It was a late, hot, moist night in a lazy city in Indiana. Mary has grown bored and soaked from sweat and bath water. She had just taken a freezing shower and air dried, thinking it would help with the little heat problem. Seeing as the heat wave was not breaking, she just climbed up into her drastically sized king bed.

"So much for the AC." She mumbled to herself. She found herself commenting to herself a lot lately. She never really thought of herself as being antisocial, yet she longed for her only two true friends from her childhood.

She longed to feel his long, silken blue and purple spotted fur against her cheek as she hid in his chest. His broad, safe, masculine chest.

"Oh, stop it now...that's just sick." She thought scornfully.

From her childhood, not much has changed appearance wise for Mary. She had let her twilight colored hair grow to the mid of her chest, brushing her shoulder blades, now having thick bangs. Her face has lost most of the baby fat yet some still stubbornly sticks to her cheeks. Her body isn't that of a models, yet it isn't to level of nonexistent curves. She had a decently sized bust, albeit, no Double D's, but a modest handful. Her waist was still small, as it was most of her life. Her hips, thighs, and calves muscular from all of those years of sports that she would end up quitting after two or three years. She was now a average height of at least 5'4. Here she was dressed in baggy sweats and a huge teal nightshirt, reminiscing about her lonely nights as a teenager.

She was never much for sleepovers, and dances that most teenagers would dream of going. She loved to keep quiet and isolate herself from her drab world, reading a thick book now and then, to escape the dull slow moving life she knew and fall into a alternate universe of adventure and excitement, full of drama, romance, and the occasional horror, that this world simply cannot offer.

Drawing and writing came in a close second in Mary's hobbies. Most of her sketches consist of a certain blue, furry creature, detailed from memory, along with his trusty green sidekick. Some of a reptilian monster, but she could never really look over them long enough to actually admire the craftsmanship, for the fear of nightmares kept her at bay.

Now, sitting here in her dark, stuffy room, she finally comes to terms with herself and sheds her baggy sweatpants and tying her hair into a loose ponytail. Sighing, she shifts on her bed, stretched out over her childlike bedsheets. She relives her very few good memories from her trip into the monster world.

Every night she couldn't help but look over at her closet in longing to return to her friends and foes in Mostropolis; if only she had one more time to see and hold her dear friends one more time, then she could die happy.

However, all of this deep thought had distracted her of her flower covered closet door creaking open, revealing a silhouette of a long, lanky figure. Three points on the shadows seemingly wide head. A long, serpent like tail graced its lower body, curling and uncurling. It's fists were clenched in attempt to will what little patience he had to magically hold him back from harming the teenage female. It was hunched over, staying low to the ground, as if trying to be as stealthy as possible.

Boo, still lost in her own thoughts, didn't realise any of this was happening and just about screamed when she heard a nearby chair being thumped by a foot. She quickly looked over to her computer stool, and soon enough, nothing was there, just the innocent chair. She hopped up and went to investigate, yet she felt something holding her back. As if a hand were in the middle of her chest, pushing her back onto the bed, she complied. She was so tired and hot, she nearly passed out, but not before a large, wide toothy grin, razor sharp teeth, purple flesh, and a toxic neon green eye came into view. Right then, she knew she would have a lot to deal with when she awoke from her heat, and shock induced sleep.