the brunette dipped a finger inside, eliciting a little moan for her Khaleesi. Doreah bit her lip at the sound. She couldn't wait to hear her scream as she brought her over the edge. Dany groaned in protest when she removed her finger from her center, arching her hips to indicate her protest, however Doreah shook her head, "Not yet, Khaleesi. One has to be patient to achieve the highest pleasure," she whispered. Dany growled in response.

Doreah slowly pushed the straps of Dany's dress to the side, taking it off. When it was out of the way, her hungry eyes took in all of her Khaleesi's beauty. How she was jealous of Khal Drogo.

She didn't hesitate to envelop Dany's dusty pink nipple into her mouth, making the blonde arch of the bed for more. She sucked for a good few seconds, feeling it harden before letting it out with a little 'pop'. Then licking around it, teasing her a little before licking at her nipple.

"A good way to make a woman ready, Khaleesi, is to target her breasts. Just as you did," Doreah whispered, her voice husky with arousal. Dany was hardly listening through the cloud in her mind as she felt her body getting more heated. She nodded her understanding. Doreah's hand traveled down Dany's pale skin, over her belly button, but not to her center. Instead, she traveled to the outside of her thigh. Down to her knee and then back up again. She traveled down her abdomen, feeling her muscles flutter under her lips as she kissed just above the soft blonde hair, before licking her way back up to her other breast. She chuckled when she sensed Dany's frustration.

"And the best way to pleasure a woman, is with your tongue," Doreah stated. Her face traveled back down to her center and gave her one long lick, tasting her. Dany's hips arched as her hands grabbed at the sheets again, a loud moan and a, "Fuck!" escaping her lips before she could stop them. Doreah grinned, proud at what effect she had on the Khaleesi. She put Dany's legs on her shoulders and continued to give little licks. Dany bit her lip and her hands entwined with Doreah's soft hair.

Doreah kept her eyes on Khaleesi's face. She was biting her lip, her head pressing down against the bed as she felt the wave after wave of pleasure washing through her and very slowly building. Dany looked down at her servant, watching her. She looked into her eyes until she felt Doreah target her clit and she threw her head back as she almost screamed. Doreah inserted her tongue inside her entrance occasionally, but she mainly kept her tongue in around her clit, but only touching it once or twice. How she enjoyed to see her Khaleesi like this. Her mouth open, her chest rising and falling rapidly, her eyes fluttering close and the moans that escaped her.

Doreah then enveloped the Khaleesi's hard and extremely swollen clit inside her mouth, suckling on it, her tongue alternating from gently stroking it to flicking over it rapidly, both driving the blonde crazy. Her hips moving up and down and Doreah's hands on her hips to make sure they didn't move too much. Occasionally, letting her hands travel up to caress her nipples.

"Doreah," Dany moaned out, her grip on her servant's hair tightening. Doreah smiled, she getting closer.

"Doreah!" Dany moaned louder this time, her hips beginning to arch. The brunette began to lick at her clit a little faster, making Dany's moans a little louder.

"Fuck!" Dany cried as her orgasm hit her and began to climb. Doreah continued her action and then inserted a finger inside of her. Dany's moans turned into to screams as she tried so hard to quiet herself, but couldn't. Dany didn't think her orgasm could reach any higher but she was wrong. Doreah inserted another and curled her fingers and felt a little rough patch inside her, making Dany stretch her legs out and her toes curling as her voice grew in volume. Her grip on Doreah's hair painful as she helped her ride out her orgasm. Daenerys bit her lip to keep from making any more noise but it was so hard, her lip becoming extremely pained as she bit down harder.

When her body went slack, Doreah smiled proudly to herself. She continued lick at Dany's center, but not touching her clit anymore. It was extremely sensitive now. However, Doreah gave her entire center one last long lick, including her clit which made Dany jerk. Doreah slowly made her way up to Dany's face. The blonde was very much dazed and spent, her breathing not yet back to normal.

"That... that..." Dany tried to say, but Doreah smiled and placed a finger on her lips, "Shh, Khaleesi. You must regain your strength," she said, placing a kiss on her lips. Dany nodded, on the brink of passing out.