"I don't see what you like about her." Sasuke said, looking away with his nose in the air, puffing out his chest in defiance. "She's immobile."

Naruto laughed. "You must be kidding." He tugged at Sasuke's sleeves before catching the other's hand in his and linking their pinkies together.

"Look at her. She's.. Perfect. Her skin is so fair, her eyes jet black and yet so.. So alive."

"She's old," Sasuke whined, agitated, and Naruto fired back, "but that just makes her all the more divine."

To this, Sasuke pouted, and the two moved on, not breaching the topic of the beautiful lady again. Sasuke remained static, however, glaring at Naruto every opportunity he can, until Naruto sighed and nudged him softly, "why is it upsetting you this much anyway?"

Sasuke, of course, being the stubborn bastard he is, just shook his and defied, "it's not." He averted his gaze fast enough that Naruto knew he was lying - and then Naruto realized the faint creep of red on the other's pale cheeks and ears, and laughed.

"You're not jealous, are you?" The blond teased.

Sasuke went from rosy-red to crimson in half a second, and Naruto's laughter increased - and then he'd softened altogether, pulled Sasuke closer to him, and said -

"If it helps, she's got nothing on you."

Sasuke smiled a little at that, but then frowned again, looking at the general direction of the Mona Lisa and asking curiously, "you think?"

Naruto caught his attention by pecking him, a soft brush of lips against his own, and Sasuke's breath hitched a little when he whispered, "I know." The blush on Sasuke's cheeks and neck got even darker if possible, and his frown turned into a big delighted grin.

Sasuke spent the rest of the day feeling giddy, walking hand in hand with his crush, and enjoying their first date even more than he thought he would. As they passed the painting one last time, Sasuke stuck his tongue out meanly at it, Naruto gave his hand an extra squeeze, and together they walked out of the Louvre with even more closure than they'd walked in.