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"Moyashi?" Kanda whispered as he saw Allen crying. The boy then suddenly aware of their presence looked at them. A pair of grey dead eyes looked at Kanda before standing up.

"Who are you?" Allen asked.

"Moyashi-chan, what are you talking about? He's your…-

"SHUT UP Baka Usagi!" Kanda interrupted.

"My love, let's give them a moment." Tyki said as he carried the protesting Lavi out of the room.

"I'm Kanda Yuu, one of your friends." Kanda said passively.

"I'm sorry I can't remember anything." Allen said as he stared at Kanda

"Why are you crying?" Kanda asked.

"I don't know…" Allen replied

"We're going home, Allen."

"Where is our home?"

"I'll bring you there." Kanda said as he grabbed Allen's hand and they left.

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"Let me go, Tyki!" Lavi shouted as he struggled from Tyki's grip.

"Calm down my love." Tyki said as he tightened his grip.

"I need to go see Allen. Something is not right." Lavi said.

"What can you do once you see him? Confront him? Comfort him? Those things will not do anything to bring him back nor bring back his memories. So tell me, what are you going to do once you see him?" Tyki asked.

"I'm going to…I don't know. I'm just worried" Lavi answered.

"Let Kanda handle this. He is Allen's lover for a reason." Tyki reasoned placing his hand on Lavi's shoulder.

"Stay with me tonight, Tyki." Lavi whispered.

"I will, don't worry and spend the night here." Tyki assured kissing Lavi's forehead before the red head snuggled closer to Tyki.

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"This place…it's familiar…" Moyashi said as he looked around the antic house. I decided to bring him back to where we first begun. Maybe he'll remember…the place where we bonded…the place where we first met.

"Yuu, there's something addressed to you." My heart throbbed as he said my name. How long I crave for him to call out to me with affection and passion? His face softened as he saw a lotus inside the glass hour. It was a gift from him to me in our past life. He touched it gently and continues looking at it fondly while I spent my time gazing at him.

"Yuu?" I snapped out of my stupor only to see him giving me a book. A book? It looked like those antic books used in the past but I knew it was so like the Moyashi to record everything that happened through a personal item like a diary.

"Allen, come here." I told him patting on the bed to gesture that he sat beside me. He walked and sat next to me leaning his head on my lap and using it as a pillow.

"Yuu, I'm going to sleep now call me when you're done." Moyashi said and soon after, I started to hear soft and even breathing. He fell asleep. I smiled and kissed him on the forehead before opening the book.

Dear Yuu,

Hello Yuu, by the time you're reading this I must have either died or just lost my memories. Whatever it is, I just want to tell you I love you. Have I met you through war? Or perhaps we are enemies in a battle. Did you fall in love with me? I hoped you have.

I am cursed. I bet you'll be angry when you heard that but it's the truth. I might not have told you anything much about my past but there really is nothing to talk about. I spent my time looking for you and rotting away not that I could rot though. I'm ashamed but I tried killing myself before only for my vampire instinct to keep me alive again and of course my family being very worried and convinced me not to throw my life away. I left my life of isolation and stayed with my family until I met this guy name Cross. He is funny that guy. He said a beautiful being should be near him but he never took advantage of me. Even though people around us told me he treats me way too harsh I knew his abrasive behavior and attitude is his way of displaying him and I being close. He's just a friend, for it's you that I only have in my heart so please don't get jealous.

In the scenario that I have lost my memories, I am told of an antidote but I'm afraid I can't reveal to anyone no matter how much I want to. The clue is it lies not before you and nor behind you but it is within you.

Even if I lost my memories or if I have died, I know it's very selfish of me but I only want you to love me and only me. Cross once asked me if I ever forget about you what will happen? I only told him that I'll most probably just fall in love with you all over again.

I know it's mushy but it came from my heart and hopefully you felt it. The rest of the diary is about my life before and after you. I hope you will be able to move on in life and take care.


Allen Walker

"Moyashi, I'll help you regain your memories no matter what." Kanda whispered.

"Yuu?" Allen said blinking his eyes.

"It's nothing. Go back to sleep." Kanda said gently picking Allen up from his lab and putting him on the bed but not before giving him a kiss on the forehead.

"Sleep with me?" Allen said reaching out his hands. Kanda smiled and wrapped his hands on Allen's waist before nuzzling on his neck.

"Goodnight, Moyashi" Kanda said

"Goodnight, Yuu." Allen said pecking Kanda on his cheek before falling deep asleep. Kanda widened his eyes due to his Moyashi sudden display of affection before he smiled and slowly closed his eyes only to fall into a deep slumber which never happened in ages since his Moyashi left.

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Time Leap: 2years

Today the Black Order Company and NOAHS have merged. We never thought we will see this day as the two companies were previously competing in which was the best. Allen Walker, the owner of NOAHS after the Earl the previous head of the company who died for reasons unknown formed this merger with Kanda Yuu, the owner of the Black Order Company. These two leading figures are….

"These two always seems to surprise us." Tyki said putting the television to mute.

"They did decide to do this after Allen got back his memories after all. I can't believe they managed to rule the vampires and the hunter's association respectively." Lavi said sitting on the couch beside Tyki.

"A lot happened after all. In these two years…." Tyki whispered.

"Tyki…are you still sad? It can't be helped, we had to kill him or he would kill us all." Lavi said.

"As long as I have you by my side, I'm fine." Tyki then gave Lavi a passionate kiss and things escalated from there.

"Lavi, open up!" a banging sound echoed throughout the house.

"Urg, who the hell is that," Lavi groaned.

"Probably Lenalee, I guess I'll have to get the door." Tyki sighed not wanting to leave the bed with his lover there.

"Hurry or she'll kick down the door." Lavi mumbled through the pillow.

"I will be back soon." Tyki said, about to leave the bed but Lavi grabbed Tyki's hand.

"Tyki, you forgot to wear your clothes." Lavi said impassively.

"Oh, I'm sorry my love. You shouldn't move so much since you're back hurts." Tyki apologized and started dressing while Lavi mumbled "Whose fault is that?"

"Calm down girl we're not going anywhere and if you continue banging, the door will break." Tyki said calmly looking at Lenalee.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know that you were here…anyway, do you know where Lavi is? I need him." Lenalee said trying to peek inside the house.

"I'm afraid he is unwell due to our night activities. Why don't you try Road? I'm sure she'll help you." Tyki suggested.

"Hmm…that's a good idea! I'm going but don't be too rough with him. You guys are attending the party after all." Lenalee then left the place whistling.

"I guess she is better compared to before. I still can't believe shonen erased her feelings for Kanda all this while."Tyki said as he went into the bedroom.

"He had no choice left. If Moyashi left her as she is…she'll get eaten by the green house monster and kill him but man is he scary to do that it's like nobody mess with me or Yuu or I'll get rid of you. Hey, it rhymes!" Lavi continued babbling while Tyki chuckled in amusement as his lover continued talking.

"Since you're energetic enough we should go and grab something to eat." Tyki suggested heading towards the bathroom.

"Tyki, Lenalee will be alright right?" Lavi said hugging Tyki from behind.

"You know how shonen won't ever hurt his friends. It's like one of his quirks so don't worry. Besides, she is much happier now compared to last time I say, shonen did a right thing." Tyki assured Lavi as both of them went into the bathroom.

"Your right, I worry too much." Lavi said closing the door.

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"Yuu, have you packed finish? We are leaving tonight after all." Allen asked as he dumped more documents into his briefcase.

"Moyashi, where is that idiot bunny? He was supposed to come an hour ago and I packed already." Kanda replied coming out of the shower.

"I called and Tyki said he's not coming since he's unwell." Allen said giving Kanda a chaste kiss and nuzzling his neck.

"In short, they did it like the bunnies they were and now he can't even stand up." Kanda snorted and wrapped his hands on his Moyashi's waist.

"We have to attend a party later Yuu. Please be gentle." Allen whispered seductively in Kanda's ear.

"You know I'm always gentle but you always force me to…." Before Kanda could finish his sentence, he got cut off by his Moyashi planting kisses on him. "I guess I can't go too far. I don't want him to ban me from touching him again." Kanda shuddered recalling that incident. It was pure torture.

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"It's complete! Now we just have to wait for them to arrive." Lenalee said

"I can't wait for them to put on their costume!" Road exclaimed thinking about it.

"Now we just need to arrange everything properly. Nee-san, please make sure the preparation for the party is complete." Lenalee said smiling sweetly at her brother.

"Of course, I will do anything for my little sister!" Komui said enthusiastically.

"I'm going to call Allen and you call Lavi." Lenalee said as she picked up her phone and dialed Allen's number.

"Hello?" a voice answered breathlessly.

"Allen? Are you alright, you sound tired." Lenalee asked mischievously. Road giggled thinking how embarrassed Allen must be.

"I'm fine Lenalee. Why did you call me?" Allen asked in between breaths not being able to catch the hint that Lenalee knew what was happening to him.

"I just wanted to tell you that I prepared the costumes for you and Kanda as well so you guys just have to come before the party in your casual clothes." Lenalee said twirling her hair.

"Alright, thank you for helping us with the costume. Bye" Allen said hanging up.

"Road you told Lavi yet?" Lenalee asked.

"They were busy so I sent a message to Tyki and he said he got the message. They will arrive at six in the evening." Road said licking her lollipop.

"Good, all is complete and the mission will go well." Lenalee cracked evilly.

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"Yuu, stop it no more rounds. We have to get to the party." Allen said trying to push Kanda away.

"I need you. One more round and we'll go." Kanda said as he started kissing on Allen's chest.

"Lenalee will get mad you know. We are supposed to be there at six according to Tyki. Besides, we are flying to Europe tonight. I'll let you do me for as long as you like there." Allen sighed "Guess I'll be unable to walk for a few days after tonight…." Allen thought as he saw Kanda smirking deviously before pulling back.

"Just wear your casual clothes Yuu since Lenalee already have our costumes." Allen said and Kanda nodded.

"Let's shower then we'll head there." Kanda said as he picked Allen up bridal style heading towards the bathroom while Allen wrapped his hands on Kanda's neck.

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"Hey Lenalady, I have not seen you for a while!" Lavi said hugging Lenalee with Tyki behind him.

"Hello Lavi and Tyki, good to see you guys again. Your costumes are in the respective dressing rooms. It's that way. See you at the party!" Lenalee said. She was wearing an indigo dress with laces and had her hair tied in to a bun with two beautiful ornaments securing it. She chuckled darkly as the two oblivious males went into their respective dressing room. "Now my plan is in action," Lenalee thought.

"Yuu, you were too rough! I told you, later, why we ended up doing it in the bathroom too! We did it three times and then shifted to the bed. Now we are late, it's already 7pm," Allen grumbled.

"Che, you were as into it as me so stop complaining Moyashi," Kanda said feeling annoyed, making Allen beet red.

"BaKanda, stop being so crude. We haven't seen them for 2 years after all, be nice," Allen said as they walked towards their destination.

"Che" Kanda replied as he grabbed his Moyashi's hand. Allen smiled and tightens his grip.

"Allen! Why were you guys so late?! Never mind, just go to the dressing room. Your costumes are there already and luckily the main event has not happened yet," Lenalee said as she quickly pushed them into the dressing area before they could protest.

"You think they will like it?" Road said as she licked her lollipop.

"I'm sure Kanda will like it but not Allen I guess." Lenalee said smiling innocently.

"He is wearing girls' clothes after all. It can't be helped." Road said giggling.

"Who ask them to be away for so long leaving their friends behind? They just have to be on my manga. I think I'll get inspiration looking at them. Hmm, maybe throw in some photos and videos will work too." Lenalee added as an afterthought.

"Lavi and Tyki are in the party now. Should we escort them to the bedroom before the main event? Tyki looks like he's going to eat up that bunny any moment with what he's wearing." Road said as they both eyed the two males one wearing an erotic bunny costume while the other wore skin tight jeans and a black coat with a top hat.

"I already have it recording." Lenalee hummed to herself while thinking of all the materials she is going to have by the end of tonight.

"I'm looking forward to those videos and photos Lenalee!" Road said as she skipped away.

"AHHH! What the hell Lenalee!" A voice echoed through the entire room.

"Moyashi? What the hell did you do?" Kanda asked as he dashed into Allen's dressing room only to have said Moyashi running towards him and crying on his chest. Kanda hugged him and rubbed his back to comfort him. "Cute" was what Kanda thought as he saw Allen looking up into his eyes tears still visible. Kanda rubbed Allen's tears with his thumb and gave him a kiss on his forehead. This was the scene Lenalee, Road, Tyki and Lavi stumbled in to.

"I heard a very loud scream just now what happened? Did Yuu do something perverted to you?" Lavi said smirking. Allen blushed and hid his face in Kanda's shirt while Kanda just glared at them.

"Tyki, take Lavi and go out. Kanda, why have you not changed yet? Go and change we will help Allen with his costume." Lenalee said calmly quickly giving out orders.

"Yuu, I don't want to wear a girl's costume!" Allen said sobbing.

"Sometimes, I feel like you purposely act this cute for me to have my way with you. Just wear it you know we can't stop Lenalee. See you later Moyashi." Kanda deadpan and kissed Allen's forehead before walking out.

"Why must I wear this Lenalee? I'm a guy!" Allen whined.

"If you don't wear it I'll call Cross and ask him to leave you debts." Lenalee threatened. Allen gulped and nodded. "I think he'll make my company grow broke if I pay for it again. I really have to evaluate my life decisions especially the making friends' part." Allen thought.

"What's taking you guys so long?" Kanda asked tapping his foot impatiently.

"We're just going to finish some touchups for his makeup. It'll be quick." Lenalee replied.

"He's ready! Kanda, you can come in now." Lenalee said after a few minutes have passed.

"Che" Kanda said as he went inside.

"Yuu, how do I look?" Allen said as he looked at the floor blushing heavily.

"You look beautiful, Allen." Kanda said staring as his blushing lover. Allen was wearing a blue kimono with patterns of the lotuses in it. His hair looked silky and his pale skin matched with his grey eyes and pink lips.

"You look nice in your Hakama." Allen said as he blush an even deeper shade of red. Kanda smirked and grabbed his Moyashi by the waist before kissing him deeply.

"Let's go to the party!" Lenalee said dragging them outside after squealing with Road.

"I have to go and make an announcement but you guys can catch up with your old friends or make yourself comfortable." Lenalee said skipping away to the stage.

"Moyashi…let's go." Kanda said grabbing Allen's waist possessively and glaring at the people who were staring at them.

"Yuu, you're acting a bit weird." Allen commented as Kanda led him to one of the couches.

"Moyashi, don't stay out of my sight." Kanda said as he pulled Allen onto his lap and started kissing Allen's neck ignoring Allen's protest.

"Ladies and gentlemen we shall start our main event now." Lenalee announced through the microphone. Everyone in the room began cheering.

"I see that you're still so possessive of your lover until now. Some things never change." A man with a surly voice said.

"Oh, Lance? What are you doing here? I have not seen you since high school." Allen said looking at the man with blond hair and blue eyes.

"Allen, it is a reunion party after all." He answered.

"Che, buzz off and leave us alone." Kanda said sourly glaring daggers at Lance while he chuckled.

"Don't be so mean Yuu. I'm sorry but could you please leave us?" Allen said politely. Lance then waved goodbye and disappeared into the crowd.

"His just one of the suitors that likes me you can't blame love it has no logic. I am yours Kanda and only yours." Allen assured Kanda as he gave Kanda a kiss on his neck. Kanda face softened and he gave a small smile as Allen looped his hands on Kanda's neck smirking at a lady who was staring at them clearly interested in Kanda. "He's mine." Allen was clearly stating that fact as he smirked deviously. The lady left clearly knowing that she had no chance with Kanda.

"Moyashi, you're clearly contradicting you words." Kanda said seeing the exchange between his lover and the lady.

"But! She was openly staring at you with lust in her eyes." Allen whined pulling Kanda flush against him.

"Moyashi stop tempting me." Kanda said as his dark aura loomed out.

"Sorry!" Allen said releasing his grip on Kanda.

"There you guys are! I have been calling you guys through the microphone to go to the backstage. Go now the competition is starting." Lenalee said with a clipboard on her hand. Allen and Kanda left their comfortable position and head towards the backstage seeing as it was no use to protest against Lenalee.

"What competition is it Lenalee?" Allen asked curiously.

"It's a couple talent shows where the best couple wins a trip to a five star hotel." Lenalee said scanning through the clipboard.

"Oh, so why are we going to the backstage?" Allen asked curiously titling his head cutely.

"Why? You two are going to participate for the competition of course!" Lenalee exclaimed as she checked the stage lights and readjusted Allen's costume and did some touch up on Allen's make up.

"What?" Allen said. He felt his blood run cold and his lips dry.

"Moyashi? Shit, I forgot he has stage fright." Kanda said hugging a shock Allen. He kissed Allen on the forehead and whispered "Don't worry. I'll be right beside you."

"Really?" Allen asked innocently with tears in his eyes hugging Kanda. "Cute" Kanda thought. "Che, when do I ever lie to you?" Kanda said. Allen nodded his head and smiled.

"Okay, now that you're done with your issues, you're next." Lenalee said leading them towards the door to the stage.

"We're playing that song Moyashi." Kanda said picking up the violin as Allen sat on the chair hands positioned on the piano.

"Alright, I'm singing right?" Allen asked.

"Of course." Kanda replied lifting his bow.

There once was a boy, who lost it all including his memories.

The first thing he saw was a boy with weeping eyes.

They saved each other from the cruelties of the world.

They found salvation loving each other but soon they know they will have to part.

A promise starts that bounded them together.

A blood bond was formed so that they could be together.

It didn't last as one soon died but a promise was sealed that they find each other….

Through something called another lifetime.

Allen sang it melodiously and as they finished the last note, there was a loud applause and the crowd was cheering loudly giving them a standing ovation. As they two went back to the backstage people congratulated them telling them they will definitely win this competition.

"If you guys weren't businessmen, you guys could totally be an artist." Lenalee commented. Allen and Kanda shrugged and return back to the couch where people continued to congratulate them until Kanda glared…that shut them up.

"The last and final couple Tyki and Lavi is unfortunately unavailable and thus this is the end of the competition." Lenalee announced through the microphone.

"I shall announce the winner now. Drumroll please…and the winner is, KANDA AND ALLEN!" Lenalee shouted excitedly. Everyone cheered and once again started congratulating Kanda and Allen as they made their way to the stage to collect their prize.

"Use it well since it's a pair of tickets to any hotel in the world." Lenalee said giving the tickets. Kanda smirked thinking all the things he could do to his Moyashi while Allen just smiled unaware of what awaited him tonight.

"We're going now. Our flight is leaving in three hours after all." Allen said as he and Kanda stepped out of the crowd.

"Moyashi, the company merged and is doing well but are you going to leave it?" Kanda asked as they said their goodbyes to their friends and left the building.

"Yes, I'm leaving it to Wisely and Lulubell. The rest of the Noah family is given high positions. The hunters are left with Komui and Reever anyway. We should only intervene if the vampires and the hunters are not working together to kill off the remaining Akuma." Allen said sitting in the limo.

"Hmm…if you say so. Where are we heading next?" Kanda asked as the car drove towards the airport.

"After our honeymoon in Europe, we should travel just for fun." Allen said casually.

"I don't really care as long as you are there." Kanda said wrapping his arms around his Moyashi and giving him a kiss.

"Wahh! Yuu, where are you touching?" Allen said squirming in Kanda's hold.

"You promised remember that you'll let me do you for as long as I like." Kanda said tightening his hold on his Moyashi. "I don't think I'll be able to walk for a few days." Allen thought as Kanda started tackling him with kisses.

"AHAHAHHA!" Lavi laughed loudly while Tyki just chuckled.

"Kanda's carrying his Moyashi and refuses to let go even through the check in. I can't walk? Kanda must have done it hard for Moyashi to say that but to even get reported in the news? That's too funny." Lavi said as he saw the Japanese man cursing and carrying his bean sprout into the airplane while said bean sprout hid in his face in his lover's chest.

"'re banned from touching me." Allen said smiling too sweetly for Kanda's liking.

"Kuso" Kanda thought as he saw Allen covering his face again.


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