When Worlds Collide

Chapter 1- Trap

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It was a stormy summer night. Lightning shattered and shook every house, the rain pounding on there faces. They had finaly beaten Baskerville, the town that held the last door... the key to going into Abyss and conquering The Intention of Abyss, the one that controlls it all. Abyss is more of a, "Broken Toybox" than a hell. This is what people who know of its existance describe it as, though not many people have seen it. In Abyss, Chains are created. Chains are creatures formed in Abyss, once human. The only way a Chain can escape from Abyss is by contracting with a human, legaly or illegaly, then escaping through the Way until they reach the outside world. If you do a contract illegaly, you will eventualy be plundged down into the deepest part of Abyss, where you will become a Chain. If you do a contract legaly, you will not hold this fate, but you may not age as a side affect.

The five walked slowly up to the gigantic door, as if it would disapear if they made one wrong step. Finaly, after so many years of trieing to obtain the door, Pandora had finaly done it. This was a great accomplishment for Pandora. This is what they had been trieing to do for so long, this was there goal from the start. They were so excited, some of them thought it was just a dream. It was. A dream come true, which would soon turn into a terrible nightmare.

Lightning crashed once again, light pouring through the huge glass windows and onto there faces. The youngest one of the five slowly walked right up to it, straining his neck to look up at the magnificent steel door. He then looked back down at the rusted lock. He broke the lock with ease, letting it drop to the floor with a loud thud. He slowly pulled the chain that was coiled around the steel bars of the door, letting it drop with a clatted on top of the lock. Everything went quiet, as if waiting paciently for the boy to open it.

Lightning clashed once again, showing the sweat on the young boys face and palms. His hands slowly elevated up to the height of the two giant handles. He turned around, looking at his friends for approval. They all nodded, looking as nervous as he was. He slowly turned his head back around, facing the handles. He gripped tight to them, ready to pull them wide open. With nothing left to stop him, he threw the doors open with great force and speed.

At first, nothing happened. As the boy was about to walk in, a bright light appeared from inside the door, filling the room with its blinding glow without warning. They all sheilded there eyes, the boy at the gate falling back in surprise. The light soon engulfed the friends from Pandora, leaving no trace that they were ever there. The only evidence of there very being that day was the lock and chain still sitting on the floor as the lightning cracked once again.

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