I'm not a fan of Sonally but after seeing what the kids look like I just had to write this up.

So I guess I can say is...Sonally Fans enjoy.

Morring came for the royal family, King Sonic walked over to the fridge to make his breakfast while Sally was handling the task of feeding the royal twins. Prince Manik who looks exactly like his father except for blue eyes was fussing when his mother tried to feed him. while his sister Sonia watched. Sonia was a complete clone of her mother except she has her father's eyes.

" oh come on sweety" Sally cooed while trying to get the fussy prince to eat the mushy baby food. the blue prince was avoiding the spoon. Suddenly a Chilidog appeared on the baby's highchair tray, the little hedgehog prince blink at the item. Baby Sonia looked at the chilidog as well. Sally turned to her left to find Sonic standing with his arms folded

" Sonic are you nuts?" she asked

" watch Sally" the king said " knowing our son he'll love it". but to their surprise Manik threw the plate with the chilidog off his tray and it fell to the floor. Sonic in shock went to pick up the mess on the floor as baby Manik started to scream

" I don't get it" Sonic spoke while cleaning " I though he would love it". Sally took her son out of the high chair and started to cradle him, then got a whiff of something fowl.

" Sonic can you look after Sonia" she turn to her husband " I need to change your son" she headed out of the kitchen.

Sonic threw away the ruin chilidog and realized he was alone with his daughter, the king didn't know what to expect, to him she was another Sally, the little girl reached out with her hands and whimpered

" wanna sit on daddy's lap?" he asked taking her out of the high chair, the baby girl squealed with delight when the king tickled her belly, he brought her over to the kitchen table where one of his remaining chilidogs sat along with a cup of coffee and today's newspaper. The king sat down deciding to read the paper first, while Sonia sat and made little baby giggles then her eyes met the chilidog all by it's self.

Sonic fished reading the headlines and put the paper down, he took a sip of his coffee and reach for the chilidog only to find it missing, looking down at the plate it had been picked clean with a few crumbs. Where did his breakfast go? then looking down at his daughter he figured out where it had gone, on Sonia's face were bread crumbs and little bits of chili, the little girl gave out a burp. Sonic smiled and lifting her up looking her in the eyes.

" well what do we have here" he said " looks like some one likes chilidogs". Sonia only giggled until Sonic nose caught wind of a stinky diaper, he drew back from the baby girl

" to much beans in that chilidog if you ask me" he go off the table " lets go find your mother" and the king walked out of the kitchen with his baby girl.