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A Mother's Love


Over the weeks following the death of Chancellor Palpatine, the Jedi Order was investigated for the crimes that had been levelled against them. It was a formality designed to regain trust in the Jedi Order. The crimes that Obi-Wan had been charged with were officially stood down. The very fact that the Supreme Chancellor was a Sith Lord and the evidence presented in the holo-recordings was enough to acquit him and the entire Order of any wrong doing of plotting against the Republic. Order 66 was officially cancelled with the investigation completed.

The Separatists, realising that their leaders were no more in a position to bank-roll the war, or lead them to victory, opened up peace negotiations led by Padmé Amidala and Obi-Wan Kenobi who successfully brought the broken governments back to the Republic together. Mistrust still lay between those that had sought to break the Republic apart, but with time and management, the fragile government that Bail Organa was seeking to build would flourish.

Bail Organa was elected Supreme Chancellor by an overwhelming sheer number of Senators. It wasn't a job that he had wanted and he didn't plan to stay in the role for no more than a few years until the stability of the Republic could be assured.

The Separatists ease in deciding to realign with the Republic proved that Count Dooku was not needed to help the Confederacy to fall in line. It turned out that a lot of the systems had been bullied into the support by the Sith Lord himself. Unfortunately for the Count and for Ventress both were convicted of war crimes. It was only when the Jedi Council intervened that the two were saved from execution. The Separatist Council were imprisoned though deals were struck that enabled them to serve their time and re-join society though no longer in any position of power. They had been manipulated just as the Republic had.

It was never announced what had happened to the two criminals, but the public was assured that they would no longer pose a threat to the Republic. That led to speculation that the Jedi had performed the executions themselves, however, in actuality they were being held in the holding cells underneath the Jedi Temple, in an attempt to redeem them, in the hope that two Force sensitive's wouldn't be lost to the dark side of the Force forever.

Mas Amedda was eventually caught and found guilty of conspiring against the Republic. His information about the former Chancellor proved invaluable when learning about exactly how Palpatine had rose to power so easily and done in a way that enabled him to stay hidden. His exchange of information had given him hope that his sentence would be less harsh however the courts had sentenced him to life imprisonment.

The clone army was disbanded and the production of clones stopped, however each clone was given a new assignment, and they became a new national security force, aiding the regular authorities across the galaxy. Captain Rex remained at Anakin Skywalker's side, serving as his personal guard and protector, though it was mainly Padmé that he protected.

A new age was beginning on Coruscant, the birth of a New Republic.

"You should really stop pacing, Anakin," said Obi-Wan. "She will turn up."

Anakin threw a glance over his shoulder. "You're not the one getting married. When it is your wedding day you'll be the same!"

Obi-Wan's eyebrows rose. "My wedding day? I think not!"

Grinning, Anakin prodded him in the shoulder. "Oh come on, Master! Ever since the Council passed the rule on allowing marriages, I know you've been sneaking off-world somewhere! Come on, who is it? Who is your lady friend?"

Obi-Wan glared. Despite their close-linked bond, Anakin had yet to learn who he was sneaking off to see. He'd have to tell him one day, but it was a secret he would keep for as long as he could. The ribbing he would get from Anakin…

"One of these days I will follow you," muttered Anakin under his breath.

"I heard that…" mentioned Obi-Wan. "And prying into my personal life? Are you sure that is becoming of a Jedi Master?"

Anakin groaned. "You had to throw that in my face, didn't you?"

"Of course," smirked Obi-Wan.

Anakin's elevation to Jedi Master had surprised him. He had tried to turn the honour down believing that his defeat of Palpatine shouldn't have qualified him to be a member of the Council, however it was Obi-Wan who had convinced him to take up the seat. Anakin's accomplishments with the Force was one of the prominent reasons why he had been given the rank of Master. He still found it odd to sit within the Council, but it did feel right.

He hadn't had a chance to sit in on many meetings in the five months since the end of the war as he had been concentrating on training Ahsoka. She was coming along nicely in her training and Anakin hoped that within a few years she would be ready for the trials. He had been very grateful to her for successfully managing to defend his mother from Ventress' attacks. For someone so young, she was incredibly powerful in the Force, and an expert duellist, that with time would become one of the Order's shining stars.

But for now, today wasn't about Ahsoka.

It was about him and Padmé, joining together in the act of marriage.

It will be fine, Anakin, said Obi-Wan over their pulsing bond.

I know.

Padmé brushed her long, dark hair down her back. She wore a white, strapless dress, custom made by a designer on Naboo. Her upcoming marriage to Anakin was public knowledge; the press speculating on when it would happen had made planning it difficult. Both of them wanted a quiet wedding with just friends and family.

"Nervous?" asked Ahsoka, stepping up behind her.

She couldn't lie about that. "Yes, I am." Marriage was a big step but it was something she wanted. What both her and Anakin wanted.

Ahsoka held out her hand, the Jedi robe she wore nearly covering her fingers. "I think it is time to go," she said, glancing at the chrono on the desk beside Padmé. "Anakin will be waiting."

"I know," replied Padmé nervously. She picked up the veil and placed it over her head.

"Come on." Ahsoka took her arm and led her out of her bedroom.

Naboo was beautiful. They had chosen a perfect spot to get married. The Lake Country blossomed in the sun's rays. The hills around them gave the perfect location, away from the prying eyes of those they did not wish to share in this intimate moment. It was quite simply the best place for any young couple to get married.

Standing in a grassy meadow by a waterfall, Shmi stood beside her husband watching the ceremony. Behind her was her sister Kyra and her husband and two children. With the end of the war they had both decided to stay located on Coruscant and had quickly become a part of the Skywalker family.

A slight wind whipped through Shmi's hair and she turned her head to see Padmé walking along the path with her father. Anakin stood at the front with his back to her, Obi-Wan at his side.

Behind Padmé walked her two nieces, as well as Ahsoka and Kia, fulfilling the role of bridesmaids. Ahsoka had refused to wear a dress, choosing to represent the Jedi Order. Both Anakin and Obi-Wan wore the Jedi robes. This was not an ordinary wedding. It was the first ever sanctioned wedding of a Jedi Master.

Anakin turned to look at Padmé. As she reached the hand-made alter, he took her hands in his. Obi-Wan stepped back with the bridesmaids standing to the side of the couple.

A Naboo clergyman began to recite the ancient Nabooian vows. But Shmi didn't listen. Her eyes were focused upon her son. He had grown into such an accomplished man, powerful in the ways of the Force and one of the most respected people in the galaxy. When he could he even championed the abolishment of slavery on the outer-rim worlds and on occasion went off to free slaves. His dedication to the role of a Jedi impressed her. He had truly become the man he needed to have become. And now, just as he promised as a young child, he was going to marry the woman he loved. Padmé was a good match for Anakin, strong and capable, she was always ready with a stinging response, but her most winning factor was her ability to see the good in everyone.

It wasn't until Obi-Wan moved forward to give Anakin the ring that her inner thoughts were disrupted. Smiling lightly, she watched as Anakin took Padmé's hand and placed the wedding ring on her left hand. He promised to love and hold her for the rest of her life, and to care for her in sickness and remember and honour her in death.

Then Padmé spoke the vows, her face filled with joy and love as she repeated those words Anakin had just said to her.

Shmi felt a tear fall down her cheek as Anakin leaned in for the kiss that would proclaim them husband and wife. It was a tear of joy.

As the new husband and wife started to walk past the guests, they stopped in front of Shmi. Anakin moved towards his mother and pulled her into a hug.

"Thank you," he whispered in her ear.

"For what?" she asked quietly.

"For giving me the strength I needed to achieve what I had to do," he smiled warmly at her.

Before she could respond to his unnecessary thanks, Anakin took his wife's hand and led her away.

"You know I don't think I ever thanked you, did I?" mentioned Obi-Wan casually as he moved to stand next to her.

"For what?" she repeated.

"For keeping my secret and not telling Anakin," he replied, smiling lightly.

Obi-Wan had trusted her with his secret, the name of the woman he loved. He had come to her asking her for advice and for the past few months she had kept his secret. "You'll have to tell him eventually," she said.

"I know. But not yet. Not yet."

Shmi smiled. "She's not going to wait forever you know…" A sly, cheeky smile appeared on her face.

Obi-Wan rolled his eyes but gave her a gentle grin afterwards taking the mocking she offered. He was a good man and deserved all the happiness he could get. She hoped he had found it.

Turning her attention back to Anakin, she watched as he stood with his new wife, chatting to the other guests, laughing and joking with them. With her husband by her side, Shmi took his hand and led him to the water's edge. It was such a beautiful location to hold a wedding, unique and quiet, just as they had wished for.

Standing and watching as the water cascaded down the mountain side and into the valley; Shmi and Darec bathed in the happiness of this day, looking toward the future together. Their hands entwined together, Shmi leant her head against her husband's shoulder, fully content with her life.

The Republic was finally at peace and everyone who she cared for were satisfied with their lives.

But most of all, Shmi and Darec were – and remained – blissfully happy for the rest of their lives, watching thankfully as their family continued to grow and make their mark on the galaxy. It was the life that Shmi had always wanted, and she was forever grateful that Obi-Wan had given her the opportunity to experience it all.

The End

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I do have a prequel planned however. When I say prequel it is actually set within A Mother's Love between chapters 8 and 9, detailing an adventure of Obi-Wan and Anakin, during Anakin's apprenticeship years which could be expanded to include all of Anakin's apprenticeship years if I chose to. Shmi will be a part of it though probably will not have a large involvement as much as this story. Technically this story could be put in with the normal Star Wars universe, however there are themes – such as their bond – which I'm intending on exploring more that links in nicely with this story. This story is called 'Bond of Brotherhood'. I hope to start posting it soon.

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