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"The kids have already been in foster care a couple of times before so I think that influences things but I'm not really sure. I don't even know what they'd do if she showed up tomorrow. I hate to think of the kids shuffled around even more than they, especially Roxanne-"

"That's my name!"

"You're right it is. I'd hate to think of them shuffled around more than they've already been, so Kurt and I will have to make a decision eventually if Amber doesn't turn up – we apply for permanent custody or…if they declare Amber to have lost her parental rights, to have the kids adopted by another family. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. We still have to wait for the DNA results and if it turns out that neither of them are Coopers we could lose them altogether because we're not really officially foster parents yet – it's just an emergency next-of-kin designation."

"It sounds like we're just going to have to wait this out," said Burt resignedly.

Burt and Carole stayed with them until Wednesday evening; having them around was a huge help as they still hadn't found a nanny yet and it was also just nice to have Kurt's family around to help talk them through the madness that had become their life.

Finn and Kurt accompanied Burt and Carol to the airport Wednesday evening while Blaine, who had a rare night off from rehearsals, stayed home with the kids with Rachel.

"Okay kiddo," started Burt as they reached the barricade where only ticket-holders were allowed to pass, "I know everything is up in the air right now but you have to make the best decisions for you. Okay? Blaine is family, and I know those kids probably feel like your family, but that doesn't mean you have to give up on your dreams.''

"I know. I just wish I knew what was the best solution for everybody – I mean, maybe Blaine and I aren't even the right people to be their parents? Just saying "Blaine and I" and "parents" in the same sentence sounds so foreign in my mouth. Or maybe we are and this is totally meant to be. I just wish I knew," Kurt confessed, frustrated.

"You'll know, when the time comes to make a decision, you two will know." Kurt smiled gently at his father.

"Thanks dad."

Hugs were doled out between the four and then they were gone, leaving Kurt and Finn to head back home.

The next few days that passed felt oddly routine. Blaine cared for the kids in the morning, Kurt in the evening, and they met in the middle. Roxanne seemed to be settling in a bit more and Joey laughed for the first time, maybe ever, on Friday morning as he discovered in delight that he could indeed stick most of his toes in his mouth if he really tried. They were starting to really feel sleep deprived (and sex deprived, to be honest) but overall things were going alright.

Saturday afternoon brought their first foster parenting class which was weird and intimidating and invasive but also wildly affirming and useful. Before the class they'd stopped by the bank to try to cash the check Cooper had mailed them to help cover some of the kids, his kids, expenses but the teller informed them they couldn't cash it because Cooper's account was overdrawn. Figures.

Both Roxanne and Joey were tired out from playing with the other kids in the foster parent group (or excitedly glancing and making grabby-hands at them in Joey's case) so Kurt and Blaine put them down for naps once they returned home and locked themselves in the bathroom with the baby monitor to try to sneak in a little alone time before Blaine had to leave. They made it through two rushed but still awesome blowjobs before Joey woke up crying.

Blaine left for rehearsal just as Kurt got started on dinner. Roxanne tottered into the kitchen just as Kurt put the chicken in the oven and wanted to know how she could help. The only things left to do were to cut up vegetables so Kurt gave her a few pots and pans and a mixing spoon and let her sit on the floor and clang away, a decision he immediately regretted. When the meal was finished being prepared Kurt scooped up the little girl and placed her in her booster seat and the two dug in.

"Yummy," complimented Roxanne. "You cook good." Though the accolades of a three year old only had so much reach, Kurt couldn't help but preen a little.

"Why thank you Roxanne. I'm glad you like it."

"I like to cook," the little girl continued.

"I see that. Sounds like you like to make music too," Kurt observed. The child nodded vigorously.

"Will you sing with me after dinner?"

"Sure thing honey," Kurt promised, grateful the precocious three year old enjoyed his renditions of the songbook from the Wizard of Oz even more than she liked The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

"Blaine!" "Blaine wake up. Now!" Kurt called into the darkness.

"Whzut?" Blaine mumbled, turning over but still mostly asleep.

"Blaine something's wrong with Joey!" Blaine's eyes flew open as his brain registered the panic in Kurt's voice.

"What? What's wrong?" The light clicked on and Blaine blinked as his eyes adjusted and he hauled himself out of bed and over to where Kurt was holding Joey next to his crib. The little boys eyes looked spooked, glassy and wide eyed.

"I'm not sure I heard something and…." Just as Kurt began to speak Joey started thrashing in his arms. Kurt held him out in front of his chest with skittish fingers. "Oh my god."

"Is he having a seizure? Holy shit. What do we do?" Blaine exclaimed, gesticulating wildly with his hands.

"I – I, I don't know! I'm going to call 911. Jesus don't drop him."

"I'm not going to drop him!" Kurt snapped. Blaine grimaced his apology and then turned back to the bed.

"Where is my phone?" He threw off the covers and pillows of the bed, searching. Just as he found it Joey's thrashing stopped and he started to cry instead, turning red-faced with his little fists bound tightly together.

"Well, at least he's breathing," barked out Kurt with a shuddering breath.

"Should I still call 911?" Kurt shook his head.

"The hospital is only a few blocks from here. It'll be faster for us to just go. Can you get Rox-"

"Why is everyone yelling?" A squeaky, annoyed little voice asked from the doorway.

"Shh, it's okay Roxy," Blaine soothed, picking her up into his arms. "Joey doesn't feel good so we're all going to go to the doctors okay?"

"Right now? Isn't the doctor sleepin!" Kurt flitted around behind them, holding onto a still screeching Joey and throwing items into the baby bag.

"Alright let's go," he declared, striding past them and stepping into the only pair of flip-flops he owned. Blaine only just had enough presence of mind to figure that eventually Kurt would realize he was leaving the house in only a pair of Blaine's basketball shorts and no shirt so he grabbed a plain cotton tshirt blindly from their top drawer and a stuffed animal for Roxanne and followed Kurt out the door.

Walking into a hospitals emergency room at 3:27am on a Saturday night (Sunday morning?) in Manhattan was an experience in and of itself. Roxanne luckily fell asleep in Blaine's arms during the short walk over so she missed the drunk man with vomit all over his shirt and a nasty gash in his cheek sitting the row behind them.

Kurt was on a warpath the moment they walked in the door. They hadn't thought to bring any of their foster parent paperwork with them but the nurse didn't give them any trouble after getting a full dose of Kurt's iciest bitch face. The doctor on call came out and Blaine handed the sleeping Roxanne to Kurt so he could follow the doctor into an exam room with Joey.

Kurt hated waiting. Hated it. He took out his phone and hit the #4 speed dial.

"Hey baby!" Answered a giggly Mercedes Jones. "Little late on the East Coast isn't it? You and Blaine having a wild night?"

"Joey – the little boy – is sick." Mercedes gasped audibly.

"Oh Kurt, I'm sorry I'm a little drunk after the show I forgot all about – ,"

"Don't worry about it," Kurt dismissed. "I don't know anything. Blaine's in the exam room with the doctor and the baby and I don't know anything and I am like 99.725% sure he had a fuc-freaking seizure and I'm waiting and I just….tell me about your night, okay? Distract me. Please."

"Yeah, yeah sure Kurt of course," Mercedes agreed immediately. "Okay so Sam and I got so lost trying to get to this club I was performing at tonight and…."

Kurt let Mercedes soothing voice seep into his frayed nerves and stroked Roxanne's hair as the minutes went by. After almost two ours Blaine came out, holding a sleeping and perfectly-healthy looking baby in his arms. Kurt stood up immediately, almost sending Roxanne toppling from his lap before he remembered and held her to him. Blaine rushed at him and they hugged as tightly as they could with two children between them.

"Well?" Kurt demanded, looking pointedly at the doctor as soon as they broke apart. The exhausted looking physician exhaled.

"Joey did have a seizure, that's what we know for sure. We just don't know why."

"Isn't that why you did all the tests? To figure it out? Is it serious? Will it happen again?" Kurt demanded.

"That's what I want to know," Blaine agreed, sounding annoyed.

"I was just telling Mr. Anderson here, there's lots of reasons why an infant could have a seizure. We ruled out Meningitis and a Vitamin B6 deficiency but it could be any number of things. It doesn't look like there's any damage to the baby but we'll know more if and when it happens again." Blaine ran through everything the doctor had told him about genetic issues and infections and brain injuries and other terrifying sounding things. Joey looked so content in Blaine's arms it was hard to imagine that anything at all could be wrong with the baby.

"So now we just take him home and wait and see?" Blaine asked, standing closely to Kurt, holding his hand while Kurt held Roxanne on his opposite hip.

"I wish I could give you a definitive answer," the doctor said earnestly, but it was little comfort.

Checking out of the hospital took nearly as long as Joey's tests had and the sun was peaking in through the windows as they finished signing paperwork at the receptionist's desk. The receptionist, a redhead far too perky at just after 7am for Kurt's liking, smiled at both the children as Blaine handed her back the pile of forms.

"Yes this al looks in order, you're free to go and I hope the rest of your day is less…eventful. Oh! Happy Father's Day you two!" Blaine and Kurt stared at her for a long moment, the fact that it was now definitely Sunday morning, and indeed Father's Day hadn't entered into their mind not once (though Kurt's Fathers day present to Burt was ready and waiting for him at his office in DC having been purchased months ago when Kurt spotted it in a vintage shop in Hells Kitchen). They gaped at the woman for a long moment.

"Oh we're not –," Kurt and Blaine started at the same time before glancing at one another. "Thank you," they finished in unison. Their hands found each other and they gave each others palms a squeeze before walking through the automatic doors of the emergency room and heading out into the dawning Sunday morning.

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