Summary: Allen Walker is a vampire by night and a student by day. What happens when a new transfer student comes staying in the same dorm as him? Will he find out about Allen's secret? Yullen

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Italic: Allen's point of view


Vampires, they are immortals, their faces are inhumanly beautiful and their out of the world beauty is what attracts and at the same time repels us. They all have superhuman strength, phenomenal senses and regeneration.

7.00am… That was the time I saw on the alarm clock as I slammed the buzzer to stop the alarm. I stared at the celling and wondered what I was dreaming about. It seemed so nostalgic, that dream was not clear and I only saw a man holding on to a katana and calling my name repeatedly. His face, I could not remember and the more I tried to, the more it seemed to fade.

The buzzing of my phone snapped me back to reality and I opened it seeing the user id.

"Lavi?" I said. It was becoming more common, him calling me. Was I acting weird in particular or was it just him? I think I will just stick to just him…

"Allen? Just checking if you woke up and hurry up okay? I heard that something interesting happening today." Lavi continued to babble so I wasn't really interested. I got out of bed and getting ready for school the, heading out of my the dorm, dorm president came and told me I would get a new roommate since I currently don't have one., great, just what a needed. Someone who could invade my privacy and discover my secret, what a wonderful way to start a new term!

I smiled and told him I would be late if I didn't hurry, he blushed which I still have no idea why he does that and I quickly made my exit from the dormitory to the school.

"Kyaa! Allen is coming!" screamed a random girl.

Sigh, when they will ever stop making a fuss over me…. I thought. I was walking towards the school and just wanted to reach the school gate without anyone making a fuss over me for once, they practically do this every time I go to school. Aren't they tired? I know I am. I was cut off from my thought as I heard a familiar voice.

"Yo Allen!" Lavi said. He has untamed, fiery hair which was pulled up by a bandana. He wore an eye patch over one of his eye and the other had a bright emerald colour orb. I never asked him about it, just like how he never asks about me, I, who had a shock of white hair and a red scar with the pattern of a pentacle over one of my eye. It was a silent agreement that we made.

"Good morning Lavi" Allen greeted back. They both started walking to the classroom. Allen went and sat at his usual spot in the back of the classroom with Lavi taking a seat beside him.

"There's going to be a new student transferring to our class today you know? I heard that person is real gorgeous." Lavi said with a mischievous grin. Allen just nodded and looked disinterested and stared at the window. The bell rang signalling that class is starting.

Reever came in looking very haggard. The class stood up in attention and greeted the teacher. Everyone chatted and was very excited about the new student coming to their class wondering how he was. The door slide open and revealed a person with stunning beautiful long hair tied neatly into a long pony tail. Everyone stared at the person some girlish giggles was heard and guys were swooning over this person's beauty.

"Class please quiet down this is Kanda Yu and he is the new transfer student. Want to introduce yourself?" Reever asked

"Che" Kanda said and just walked towards the empty seat at the back of the classroom just beside Lavi. Allen clearly showed disinterest and Lavi was mentally thinking STRIKE! It was what you call an eventful class till what Reever said next.

"Allen will show you around school later since you guys are staying in the same room." I looked at the teacher and wondered if I heard it correctly. If it was true, it means he's my roommate right? Oh crap, I don't need this trouble right now.

"SHE'S A HE!" the boys screamed in unison including Lavi.


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