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Sophia sat in the waiting room as Dorothy was giving birth. The doctors wouldn't let her come in because they said there were complications with the pregnancy. Dorothy had been on bed rest for the last three days. Sophia looked at her watch.

"What is taking so long," she said.

"Maybe it will take longer because it's a special baby," Mother Zbornak said.

"Dorothy said I could name the baby," Sophia said, "I have a name all picked out."

"My Stan said I could name the baby," Mother Zbornak said, "The baby is going to be named Michael"

"I don't think so. The baby is going to be Katelynne"

"Oh no. It's going to be Michael"



Just then the doctor came out.

"Well," Sophia, Sal, Mother Zbornak and father Zbornak asked.

"It's a beautiful baby girl," the doctor said.

"YES," Sophia cheered

"SO UNFAIR," Mother Zbornak yelled.

Ten minutes later the doctor came out

"There's a second baby," she said, "A handsome baby boy"

"I guess we both got our way," Mother Zbornak said, "Katelynn for you"

"And Michael for you," Sophia said