The stolen maid

Gwen, Gwen, Guinevere where are you?

Morgana walks down the castle corridor once more in seach of her maid who should've been back ages ago. Gwen had been acting a bit out of character ever since the jousting tournament. First there was the humming, then there were the times she was lost in thought and now she had forsaken her duties. It wasn't like Gwen to do that, not like her at all, if anything Gwen was too dutifull so it made Morgana very curious as to what better things she had to do than tend to the King's ward. Sighing and looking around once more she found Merlin carrying a bucket cointaining a bunch of brushes, he had probably just finished polishing the Prince's armour.

"Merlin, do you know where I can find Gwen?"
"Gone again, is she?" On several occasions where Gwen had been late Merlin had been so kind as to help out and did so quite well as a matter of fact, not quite understanding why Arthur thought he was clumsy.
"Last time you sent her on an errand she also ran an errand for Arthur."
Morgana mumbled: "Arthur, what are you doing with my servant."
Merlin quickened his pace to keep up with her.
"I'll let him know you're looking for her."
"You're too good to him, Merlin. He deserves to get a piece of my mind."
Merlin knew what was going to happen, Morgana would see Arthur and Gwen kissing and all hell would break loose. The manservant quickened his pace once more, to move before Morgana, and as he opened the door he slammed the metal bucket against the wall just in time for him to see the two break away from each other so Morgana would not.

"Merlin-" Arthur spoke annoyed but was cut off by an angry stare from Morgana.
"Arthur Pendragon, would you mind telling me why you sent my servant on an errand and not Merlin?"
"Merlin drops things."
"Such as?"
Arthur wasn't really prepared for that and neither he nor Merlin could come up with a proper answer.
"Cheese... Strawberries," Come on, think! "He drops all sorts of things." A very wild stab and Morgana didn't buy it.
"Whatever it is you're having her do, if this goes on we might as well trade servants." Morgana joked. But Arthur took the idea seriously and reveled at the prospect of having Gwen as his maid and Merlin stumble around as hers.
"So Guinevere would be my servant and Merlin yours, frankly, I like the sound of it. How about we try it?"
Morgana frowned at his challenge in confusion but then smiled wondering what it would be like. Would Merlin be up to the challenge?
"If they're alright with it." Morgana wasn't even done speaking when Merlin simply dropped the bucket and answered 'done'. Gwen also nodded in agreement and Arthur grinned like Merlin would.
"Then it's settled, Gwen is now my servant and Merlin yours."


We know the chores Arthur gives Merlin but what chores does Morgana usually give Gwen?

This first chapter is mainly just pitching the idea, positive and constructive reviews would be very much appreciated.