I own nothing. This idea came from something stated on FusionFall Central. It was too easy to resist. This is an early Mother's Day fanfic.

It was already six months into the war with Fuse, and Dexter was still trying to find ways to pull in more fighters. They had a majority, but Dexter still felt a larger number would be safer. Simultaneously, Dexter was trying to find a way to knock Fuse down a peg or two. What was war without a little propaganda?

"Hey Dexter! Guess what I found out?" DeeDee asked one morning as she skipped into his lab.

"Not now DeeDee. I'm busy," Dexter responded as he looked over the datapadd.

"Awh but Dexter! This is really important!" DeeDee whined.

Dexter sighed in exasperation. His sister wouldn't take no for an answer, and if he didn't let her share her news, she'd probably just talk the whole time or break something precious in his lab. Turning in his seat, he regarded her with a tired look.

"What is it DeeDee?" he questioned.

"Fuse just birthed a Fusion!" DeeDee exclaimed, looking terrified. "We don't know what Fusion yet, but he's birthed one."

Dexter sighed again. Fusions were becoming a problem and... Wait.

"Did you just say birthed?" Dexter asked, looking at his sister with his full attention.

DeeDee nodded, not thinking anything of it.

"Well yeah. I mean, where do you think all these Fusions came from? He just birthed one and it..." she trailed off when she began to hear her brother laugh.

The laugh started out quiet, but soon turned into an uncontrollable roar of laughter. To DeeDee, he sounded like a maniac (or Mandark). This spooked the girl as she regarded her normally composed brother.

"Dexter? Are you alright?" she asked.

Dexter didn't respond; he only continued to laugh like a maniac because it was just too perfect. Fuse birthed a Fusion! DeeDee began to freak out and quickly slipped away, but this went unnoticed by Dexter. He was too busy and needed to get the word out pronto!

Fuse didn't normally like to read the news of the Earthlings, but decided it was a fun thing to do (sometimes they stupidly reported their offensive plans and so Fuse would counterattack them). When his minion returned, Fuse expected a newspaper like always. To his shock, the minion brought back a poster.

"What is this filth?" Fuse demanded in anger.

"It concerns you... er... sir," the minion said, holding out the poster.

Fuse refused to snort, that was an Earthling thing to do; of course it was about him, they were at war, duh! He instead grabbed the poster and looked over it lazily before he suddenly realized what it read.

"WHAT ATROCITY IS THIS!" he bellowed in his deepest voice, standing to his feet in his anger.

The minion jumped back in fear as the poster fell to the ground. On it, in bold lettering for the world to see, it read: FUSE IS REALLY A SHE SINCE "HE" BIRTHS FUSIONS! Under the thickly bolded lettering was a crude drawing of Fuse with a pink bow in his head, in a pink dress, with red lipstick. Several emotions ran through the overlords mind at that moment: mortification, horror, humiliation, anger, rage, homicidal thoughts, and did I mention the mortification yet? He had absolutely no idea what he was going to do to regain his image, because he swore he heard the whole world laughing at him. He fell onto his throne and buried his head in his hands.

"Leave," he ordered.

"Y-yes ma'am. I mean sir!" the minion said, running out of the room before Fuse could extract his anger on the minion.

Fuse sighed and glared in the direction of the Planet Earth.

You have won this round, insects. But be warned, my fury has yet to be seen!

Dexter smiled at his handiwork. He had gained more fighters, ruined Fuse's image, and had a few good laughs about it.

All in a days work.