Hamish Watson-Holmes

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Sherlock and John had decided to have a baby. They had been happily married for over a year and they wanted a baby. They knew that two men couldn't have a baby. However with help from Mycroft they had got files from the government of experiments and theories they had done so that Sherlock could do some science and see if he could find a way to have a baby that was 50% Sherlock and 50% John. If that didn't work they would adopt or explore other routes. But they both had their hearts set on having a baby that was as clever as Sherlock and as brave as John. They wanted a baby and they wanted to have one together. So after months of research Sherlock had explained to John what was going to happen.

"It is very complicated but it has worked in the past. The government just don't want people knowing about it. Two men can have a baby that is both of theirs. They will take my sperm and your sperm, mix it together and do lots of science stuff that you have to be a specialist to understand. Then they put it in a woman. She isn't the mother and the baby isn't hers at all. The foetus grows in her womb until it is ready and then the baby is born. So there is a way we can have a baby, mine and yours. Half you and half me. Just us, with a little help from a woman who is willing to give the baby a place to stay for nine months." Sherlock explained.

They were over the moon. Mycroft had found a woman who was willing to carry their baby. He would pay her. She wasn't a maternal woman but she was healthy and needed money because she was in a lot of debt.

So the baby was made and the husbands waited nine long months until their child was going to be born.

It was a boy.

And they could already see themselves in this little beautiful life they had created together.

Of Sherlock's he had: Curly hair, Nose, Ears, Eye shape

Of John's he had: Hair colour (blonde), Eye colour, Face shape, Mouth

He would be very handsome.

The couple tucked their sleeping new born baby into the car seat and climbed into the taxi, putting the seat between them. The baby was sucking his thumb contentedly in his sleep. They had put him in a baby suit and tucked him under blankets to keep him warm.

"He's perfect." John said and ran a finger gently down his son's cheek.

"Perfect." Sherlock agreed.

"Names?" John asked. They had spoken about it a lot.

"What we already had picked is perfect in my opinion, love." Sherlock said.

"Hamish James Watson-Holmes." John said with a smile.

They had converted John's old room into Hamish's future room. At the moment they had their son's crib in their room. But when he got older they would move him into there. For now it was a nursery. They had painted the walls cream and brought a wardrobe of unisex baby clothes. They had got baby milk and bottles. They don't need the dummies because Hamish seems to have chosen to have a habit of sucking his thumb. There was a changing table. And they had made the house child proof. Everything was moderately tidy and Sherlock's experiments were to be a lot more contained and out of reach of their sure-to-be curious son.

Their friends knew about the fact that they were to have a son and all the details along with it. John carried the baby seat into 221B to while Sherlock held the door open.

Mrs Hudson rushed out of her flat and followed them upstairs.

"Oh, he's so cute! Aww, he's got your nose, Sherlock! Oh and John, you're hair colour with Sherlock's style, how adorable. Aww, boys, he's lovely! What's his name?" she asked as Sherlock unbuckled their sleeping son and held him cradled in his arms in his armchair while John sat on the arm and Hamish had his small hand holding tightly onto his daddy's index finger.

"His name is Hamish." John said.

"Are you going to have different names for dad?" Mrs Hudson asked eagerly.

"Hmm, well we thought about that. And while he is young and learning it is easiest for babies to either say 'dadda' or 'daddy' so I'll probably be 'dadda' and John will be 'daddy' if that is how Hamish wants us to be or chooses to call us." Sherlock explained.

"That's good." Mrs Hudson smiled and picked up the camera on the table.

"Picture?" she asked.

"Alright then." John said and rested his chin on Sherlock's shoulder. The camera flashed and Mrs Hudson smiled at the photograph.

"Well, I best be off, it is very late you know." She said and with one more look at their baby she bumbled back down to her flat.

Soon Hamish's eyes opened and a new born baby cry came out of him.

"I think he's hungry. I can't smell anything." Sherlock said.

"I'll make him up some formula milk when he decides to let go of my finger." John said with a fond smile.

The baby let go with some persuasion and when John brought back a bottle Sherlock stood.

"You feed him." Sherlock said.

"Are you sure?" John asked.

Sherlock nodded and took the bottle while he passed the screeching baby to John.

John rather quickly had Hamish sucking on the teat of the bottle.

"I can't seem to take my eyes off of him." John said.

"Me either." Sherlock said.

When Hamish finished drinking John burped him and the family headed to their bedroom.

John rocked Hamish half to sleep while Sherlock got ready for bed and then passed Hamish to Sherlock when the consulting detective was ready for bed. Sherlock continued to rock their son as John had while the army doctor got ready for bed.

By the time they were both ready Hamish was fast asleep. John kissed Hamish's forehead gently and Sherlock did the same and lowered their new born baby into the crib.

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