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"Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy!"

"Umph!" James had some of the air driven out of his stomach as Elizabeth came running at him full force and crashed into his stomach. He had no way to stop her or absorb the blow since he had both Aiden and Vanessa in his arms. He was trying to put all the kids in bed himself since Taylor was just getting over a case of strep throat and he waned to make sure she was completely done being contagious before she came back around the kids. He had been managing okay with all of them plus Mindy though bed time had somehow turned into a nightmare. Amber was literally the only one that had gone to bed like she was supposed to. Thorn and Scarlett did not want to go to bed and the others all wanted/needed his help at once. "Lizzie sweetheart-"

"I wanna stay UP Daddy!" The blonde hair, blue eyed child had no shirt of his to grip on to so she dug her little nails into his bare skin which did NOT feel pleasant by any means. "I wanna stay UP I'm not tired yet!"

"Lizzie we've been through this," he said gently, pulling her up the rest of the way once he adjusted Vanessa in his arms. The nearly one year old did not particularly care for being disturbed and she began to fuss.

"Da da da da!'

"NO Nessa!" Elizabeth gave her a dirty look and clung to James's neck. "Daddy I don't wanna go to bed. I want to stay UP I do!"

"I know you do but you have to go to bed," James insisted. He was heading for Vanessa's room so he could get her settled. He had to get her and Aiden put down before he could help Elizabeth and Chelesea and make sure the twins had gone to bed like they should have. Mindy and their newborn Georgia were waiting for him in their room and he wanted to get back to them...get back to Mindy in particular.

"No no no no no..."

"Yes yes yes yes yes..." James set her down by Vanessa's door and jerked his head back towards the bathroom. "Go join Princess and I'll help you brush your teeth, okay?"

"I can do it MYSELF!" Huffing loudly she flipped her hair in a very Mindy fashion and stormed off. James chuckled and shook his head before continuing on with what he had been trying to do in the first place. He got Vanessa laid down though Aiden was a little harder to put down. Every time James tried to put him down Aiden grabbed his hair and babbled at him, kicking his little feet happily.

"Now what's this?" James asked in a playful voice. He blew a raspberry on Aiden's stomach, making him squeal happily and grip James's hair even more tightly. "Aiden I gotta go buddy." He tickled Aiden's ribs and kissed his cheek. "It's bed time buddy." James kissed his cheek again and got him settled in, having to linger longer than he inteded to because Aiden began to fuss when he tried to leave. He was in really high demand tonight. He finally did get Aiden to settle down and was on his way to Chelsea and Elizabeth when his bedroom door opened and Mindy came out of their room, wearing one his old shirts as a dress and hugging his waist as soon as she got within reach of him.

"You done baby?" she asked hopefully, getting on her toes so he would get the hint and lean down to kiss her (which he did of course).

"Almost," he regretfully answered. "Our children suddenly feel the need to make this process as difficult as possible." He hugged her with one arm, that hand grabbing at her butt as the other went across her breasts. "Georgia asleep at least?"


"Thank god for small favors." He kissed her again and rubbed his nose against hers. "I'll be in in a few minutes. Let me corral the rest of the kids and then I'm yours the rest of the night."

"You say I'm always yours," Mindy pointed out.

"And I am," James replied. "But I'll be extra yours." He kissed her one last time before she went back to bed to wait and he went to the bathroom Chelsea and Elizabeth were waiting in. Chelsea was standing there in her pink Disney princess nightgown and she went right to James and pointed her finger accusingly at Elizabeth.

"Lizzie BAD!"

"Lizzie b-" James's eyes about bugged out of his head when he saw that there was literally toothpaste everywhere; on and in the sink, on the mirror and all over Elizabeth's face. "LIZZIE!"

"CHELSEA did it!" Elizabeth said immediately even though she had the toothpaste container still in her hand.

"DID NOT!" Chelsea screamed, making James's ears ring from the volume. It was the kids toothpaste that had no fluoride thank christ so if she had ate any of it there wouldn't be a trip to the hospital on their hands.

"Oh christ on a fucking pony…" James pinched the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath before grabbing a rag and getting to work on cleaning Elizabeth and the mess she had made. Once both were clean he managed to scrape up a spare bottle of toothpaste and made sure teeth were brushed before putting Chelsea and Elizabeth to bed. He then went to the twins' room and sighed in relief as they had decided to be good and go to bed while he was dealing with the others. That meant he finally got to go back to his room, where Mindy was waiting to pounce on him naked.

"Gotcha!" Her arms went around his neck and her legs went around his waist as she kissed him.

"Ooooh baby…" James put his arm around her and kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth and gripping her hair with one hand. He carried her to the bed and dropped her down first, letting her see how low the sweatpants he were wearing had gotten. The "penis lines" as she called them were on display and she grabbed the waistband of his sweatpants and yanked them down more so she could start kissing them. "Mmmm Baby Doll..." James arched his hips towards her mouth, falling on to the bed with her and helping her pull the pants the rest of the way off. She kept kissing up and down that entire area, deliberately avoiding his hardening cock. "Christ Baby Doll..."

Mindy continued her trail of kisses before finally wrapping her hand around the base of his cock and kissing the head. He moaned and arched his hips up more while his hands grabbed at her and turned her into the sixty nine position. He started making his own trail of kisses along her inner thighs, groaning as her tongue probed into the slit of his cock. "Fuck..."

"Jamie!" Mindy gasped as he kissed her clit. She arched towards his face and dragged her tongue up and down his cock, making sure to get the vein on the underside of it that he went crazy over. He moaned and arched his hips up, hoping that she would take him fully into her mouth. She didn't though. Not yet anyway. She just kept licking his cock and stroking it lightly, making him groan in anticipation. To tease her back a bit he rubbed his fingers between her folds and started kissing her clit more, occasionally swiping his tongue across it or giving it a good nibble. "Jamie Jamie Jamie..." Mindy was already humping his mouth, wanting more. He wanted to tease her more but his fingers had gotten so wet from her that after licking them clean he held her folds up with his fingers and dragged his tongue slowly across her pussy.

"James!" Mindy was humping his face already, trying to force his tongue inside of her. She moaned as he obliged her and started sucking on the head of his cock, taking more and more of him into her mouth as he pushed his tongue deeper and deeper inside of her. He rubbed the tip of his tongue all against her walls and spread her legs further apart so he could lick her even deeper. He savored the taste of her wetness, moaning as she sucked him harder. He was trying not to thrust into her mouth but it was a very hard thing to do. The feeling of her mouth around his throbbing erection was amazing and her hands massaging and kneading his balls added to it. He finally did thrust up and licked her even faster, rubbing her clit with his fingers until a rush of juices covered his mouth and face. He moaned and thrusted up into her mouth again, cumming hard as he kept lapping away at her a little more. He then turned her back around and kissed her, threading his fingers in her hair as he rubbing his groin against hers so he would get hard again.

"That real estate agent called," he said in between kisses. He rolled his hips extra slow, moaning into her mouth as they kissed again. "We got that house we wanted. We can go any time." They had been planning a little vacation for the two of them in the country for awhile now. They had managed to get one in the Bahamas before coming home to Mindy finishing out her pregnancy and giving birth to Georgia (prematurely, like she always did). Georgia was sound asleep in her bassinet by their bed and hopefully woudl stay that way for the rest of the night. So far she had a pretty good sleeping schedule which James liked since he didn't get a whole lot of it anymore.

"Now?" Mindy said hopefully, which made him frown playfully.

"We're kind of BUSY now..." He rolled his hips extra slow, his cock still as a rock once again. He grabbed her hips with both hands and pushed up into her, groaning as her tight wet heat tried to milk him already. "We'll pack in the morning okay?"

"YOU pack," Mindy corrected.

"I'll pack," he confirmed. He had known that 'we' would be actually be him from the start. Mindy sure as hell wasn't doing that shit. He kissed her hard on the mouth and thrusted upwards some more before flipping them over so he was on top and driving himself into her so hard that she screamed his name.


"How long are you guys gonna be gone?" Natalya asked the next morning. She had Elizabeth in her lap while James had Mindy in his and Georgia in his arm, who he was feeding. The older girls were already at school, which left all of them, Taylor, Aiden, Connor, Vanessa and Cooper. Elizabeth was trying to braid Natalya's hair instead of eating breakfast and Taylor was attempting to keep Aiden from tossing his cereal everywhere.

James shrugged and played with Mindy's hair. "Couple of weeks probably." He moved her hair out of the way and kissed her neck. "About the usual."

Cooper shook his head and wrinkled his nose a bit. "Is it like a cabin or what? Because staying in a cabin in the woods is NEVER a good idea."

Mindy wrinkled her nose back. "Ew no. It's a NICE place."

"Exactly," James confirmed. "Beutiful mansion. I'll be damned if our vacation is going to be spent in some rinky dink cabin. We have more class."

Cooper had to snort at that. "Please. what you two do on vacation doesn't classify as classy in any way, shape or form."

"Neither does what you do when you're trying to peek through doors or hide in the room next to us but we won't talk about THAT," James said nastily. That made Mindy and Taylor shift uncomfortably in their spots while Cooper's face turned red. The implication of the comment was completely lost on Elizabeth though and she calmly let go of Natalya's hair and looked James right in the eye. "Are you and Mommy going away to have another baby?"

James about choked on the breath he just took. "What?"

"A BABY," Elizabeth repeated impatiently. "Are you gonna have a BABY?"

"Maybe," Mindy replied with a smirk to James. "Do YOU want a baby Lizzie Bear?"

Elizabeth giggled. "I know how they're made..."

Natalya's jaw dropped while Taylor and Mindy put their hands over their mouths. James's eyes about bugged out of his head at that news. "No you do NOT!" he immediately replied. Ther ewas no way he EVER wanted her to know anything like that. She was his baby...he didn't want her to know it even when she was going to be old enough to know it.

"Do TOO!" Elizabeth shot back. She pointed to her stomach. "The boy plants a seed in the Mommy's tummy and it grows in her stomach-"

"Her uterus actually," Cooper chimed in helpfully. That got him a fork thrown at his face. "Ow!"

"No dirty language at my table," James growled.

"How is uterus-" Natalya stopped when she saw the look he was giving her. "Okay okay. Sorry."

"And he seed grows into a BABY!" Elizabeth said loudly so that the attention would go back on to her. "And the doctor takes the baby out and lets it FINISH growing there before you bring it home." She folded her arms over her chest and nodded as James was just completely horrified at the way this conversation had turned. "When can I have a baby?"

"Never," he replied. "Never ever."

"But I WANT one!"

"You do not."

"Do too."

"I will give you a pony if you stop wanting one."

"Okay!" Elizabeth perked right up and grinned. "Give me the pony."

"Jamie darling that will not work when she's older," Mindy pointed out.

"Ssssshhhhhhh." James silenced her with a kiss on the lips. "I'll just give her my credit card then. That'll do the trick hopefully."