The Legend of Uru Drowbiter


There had been no warning. The Drow had used invisibility and levitation spells to pass undetected into the Chitine village, literally appearing in mid-air, Lolth's own demons. Half the tribe was dead, and the enemy leader, a priestess, was making her way toward the heart of the village, the Temple of Lolth, while her warriors fought the still dazed villagers. The Choldrith, the spiritual leader of the village, moved to confront her. The Choldrith, Mala, was massive, bloated, white and spider-like, but she had power, she, too was a priestess of Lolth.

The Spider Queen enjoyed pitting her worshipers against one another...


Uru watched with the other young from the relative safety of the temple. Bright light flashed from the Choldrith's hands, striking the elegant Drow, blinding Uru and the other children. When his vision returned he saw that the situation was not good, the Drow was using some sort of spell that had the Choldrith on her elbows and knees, racked with pain. Uru looked at the woman's face, filled with hateful pleasure at the suffering she inflicted upon her opponent, distracted by the dark thrill of sadism.


Uru pounced, wrapping his four spindly arms around the Drow's slender form, and ripping into her throat with his half-formed mandibles. The Drow's pleasure turned to surprise, fear, and pain. They fell together, Chitine and Drow, in a grisly dance. Uru saw the light fading from the woman's eyes. The other Drow saw it, too, and they knew.

Lolth had abandoned them.

The Choldrith rose, freed from the wracking spell, shrieking a war cry and the invaders tried to flee, tripping over bodies of victims they themselves had slain, carelessly crashing headlong into hidden traps and the newly emboldened Chitine. The predators were now the prey. When the battle ended, half the Chitine villagers were dead, but the entire Drow assault party had joined them.

Mala lifted Uru in her front limbs, "Lolth truly favors the bold, Uru." She looked around at the carnage with a mixture of anger, triumph and weariness, "You will be a great warrior, Uru. From this day on, you are Uru Drowbiter!"


Ten years later;

The Drowbiter licked one of his daggers tauntingly, "Next?"

Two of the Drow broke and ran, cowards, unworthy of the honor of death. The third, smiling coldly, flashed Fairy Fire in Uru's eyes. Drow were so predictable, he would come from either behind or the side, never the front. Uru lashed his arms out in four directions, and the blade held in his lower left hand, the one at his back, struck hard leather, then soft flesh. There was a short cry, and the Drow fell heavily to the tunnel floor, joining his comrades. Uru looked at the dead Drow with contempt, it was just a patrol, and all male. Though Drow males were brutal and formidable enemies, in Uru's eyes they were just pitiful blade fodder.

Females ruled all areas of Drow life, males were only tolerated for their fighting ability, breeding stock and bedding pleasure. Uru shuddered at the thought of Drow mating, and the fact that many males did not survive such 'pleasures'. He, somewhere in his bitter heart, actually pitied them, the wretched males who suffered beneath the unyielding talons of a merciless matriarchy. At least among the Chitine status was decided by merit, not by sex.

Except for the Choldrith.

For some reason, The Blessed of Lolth were always born female.

Lolth was the ultimate in anti-male bigotry. Killing a male Drow meant nothing to the Dark Elves, but killing a female had impact. Especially a male killing a female, only a female Drow would dare kill another female Drow. For a male Chitine, whom they viewed as inferior savages, to boldly kill a female Drow, upset their notion of the universe.

He loved to upset them.

He remembered the Alhoon. The Undead Illithid had found sanctuary with his tribe for a time, driven from his own people by his practice of magic, a capital offense among the Illithids. (Though, being already dead, a death sentence would be pointless...) Uru had asked him many questions about the world outside of his village and the few miles of tunnels that comprised his world. The lich had been surprisingly open. He had learned much from the creature, Illithids had access to great wisdom, not all of it pleasant. He had taught Uru about the ways of the Drow, about the gods and demons, about Selvetarm.

Uru Drowbiter did not serve Lolth. Oh, he gave her lip service, but he actually served Selvetarm. Selvetarm was a warrior, like himself, forced to serve Lolth, like himself.

He was hungry. He looked down at the three dead Drow. Chitine weren't picky eaters, as long as it had flesh. He would eat, and bring the remainder to share with his village...

To be continued...


Uru Drowbiter

Race- Chitine

Height- 3'7"

Weight- 55 pounds

Class- Berserker

Alignment- Chaotic Neutral

Patron Deity- Selvetarm

He really hates Lolth, but he has to pay her lip-service or be kicked out of his village. He serves Selvetarm in order to strengthen him against Lolth, not to aid The Spider Queen in any way. He is an adult. Like most Chitine, he eats just about anything but other Chitine and undead.

Selvetarm was killed during The War of the Spider Queen, but since this is my story, he's still alive.

A Chitine is a small humanoid with four long, slender arms with an extra joint, thick mandibles jutting from their mouths, a horse-like mane of black or brown hair and black, multifaceted eyes. They have spinnerets where there navels should be, hairs on their feet and palms that allow them to climb walls, (Sound familiar?) They were originally slaves of the Drow, who turned them into the half-spider creatures they are now. Many managed to escape, but having been slaves to the Drow so long, the only deity they knew of was Lolth, so they worship her, and hope to become her chosen people by slaying all Drow. They worship Lolth differently from the Drow, males and females are equal, killing is frowned upon, and things are somewhat 'kinder and gentler' in general, though still evil.

Choldrith are bloated, white, barely Chitine females who serve as divine proxies and spiritual leaders in the Chitine communities. They raise all the village children in the ways of Lolth. They have humanoid faces and eight long arms, with the first pair ending in functional hands, the rest, sharp claws. The have a leg-span of about 9'.

An Alhoon is an Illithid lich, an undead sorcerer, something the Illithids don't tolerate.

Alhoon, Chitine, Choldrith, Drow, Illithids, Lolth, Selvetarm, etc... are copyright TSR.