Summer of Love Disclaimer:I do NOT own Three Ninja's or McDonalds.

No one's P.O.V (Rocky,Tum-Tum, and Colt's room)
The boys were woken up by the sound of their father yelling for them to wake up.
"Come on dad it's the end of the school year and today is the one day we were supposed to sleep in"Colt grumbles getting out of bed.
"Uhh Colt you do realize it's 11:30 you slept pretty late"Rocky says jumping up 's face it Rocky is a morning person,Colt not so much.
"I don't care i'm tired "Colt groans.
"Would you try to be happy just once "Rocky says.
"Nope"Colt says dryly grabbing a new shirt and new pants and changes.
"Oh yeah I forgot , you haven't found a girl you like so that's why your always so mad"Rocky says laughing.
"NO! it is not that , and let's just pretend that it was that for a minute, there is just no girls out there that I could like"Colt says finishing getting dressed.
"Yeah it probably is , and you'll find the right girl one day and what about Jo"Rocky asks , wondering whatever happened between them.
"It just didn't work out"Colt sighs.
"Hey wasn't Tum-Tum here a second ago"Colt asks looking around.
"He's probably eating all he can before grandpa comes"Rocky shrugs.
"But grandpa takes us to McDonalds every time he comes and gets us"Colt says.
"Colt's Tum-Tum how do you think he got his ninja name in the first place"Rocky says.
"True"Colt says.
"Well let's get going"Colt says grabbing his bag, and heading out the door,Rocky following him.
When they get down the stairs proving Rocky's theory right Tum-Tum was shoveling honey buns in like there is no tomorrow.
Although when they go into the living room , they find Emily in conversation with .
"Oh hi boys" says looking at them.
"Hey so what's up"Rocky says looking at his girlfriend Emily.
"My cousin is going to train with you guys this summer"Emily says smiling.
"So ... who is your cousin"Colt says sitting down on the couch.
"Her name is Kristina Evans ,she's a second degree black belt,and she's Colt's age"Emily says.
"Cool"Colt says,sinking into his seat.
Rocky looks at Colt and chuckles slightly to his self knowing how Colt would react to this.

Colt's P.O.V A girl? Wow,this should be an interesting summer. I hope she's just not a brat or anything like some of the girl's at my school .
The only girl I can even think of that's not a brat that I know right now is Emily and sometimes Jo.
"What does she look like"I blurt out without even thinking about what I was saying.
Rocky holds his self from laughing ,remind me to kill him later. Emily just whips out her phone and scrolls through pictures until finally stopping.
She gets up and walks over and sits down beside of me , and hands me her phone.
It's a picture of her and her cousin.
Her cousin had medium length dark brown hair, brown eyes and was so pretty.
Well she is.
No she isn't... well she is but you hush and who are you anyways.
I'm you.
Great so i'm having an internal battle with myself.

No one's P.O.V Mori sounds the horn from outside in the driveway and the boys start grabbing their bags.
Tum-Tum sets the rest of his 'stash' of honeybuns and all kinds of candy in his bag and runs up to his mom and dad.
"Bye "he says,hugs them and runs off.
Rocky grabs his stuff hugs his mom and dad and runs out the door holding Emily's hand.
Colt grabs his stuff.
"Colt I want you to be good this summer" says hugging her son tightly.
"Bye mom"he says realeasing from her grip.
"Bye dad"He says hugging his dad and running off.
When Colt gets outside he sets his stuff in the trunk and watches Rocky and Emily .
"I'll see you in a couple hours"Emily says hugging Rocky.
"Ok love you"Rocky says kissing her cheek and walking back to the car.
"I'll see you at the school"Emily calls to Mori.
"OK"he calls back smiling.
Mori drives down the road and the boys start talking.
"Grandpa where are we going"Tum-Tum says.
"We're going to get Kristina and take her to the cabin with us"Mori says .
"Grandpa do you know about Emily's cousin"Rocky asks.
"Yes , she used to train with me in the school year until she moved away a couple years back,she's a very strong girl"Mori says.
"Where does she live now"Colt asks.
"In a town called Sunside Bay , although she lives in Los Angeles her school is in Sunside Bay"Mori says.
"Geez Colt , you seem to want to know a LOT about Kristina "Rocky says.
"DO NOT"Colt says.
"DO TOO"Rocky says .
"DO NOT"Colt yells.
"DO TOO"Rocky yells.
"BOYS HUSH UP , we're here"Mori says pulling into a school yard.
Kids of all ages were running around ,swinging on swings , although most importantly waiting for the school year to be over .
Emily flags Mori down , waving through the crowd of parks and the boys get out .
Mori walks over to Emily , and the boys follow.
"Do you see her anywhere"Mori asks.
"Not yet , I can't see her because of the kids running around.
"Hey what's going on over there"Rocky says pointing towards a boy and a girl fighting.
"THAT"S KRISTINA "Emily says loudly.
Colt watches closely as the boy pushes her down.
"We should help her"Colt lunges forward but get's pulled back by Emily.
"It's ok remember she's a black belt she can take care of herself ..just watch"Emily says letting go of Colt's arm.
The girl gets up twists the boys wrist and flips him.
"Woah"Colt says.
"She's come very far"Mori says.
"Yep , she got her second degree last week"Emily says.
"Kristina "Emily calls.
The girl walks over and Colt got a better look at her, she was the same as in the picture that Emily had showed him except she had a pale blue and pale pink streak running through her hair.
"Mori "Kristina says and hugs Mori.
"It's good to see you "Mori says as she lets go.
"OH MY GOSH WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR"Emily half-shouts holding her cousins hair.
"Relax Emily it's just extensions"Kristina says.
"More important why were you in a fight with ...wait is that Arnold"Emily says looking at the boy who was now trying to get up.
"Yes, and the only reason I did it is because he wouldn't leave my friends alone"Kristina says.
"Well I would have said something but the damage is already done, well we should proabbly get going"Mori says.
"Ok"Everyone says.
"You know it's weird walking around a school you don't go to "Colt says.
"Yeah"Rocky says.
"Oh I almost forgot to introduce you guys"Mori says.
"Boys this is Kristina "Mori says.
"And Kristina this is Rocky,Colt,and Tum-Tum"Mori finishes.
"Grandpa I need to eat"Tum-Tum whines , coming out of his quiet stage.
"We're going to McDonalds right now Tum-Tum"Mori breathes.
"How are you hungry you just ate 5 honeybuns at the house"Colt says.
"Shut up Colt!"Tum-Tum yells.
The girls laugh and Kristina sets her bags in the trunk and gets in the back beside Colt.
Although he didn't know what it was there was something about this girl that made his stomach get butterflies...

(A/N :I Really hope you guys like this. This chapter is dedicated to thepunkprincess1718 for encouraging me to write this story ) .