NA: Hi! This is my first Numb3rs fanfic. I want say thank you to Wanda who was kind enough to correct my mistakes. If you - or somebody - see something else wrong, please, don't kill me AND let me know, I'm learning the language yet. This story was based on the 4x07 episode named "Primacy". Enjoy it!


Charlie ran like he'd never run during all his life. More than he'd run when Colby was taken by the waters of that dam; more than he'd run when, a long time ago, that bandit had tried to shoot him. He ran madly, totally worried and tense.

The reason? Larry'd told him that Amita was to be the bait to capture a criminal, the same criminal who'd killed a lot of gamers playing the Primacy game hoping to win one million dollars.

However, when he arrived at the place, he could see Amita also running in his direction, crying and trembling. She was, obviously, scared.

Charlie kissed his girlfriend, looked into her eyes, hugged her and asked many times if she was fine. She confirmed that she was.

"What are you-?"

He started to discuss with his brother, Don, what had happened to Amita, but she interrupted him.

"It wasn't his fault," Amita said. "It was my decision."

Charlie looked at her again, doubtful.

"It was my decision, Charlie," she said one more time.

The mathematician kissed and hugged his girlfriend once more; she would never do this again. He'd been so scared… He'd been so afraid of losing her… How he loved her! The idea of losing her was so painful he didn't want to think about it again. She was there with him, it was all that mattered to him at that moment.

Charlie then held Amita's hand and, together, they returned home. They would never be apart again.

NA: Well, folks, I watched this episode this week and I was inspirited. I hope you have enjoyed this. Please, let me know if you did.

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