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Blanche ran a hand through her hair. She was really stressed out. It was an awful day and it seemed to be getting worse. Her daughter, Rebecca was normally so well behaved but lately she had been out of control. The other day she was out forty-five minutes past curfew and they had an argument about it. Rebecca was not apologizing. She didn't feel like she did anything wrong.

George came downstairs.

"Honey," he said, "I just talked with Rebecca. Seems like you two are not on the same page."

"Same page? George I don't even think we are in the same book right now. I was worried about her. She doesn't even have the decency to apologize."

"I think you two are in the same book and even the same chapter but different pages," George said.

"How do you figure that," Blanche asked, "She knows how worried I was. I was this close to-"

"I know," George interrupted. "But you also know why she was late. She was out comforting her friend who had just lost her grandmother."

"So she couldn't have picked up the phone and called," Blanche demanded

"She could have sure," George said, "But lets not forget that she's 12. She didn't think. Blanche you're the adult. It's up to you to make the first move."
Blanche thought for a long time about what George had said. She was mad that Rebecca had come in so late without calling but she was also wrong.

She should have taken the time to listen to what her daughter had to say. She could have dealt with the situation after she calmed down. Maybe if she had been calm first she could have thought things differently then she did. She could have not gotten mad. But Rebecca was her first BABY.

Blanche went upstairs and opened Rebecca's door.

"You know I remember four years ago," she said, "When we had lost your sister. It was a horrible time for everyone and one night you got drunk. You were only twelve Rebecca. I was worried about you then and I was worried about you tonight. I maybe didn't handle it so well but that was only because I was terrified of what might have happened. Honey I'm sorry. I love you."

"I'm sorry too momma," Rebecca said, "I should have called. But Jenny was so upset... I didn't think. If you're gonna...well you know I understand but I was afraid Jenny would have killed herself that night."

"Honey I don't act hurtful," Blanche said, "It gives ya stress marks. But I didn't know that Jenny was that bad off. Rebecca Sue you should have called put I'm proud of you for standing your ground and for helping your friend."

"Thanks momma. I do love you"