Chapter 4

Dany got out of another meeting with the Thirteen. She sighed, glad that it was finally over.

"Danaerys," the deep voice of Xaros called. Dany turned around at the sound of her name. "I wish to speak to you," Xaros said as he walked up to her.

"Then speak," she answered. He looked at her for a few moments, his face stoic.

"Have you considered my proposal?" he asked. Dany hesitated before answering, "Yes." He waited for a further response, but one did not come.

"And you agree? You will marry me?" he asked, assuming her answer would be yes.

"And I have yet to reach a decision," she replied. He lifted his head, "May I ask what the reason of the delay is?" he asked. She looked at him, slightly offended, "No, you may not," she retorted.

He sighed, "I give you the hospitality of my home and my blood to keep you here-"

"So that entitles you for my hand in marriage?" Dany asked, her eyebrows furrowed. His jaw visibly clenched, "Is it because of your Dothraki whore?" he asked. The blonde narrowed her eyes at him, "How dare you."

"I dare because it's been weeks since I have asked," he responded.

"It's only been a couple. Please, I don't take this matter lightly, especially since my dragons have been stolen. I trust there has been progress?" Dany asked. Xaros forced a smile, "Yes, a witness in the market gave us a place to look," he answered.

"Good, I put my trust in you, Xaros," she said. He nodded and just as she was walking away, he stated, "Enjoy your Dothraki servant while you can. She has no place in our marriage."

Dany's teeth clenched as a flare of anger washed through her, however she kept walking. As if she never heard him.


Doreah was walking with Rhakaro again, through the gardens. It was nice to be in the company of someone she's known for a while.

"And how is the Khaleesi?" he asked, breaking the silence. Doreah smiled at the mention of her name but hid it, "She's irritated still. The absence of her dragons is very much on her mind," she replied.

"As it would be in mine," he replied. Another silence hung between them.

"Doreah," he said softly, she didn't reply, only listening now, "when the time comes for the Khaleesi to marry," he continued, "you can always find comfort in me." The brunette smiled at his offer, "Thank you, Rhakaro, but we'll cross that bridge when it comes."

"It's coming soon."

Doreah didn't want to think about it and her smile fell. She's been pushing it to the back of her mind for as long as she could. "I know," she replied.

Then the Khaleesi emerged from the castle, appearing in the garden. Doreah's smile reappeared twofold at the sight of her, "Khaleesi," she called. Dany turned to her and smiled, walking toward her. Rhakaro bowed and murmured, "Khaleesi," before walking away.

The blonde looked after him, wondering if she should say something to him.

"How did it go?" Doreah asked, interrupting her thoughts. Dany smiled, "Quite well. They'll find the dragons soon," she said happily, neglecting to mention the conversation with Xaros.

"That's fantastic," the servant replied.

"Yes," Dany said, "One that calls for celebration," she replied. Doreah grinned, "But not here," the brunette whispered. Dany raised her eyebrows.

"And what happened to the bold woman that took me in the corridor?" she asked, jokingly. Doreah laughed, "She wishes for the sounds of the Khaleesi to be for her own ears," she whispered. A chill ran through Dany, knowing exactly what she meant.

"Then perhaps we should take this somewhere a little more private," the blonde whispered. She grabbed Doreah's hand and they quickly walked to her chambers. Doreah was more than happy to accommodate her Khaleesi, however there was a matter that she wanted to talk about first. The thought struck as they entered into the Khaleesi's bedroom.

"Khaleesi," Doreah murmured. Dany turned, her smile faltered at the slightly somber look on her servant's face.

"What is it, Doreah?" she asked, concerned. Doreah tried to smile genuinely but a sadness still shone through it, "When is it that you will be married?" she asked. The blonde's smile completely fell, "I haven't given him an answer yet," she replied.

Doreah nodded her understanding, "I see. But you must, to take what is rightfully yours," she countered. Danaerys looked at her servant, knowing what she was getting at.

"Doreah," the Khaleesi said softly, "I have feelings for you that I could not have predicted," she stated. The servant's heart skipped a beat.

She gave a sheepish smile, "Khaleesi, I am only a lowly servant. I live to serve you," she replied.

"And you are doing a fine job of it. But you were there when Khal Drogo fell, to comfort me and to hold me. Even if I marry Xaros, it will not be out of love, it will be out of necessity. My heart belongs to you," Dany responded. Doreah looked into the deep blue-green eyes of the blonde, knowing every word was sincere however, a sadness still hung in her heart.

She nodded and smiled, her eyes tearing up with both happiness and sadness. She leaned in to kiss her Khaleesi, who accepted it whole-heartedly.

The kiss was slow at first, shallow. And gradually became more heated, both deepening the kiss to taste more of each other. Doreah placed loving kisses down her neck, suckling a little until she reached the bottom. Dany's hands roamed down her lover's sides, and then down her thighs until she reached the end of her dress. She lifted it, feeling the bare flesh and traveled up a little higher. Doreah pushed her lover back a few steps, then a few steps more, until the back of Dany's knees hit the couch and was forced to sit down.

Doreah easily straddled her, placing her hands on the couch behind Dany's head and making small rotations with her hips, grinding upon the blonde. The Khaleesi bit her lip from desire, and placed her hands on Doreah's thighs, and the brunette leaned down to kiss her.

The blonde's hands moved up, under the thin fabric of Doreah's dress and touching the flesh of her abdomen, the muscles fluttering under touch. Her hands soon reached their target, cupping Doreah's breast. Her thumb gently caressing over her nipple, hardening beneath her touch. This elicited a small mewl from the dark haired woman on top of her.

Doreah's lips traveled down her Khaleesi's neck, but at much slower rate. She placed wet, warm, open-mouthed kisses, suckling none too gently to make sure she left a mark. Dany's eyes fluttered closed at the sensation. Doreah's hands were placed on top of the blonde's over the fabric, helping her move her hands harder against her breasts. The brunette's left hand, which was the Khaleesi's right, traveled down. Dany let Doreah guide her hand, and the servant lifted her hand for a moment, to rejoin the blonde's hand beneath the fabric.

She guided the Khaleesi's hand to her center, and since she didn't bother wearing undergarments today, it was easy access. Doreah's hips were still rotating a little, but she slowed the movement. Dany caught on to what her lover wanted from her and entered two fingers within her. Doreah bit down on Dany's neck and a moan escaped her. Her Khaleesi began moving her fingers, thrusting in and out, and Doreah was meeting her at every thrust. She moved her hips in time with the blonde's fingers, her hands now on the arms of the couch as she focused on the fingers within her.

The Khaleesi trained her eyes upon her lover, knowing very well that she was currently at her mercy. She reveled at the sight above her, the servant's eyes closed shut, biting her lip. She curled her fingers a little, trying to find the slightly rough texture of skin within her lover that made her moan for more.

"Khaleesi," Doreah breathed as she felt her pleasure rising a little higher. The blonde found it and thrusted in a little harder. A mewl ripped from the brunette's throat, encouraging Dany to go faster. But instead, the blonde slowed down, a mischievous smile on her face when the woman on top of her moved her hips faster. Doreah opened her eyes, frustrated and confused as to why she stopped.

"Khaleesi," she breathed, her chest heaving a little and her body flushed. Dany smiled, "Tell me what you want," she replied. The brunette recognized the words and her eyes fluttered closed as she felt her lover's hand move faster. But then it slowed again and Doreah moaned in protest.

"Tell me what you want, Doreah," Dany demanded. The brunette looked down at her Khaleesi with hooded eyes. The blonde quickened her pace again, making Doreah's eyes flutter shut again and her mouth fall open. And then biting her lip but then the blonde slowed again, not allowing her to reach her climax.

"Khaleesi," Doreah growled.

"Are you defying your Khaleesi, Doreah?" Dany asked. Doreah bit her lip harder, still moving her hips in an attempt to make her go faster.

"N-No, Khaleesi," she whispered.

"Then tell me what you want," the blonde said. The thrill of having her lover at her mercy excited her. And she was taking full advantage of it. The servant was aware of this, and didn't expect that the Khaleesi had it in her.

Doreah smiled and then leaned down to her Khaleesi's ear. Dany's eyes fluttered closed at the sensation of her heavy breath upon her ear.

"Fuck me, Khaleesi," the servant moaned into her ear. Arousal washed through the blonde and settled at her core as she heard the words, and she fully complied. Her pace began to quicken and Doreah's hips moved faster. The brunette was definitely reaching the brink now, her lips at Dany's neck. She bit down, not wanting to be too loud as she moaned. The dull pain she felt from where Doreah was biting motivated her to thrust deeper and curling her fingers as she did so.

"Yes, Khaleesi," Doreah moaned, letting go of her teeth. Her hips moved in spasmic motions now, but Dany's pace stayed steady.

"Gods," the brunette whispered and then mewled and her body slackened slightly. Both tired from the effort they stayed still for a little while, panting. Doreah pressed her lips against Dany's, "Very good, Khaleesi," she whispered, "but now it's my turn," she finished. She got off of Dany.

"You're going to tease me," Dany pouted. As much as she wanted to reach her own climax, she knew what Doreah was planning. The brunette smiled at her innocently and leaned down to her so that their lips were inches away, "I don't what you mean, Khaleesi," she replied.

The blonde narrowed her eyes at her servant, "Don't you?" she asked. Doreah shrugged and backed away, "I do as you please, Khaleesi, and if you wish for me to bring you to your peak, then I shall do so," she answered as she sauntered toward the bed. Dany's eyes following her every movement. She stood up and slowly followed her.

Doreah sat down on the bed and crossed her legs. Dany reached her and leaned down to her ear, "Perhaps another time. I have... business to attend to," the Khaleesi said. She pulled away and saw how Doreah smiled mischievously. She knew the blonde was lying but let it go.

"Then, I shall accompany you, as your servant," Doreah replied. Dany hesitated before nodding, "Very well."


The entire day, Doreah thought of different ways she could torture and tease her Khaleesi. The plans that formed themselves in her mind were devilish indeed, and pulled her lips into a smile.

They went to the market, knowing that the blonde was prolonging the inevitable. However, they didn't stay for long. They went to mingle with others in the courtyard, eating fruit and enjoying the sun. The brunette definitely noticed how the Khaleesi was eating her food. Her lips sensually wrapping around her fork, her tongue unnecessarily licking them. When Dany caught her staring, she would smile teasingly and continue.

Oh, how her Khaleesi was asking for it. How she continued to tease the wanting servant. Did the Khaleesi realize she was only making things worse for herself? That every action provoked a stronger feeling of revenge within the servant? She had to. Sometimes, she regretted how well she taught the Khaleesi. Though, her ability to tease was good, I will teach you better, Doreah thought.

Doreah continued to stare at the Khaleesi, occasionally engaging in conversation with someone else. When the brunette turned to look at Dany, she raised an eyebrow. It seemed the blonde was being flirted with by a man. Doreah saw the glances that Dany shot her way and continued to flirt back. Of course, the servant knew her flirtation with the other man wasn't sincere, and that it was all a playful game, but Doreah was going to teach her Khaleesi a lesson. One that she'll never forget.

Dany saw her servant's gazes as she socialized with some of the people. She saw the way she subtly looked at her when she ate and the look in her eye when she was talking to the man. She could tell she was in for it, but she couldn't decide if that was a bad or a good thing. She knew the extent of Doreah's talents, she knew what pleasure she could bring her, and she knew exactly how to play her like a fine tuned instrument.

The thought of it made Dany's stomach flutter. The game was fun to play, but she knew there would be consequences. Even if Doreah was her servant, she regarded her as equal. There were things that the servant could teach her that no one else could, and she was fully aware of that fact. Dany smiled at Doreah, who smiled back but it was a devilish smile.

The rest of the day, Dany tried not to be alone with her servant, knowing she was probably planning something. She wished she thought about her actions while she teased her, because she knew she wouldn't have prolonged it. At least the punishment would have been lessened, but it was worth it. At least, she thought it was.

The day was finally almost over. All was left to do was have dinner with the Thirteen and other officials and she would be done. She noticed that Doreah wandered off somewhere an hour ago, so she returned to her chambers. When she did, she didn't expect to see the beautiful brunette.

"Doreah, there you are," the blonde said, smiling. Doreah smiled back, "Yes, Khaleesi," she answered. She was cleaning up the room a little, putting clothes away and making the bed and such. A silence hung in the air and Dany's heart started to beat a little faster. Doreah slowly sauntered towards her, a predatory look in her eye that accompanied the smile.

"Doreah," Dany said, warningly, knowing what was going to happen.

"Yes, Khaleesi?" she asked innocently. Dany swallowed, backing up. Her back hit the door and she knew she was in trouble. The brunette was closing in on her and she couldn't escape it. She could get out of the room, but it was her chambers, why should she leave? She could order her servant for some time alone but, oh, how she wanted what was to come.

Doreah placed her hands on Dany's hips, her face leaning in close. It seemed that she was leaning in to kiss her, but her lips grazed the blonde's cheek and moved towards her ear.

"It's time, Khaleesi," she whispered and placed a kiss below her earlobe. She placed open-mouthed kisses along her jaw and then down to neck, ever so slowly. Dany's eyes fluttered closed, her hands on Doreah's hips. The servant took her hands and roughly pinned them beside the blonde's head. Dany was a little surprised, but couldn't think on it, because Doreah's lips crashed onto hers. It was a breathtaking kiss. Their lips moving with each other and their tongues dancing for dominance as to who's cavern it was going to take place in. Of course, Doreah won and just then she pulled away. Dany tried to lean in and follow her lips. She opened her eyes and saw the look in her lover's. And she knew, she was in more trouble than she initially thought.

"Doreah," she said warningly again. The brunette smiled, "Don't worry, Khaleesi, I won't prolong it too much," she said, her voice husky. Her hands were on the blonde's hips as she directed her toward the bed. Dany sat down but Doreah kept advancing, forcing her to scoot up. Then the servant wasted no time. She placed kisses on the inside of her lower thighs, pushing her dress up as she did so. Dany was getting wet fast and her nerves were getting more sensitive by the minute. Doreah made quick work of the blonde's undergarment and threw it over her shoulder somewhere. Her tongue immediately found her clit.

Dany threw her head back at the sudden pleasure, a moan ripping from her throat. She grabbed the sheets beneath her. She leaned down on her elbows, but then lowered herself onto her back. Doreah bunched the dress up toward the blonde's hips and continued to lick at her clit.

Dany bit her lip, her breath already labored. "Fuck," she whispered when a wave of pleasure raked through her entire body.

And then it stopped abruptly. Dany looked down to see why, and saw that Doreah was traveling back up. The Khaleesi sat up, forcing Doreah to skip her entire torso section and aimed for her lips. Dany kissed her with fervor, biting Doreah's lips as the brunette did the same. The servant took off the dress altogether and her hands squeezed the blonde's breasts. She separated the kiss and when Dany was about to protest, she bit her lip again to keep from making a sound. Doreah enveloped the blonde's dusty pink nipple into her mouth. Sucking hard and flicking it with her tongue.

She then had her hand down at the blonde's center, sliding around her slit and occasionally entering her.

"Doreah," Dany panted out, making the brunette chuckle. She went up to the blonde's ear, "It seems yet another lesson is order, Khaleesi," she whispered. She thumbed her clit, making Dany's hips jerk forward.

"To tease," Doreah started, gently rubbing her Khaleesi's engorged clit, "you must know exactly what they will beg for," she continued. She stopped rubbing, making the blonde mewl in protest.

"I must admit," Doreah whispered, "you did very well today," she complimented. Dany didn't respond, too focused on the sensation's washing through her.

"Do you know your alphabet, Khaleesi?" she asked. Dany thought it was a strange question to ask right then but nodded. Her hazy eyes opening and looking into her lover's. Doreah chuckled as her Khaleesi answered the rhetorical question.

"Did you know, that the Dothraki alphabet has 76 letters?" she asked. Her heart skipped a beat as she had a slight feeling where Doreah was going with this.

"It's quite tedious, but necessary," she continued. Dany swallowed hard, "Doreah," she said warningly. The brunette ignored her.

"But when it comes to matters such as these," she whispered, rubbing her thumb on the blonde's clit for emphasis, "They become quite useful," she finished.

"Lie down," she ordered. The blonde did as she was told, giving Doreah a thrill.

She traveled back down the Khaleesi's flawless, naked body, back to her core. She slowly licked the the beginning of the alphabet. Dany moaned, trying to get her lover to go faster. Doreah ignored her pleas. She continued to slowly spell out the letters of the Dothraki alphabet.

She wasn't even halfway through when Dany whined, "Please."

Doreah smiled, her tongue was beginning to get tired, but this was worth it. She slowly slipped two fingers inside of her Khaleesi. She curled them and slowly entered her and then slid out, and then entered her, and slid out. Dany's hips were moving, coaxing her lover to go faster, but Doreah didn't.

"Halfway there, Khaleesi," she announced. Dany growled in frustration. Her hand went down to her own clit to satisfy herself but Doreah grabbed her wrist, "Ah-ah-ah," she said, "I control your pleasure, Khaleesi," she stated.

"Faster," Dany moaned. Doreah pressed her tongue harder as she wrote the rest of the alphabet.

"You brought this upon yourself, Khaleesi," she said. She was about three quarters of the way.

"Doreah," Dany growled, she was getting desperate. Her pace on her fingers began to quicken, making Dany's hips arch up.

"Yes," she whispered and then the fingers slowed down. Dany growled again, "If you don't finish me, Doreah, I'll finish myself." Doreah laughed, as she wrote the last letters with her tongue. Then she quickly rubbed her tongue over her clit and thrusted her fingers faster.

"Fuck," she moaned out. The servant smiled, and quickened. Dany was reaching her climax gradually. And then it stopped again.

"To tease, Khaleesi," Doreah said, "you must make them beg," she stated. She went up to Dany's lips and kissed her.

"You must make them desperate," she continued. Doreah looked into Dany's hazy eyes, "And you must make them scream for it," she finished. She quickened her pace, "You must make it unpredictable," she murmured against her cheek, slowing her pace.

"And you must know where to touch," she continued. She curled her fingers, grazing the rough patch within her and making Dany arch her back.

"Have you learned your lesson, Khaleesi?" she asked. Dany nodded her head.

"I didn't hear you, Khaleesi," Doreah answered.

"Yes," Dany whispered. The brunette smiled, "What, Khaleesi?" she asked, she curled her fingers again. Dany arched and moaned out loudly, "Yes."

"I don't think you did, Khaleesi," Doreah stated with a smile and traveled back down. There was a knock on the door. They both ignored it.

Doreah's tongue went to work as it circled on and around her clit. She suckled on it and her pace quickened.

The knock on the door sounded again. Dany turned her head but her eyes fluttered closed.

Doreah chuckled, "It seems someone is at the door, Khaleesi," she whispered. Dany tried to pull away but Doreah wouldn't allow it. The blonde's hands fisted the sheets beneath her and her mouth fell open. She was reaching her climax fast. Her vision started to unfocus.

"Who-" Dany tried to call but it was cut off with a gasp.

"Danaerys?" a voice on the other side asked. It was Xaros. Dany couldn't make herself care, however. She was fast approaching her orgasm and she stuffed a pillow into her mouth. It did little to quiet her moans. The knock came again.

"One moment!" Doreah called before going back to her task. Her Khaleesi's hips began to arch up and down and Doreah put one hand to try and keep her from moving too much. She could hear her Khaleesi's muffled moans.

"Danaerys," Xaros called again. Then Dany's back arched off the bed, her mouth falling open as she was about to reach her climax and then it all stopped again. She looked down, glaring at her servant.

"It seems someone is waiting for you, Khaleesi," Doreah said with an innocent smile. Getting off the bed, and wiping below her bottom lip. She took her fingers into her mouth, tasting the Khaleesi and knew that it aroused her every time.

Dany hurried and grabbed her robe and Doreah found her Khaleesi's undergarments. Throwing them somewhere it can't be seen. Dany opened the door, trying not to look flushed.

"Yes, Xaros?" she asked, trying not to look irritated either.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered.

"You look..." he trailed off.

"My servant and I are having a disagreement," she replied. He nodded, not knowing whether to believe her or not. Doreah appeared a few feet behind her, seeming to look normal. She gave him a slight bow. And that was when Dany caught him looking at her lustfully.

"Is there something I can help you with, Xaros?" Dany asked.

"The dinner is starting," he answered, looking back at the short woman in front of him.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not well. I shall join you tomorrow," she responded. He nodded, "Anything I can do?" he asked.

"No, thank you, you're very kind," Dany answered. He nodded again and gave Danaerys a little bow, "Very well then," he said before turning to leave. She closed the door and turned to her servant, who was a lot closer than she remembered. She was back against the door, Her knee separating her legs and her fingers already entering her unexpectedly. Dany's mouth fell open and she bit her lip.

"What is it you want, Khaleesi?" she moaned her title into her ear. Dany's eyes fluttered closed, but didn't answer. Doreah's fingers curled again and she felt Dany's hands turning into fists.

"Fuck me," she whispered, shamelessly. She was beyond the point of caring what she sounded like.

"Say it again," Doreah demanded, her pace getting faster and Dany could feel her oncoming orgasm.

"Fuck me," she said in a high pitched moan, panting already, feeling her muscles around Doreah's fingers begin to spasm.

"Have you learned your lesson, Khaleesi?" she asked. Dany moaned out, she was on the brink, "Yes," she whispered and Doreah granted her her climax. She thrusted into her and Dany bit her neck, trying to muffle her moans. Her back arching off the door, her toes curling, her knees weakening, and her back pressed hard against the door. She was still high on her climax, holding her breath. Then, she started to come down and Doreah's pace slowed. She chuckled and then kissed her Khaleesi.

"I love you, my Khaleesi," she whispered between kisses. Dany smiled, "I love you also," she whispered back, tired and spent.