The Legend of Uru Drowbiter


"You know," Uru stared the Duergar leader in the eyes, "I could simply kill all of you and take the mace for free."

"You could try, lad, but I assure you that you'd most surely pay a hefty price."

Uru laughed, but the grey dwarf just stroked his beard, frowning. Duergar had no sense of humor... "I'll pay ten silver coins and two Drow daggers, that's worth enough for several light maces in Skullport."

"Where not in Skullport, long-arms."

Uru sighed, it was bad business being so blatantly cheated, but it was worse business killing off your contacts, especially when you had so few of them. And it was a fine weapon, the Duergar, like most dwarves, were meticulous craftsmen. "Alright, fifteen silver and the daggers, no more."

The Duergar considered "How about that fancy stone around you neck?"

The Chitine resisted the urge to clasp the small, black talisman carved in the shape of a brain. It was an Amulet of Protection, given to him by his Alhoon friend, and had saved him several times from magical assaults by Drow Mages and Priestesses. One rule of the Underdark was to never let anyone know what you value most, because they'll take it, or try to.

"You have my offer, take it, or you get nothing at all."


Uru Drowbiter looked over the mace carefully, he'd have loved to have owned a heavy mace, like his master's Venommace, but his size and strength just didn't permit it. A smaller, light mace would have to do. It was still deadly, a wicked little thing about the size of a Drow short sword with a heavily spiked head. He weighed it in his hands, then began to swing it in each hand, getting the feel of it. It was a lot like using a club, a weapon with which Uru was somewhat familiar, though, like most residents of the Underdark, he preferred blades to blunt force.

But a mace was essential for a servant of Selvetarm.

He hooked the weapon to his belt and headed toward his web home. Uru effortlessly scaled the web-line that led to his compact little home of web and stone. Rank had it's privileges, Uru could have chosen to live in the center of the village, where it was safest, but what was the point of being a warrior if you hid behind others? So Uru chose to live on the fringes of the village, with the poorest, lowest-class, most expendable members of the community. His den was one open room, rough-hewn silk all around, littered with various items pilfered from dead, and sometimes, living Drow. Stealing from live Drow was almost as exciting as killing them. He slept here, ate here, plotted here...Gnawed bones, devoid of flesh, were simply thrown out the entry portal, piling up below the suspended home. He lay back in his silk bed and wondered about the Drow.

Both Chitine and Drow worshiped Lolth, but hated and slew each other, how could Lolth maintain power while having her own worshipers kill each other? It made no sense. What about the Drow who worshiped Selvetarm, the Selvetargtlin? Did they kill fellow servants of Selvetarm? He knew what priests of Selvetarm looked like, though he'd never seen one personally, strong males, clad in blood red robes, with long, braided hair ending in hardened lumps.

Lumps made from dipping their braids in clotting blood...

Uru did have some sense of honor, even toward Drow, he wouldn't kill children, and he didn't care what Lolth thought about that. He wouldn't deliberately target an obviously poor, sick or enslaved Drow, there was no honor in such a killing. He killed to protect his village, to protect his people, to appease his god...

What he dreamed of was one day storming a noble house of Menzoberranzan, sinking his fangs into some fat Matron Mother, of desecrating their temple and showing the Drow, showing Lolth herself, exactly how he felt.

Of course, Lolth already knew how he felt. She simply didn't care. He was beneath her notice... For now.

And that hurt worst of all, the fact that his enemy didn't even care enough to hate him.

The End


Uru hates Drow mainly because they are Drow. He's been raised with the knowledge that the Drow would exterminate every single Chitine if they could, (And most would), and that the Chitine are Lolth's Chosen and should exterminate all Drow and Driders (Highly unlikely) He's not genocidal, he has standards and some sense of honor and realizes that not all Drow are out to get his people. He's not necessarily better than his peers, he just plays by his own rules, not theirs.

The laws of supply and demand apply everywhere, even the Underdark.

Duergar are (Mostly) evil gray Dwarves who live in the Underdark, the Dwarven version of Drow...

Uru's Amulet of Protection is a small, obsidian stone carved to resemble a humanoid brain, attached to a strong web necklace. It protects the wearer from magical and psionic attacks, but not physical ones. It's not a holy symbol, and can't turn undead.

The Venommace is a heavy mace carried by Selvetarm, it constantly drips deadly venom, hence it's name.

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