Summer Of Love

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Rocky's P.O.V

These houses are AWESOME , Kristina's family must be filthy rich because these houses are huge and have a lot of fancy stuff in them. I sat my bags down on one of the beds and look up to see Colt standing beside me .

"Hey , isn't this house amazing?"I ask. He folds his arms and makes a mad face.

"What's wrong?"I ask. He looks at me as if I'm stupid for a moment.

"Don't play games with me , I know you have a crush on Kristina , and I have half a mind to tell Emily "he says. Ok that has to be the dumbest thing he's said all week . I don't have a crush on Kristina , she's pretty and nice and all but I have Emily . Plus Kristina is more Colt's type I can tell already.

...Wait a minute Colt's jealous , this is going to be fun .

"I don't have a crush on Kristina , and even if I did you'd be so jealous you couldn't even see straight. "I say . He just rolls his eyes .

"Yeah like I would ever care "he said trying to pull off his 'I don't care about anything' additude.

"Yeah , sure you don't"I say.

"I don't!"he protests.

"Mhhhmm"I say walking off leaving behind a shocked Colt.

I heard knocking at the front door and went to find Kristina.

"Hey"she greeted.

"Hey ,what's up?"I ask.

She leaned against the doorframe before continuing.

"I was wondering if you guys wanted to hit the beach? Or maybe I could show you around a bit"she said.

"We'd love to but do you really know your way around L.A.?"I ask.

"Like the back of my hand"she says before standing up straight.

"Come in it's too hot outside to just be standing there"I say pulling her in.

She laughs and as if the world hates me Colt walked in when she was laughing.

"Hi Kristina "he says his voice cracking. I tried my best not to laugh at my brother but it was just too hard.

She blushed and I just chuckled at how much they were into each other already.

"Hey Rocky ,Emily called me a while ago and should be here tonight"she says and I thank her .

"So uh...what's up?"Colt asks .

"I was wondering if you guys wanted to hit the beach tonight and now that I thought about it , we should hit the boardwalk "she says.

"Sure, I think Tum-Tum should stay with Grandpa though "Colt says.

"Yeah...when Tum-Tum is out in a big city , no one is ever happy"I say.

Lucky for us Grandpa was walking into the room.

"Hey Grandpa ,Kristina wants to take us down to the beach and Colt and I were wondering if you could watch Tum-Tum for us?"I ask.

"Sure, I need to help him finish him un-packing anyways, have fun!"he says before grabbing an apple out of a fruit basket and going back to where ever Tum-Tum was.

"Well, you guys ready?"she asks.

"Yep, let's go"I say and we all walk out. Kristina walked in the middle of Colt and I. They would look at each other , blush, then look another way. I will get them together by the end of this summer. I don't give a gosh darn if I sound like a girl or not!

I decided to break the silent awkwardness and say something.

"So Kristina...who should we watch out for here?"I ask.

"It would be easier for me to make a list of people not to watch out for but , hang on let me think...uhh Richard Jones, Elizabeth and Conny Taylor. I guess that's the 'major threats'"she says air quoting major threats.

Colt's P.O.V

I was really starting to like Kristina but I'm not sure if she feels the same way so I'm not going to be an idiot and ask her out. Maybe if she drops a hint I'll do it but I'm not doing anything retarded like I done to Jo.

I hope she likes me but she seemed to be sad when she talked about 'Elizabeth and Conny Taylor'.

"This Elizabeth and Conny seem to bother you"I say.

"Yeah , they're always mean to me and I don't know why"she says and I instantly knew exactly why. Whoever they were they were jealous of Kristina. She was beautiful , beautiful hair , beautiful eyes, she had a beautiful skin tone . Everything about her was beautiful.

We all turned around to the sound of VERY loud -may I add annoying as all get out!- laughing. It was two girls on the other side of the block pointing at what looked like Kristina . I looked to Kristina who had become very interested in her red flip-flops , that must be Elizabeth and Conny.

"Is that them?"I ask , she just nodded her head sad like . It made me upset to think that they hurt her feelings.

I looked over to the girls they obviously were spray tanned and looked like a bad barbie doll.

Why was she so worried about what they think? She's so pretty and they're so...never mind.

"Don't care about what they think, I mean look at you , now look at them"I say and mentally kicked myself , did I just literally say that out loud. Rocky's mouth was in the shape of an 'o' and Kristina just shot her head back up at me and half-smiled.

"Thanks Colt"she says before tuning the other girls out and leading us down the street. She didn't say anything bad about me saying that , she reacted almost ...happy.

"That's the best place for ice cream ever!"she said pointing to a small building with a sign that read 'Albert's Ice Cream " on it. She smiled to herself for a moment before turning around , and pulling us down the other end of the street

"This is the street , if you're looking for fun , this is the best place"she said sighing.

"That's the bowling alley , over there is the arcade , that's the mini-golf course , and right over there is -"she started pointing out places to us and stops and her happy smile turns into a sad frown when she sees a run down building.

"That used to be my old dojo , I never quit there offically , until some robber named Snyder burned it down"

Rocky and I turned to each other with shocked faces when she said that sentence .

"W-what?"Rocky asked stammering . I couldn't even speak.

"He seemed like the 'bank robber' type , so I tried to fight him . But he burned the place down , luckily we all got out in time ...but still."she finished , her eyes brimming with tears, she instantly wiped them away but I could tell it was still bothering her and Rocky noticed too.

"Hey , um, guys , I'm going to go wait for Emily , but I'll meet back up with you later , is that alright?"he asked. Kristina smiled.

"Sure"she smiled , trying to hide her pain .

"Okay well , see you guys later"Rocky called but walked over to me and whispered in my ear.

"Find out what happened with Snyder"he whispered firmly and walked off .

"You want to walk out to the beach?"I ask and she looked up to me smiling. The sun was beginning to set and she led me across a block and then took a turn down an alley , she hurried out of there like she knew something might happen . There sure was a LOT I didn't know about this girl but I hoped I would find out.

When we reached the beach we sat out on the sand and she sighed looking out straight towards the ocean.

"You want to me to tell you what happened with Snyder , don't you?"she asked bringing her legs up to her chest and throwing her arms around them .

"Was it that obvious?"I ask. She chuckled dryly.

"No . I'm just not that oblivious. "she replied causing me to laugh.

"It was a normal day in the dojo , I was training my butt off because I had a huge tournament coming up and I wanted to be prepared. My sensei had already left and told me to lock up the dojo when I was done , I was walking out and the next thing I knew my head was against the brick wall outside of the dojo.I looked up and saw Snyder , he told me to stay put, I fought him , but I immediately found out he was a better martial artist than me , so I wound up being uncouncious and felt hot ashes all around me . I woke up with a few burns and a scar on my shoulder , but everything was okay , my sensei opened up a new dojo in San Diego so it's fine I guess"she wanted to cry , I know , I could see it in her eyes.

My blood started to boil and made me want to kill Snyder. He hurt her. He burned her. Why would anyone on this earth hurt someone as beautiful , kind, and sweet as she is. I've only known her for what 1 day and I would never do anything like that.

She slid the top of her shirt back to reveal a pink scar that went from her right shoulder blade all the way to the middle of her back . This made me even more furious.

" do you know Snyder?"she asks breeaking away the silence that was forming.

"He sent these three weirdos to go capture Rocky , Tum -Tum , and I , he also tried to kill grandpa"I say and she sighed.

"I wouldn't put it past him "she said shuddering at the thought of him. Before I knew what I was doing I slung my arm over her shoulder. I was about to take it off when I saw her smile.

What does that mean? Did she want me to? Or does she think of this as a friend type way? Good lord I NEED answers . I've only known this girl for one day , and I was already falling for her.

I was brought out of my thoughts by a clap of thunder and rain. We stood up to leave and when I pulled my arm down from her shoulder ,I swear I think I saw her smile dropped a little.

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