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Here is the summary guys: What if Yuji wasn't a Torch but a Tomogara, and not just a Tomogara, but Bal Masque's leader living a human life for some reason. In order to maintain his peaceful life, he tries to keep his identity a secret from other Tomogara and the Flame Haze. But what will he do when he meets up with the Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite and the Tenjou no Gouka. How will Yuji be able to keep his identity a secret with a Flame Haze keeping an eye on him and Tomogara who are coming one by one to Misaki?

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Prologue: I am not a human

Misaki city, a city in Japan that is quite peaceful, that's what normal people would think. In a park a five year old little boy is watching a bunch of children around his age play with a ball. The boy is just staring without doing anything. Then the ball rolls towards the boy, he grabs it and looks at it. One of the children that was playing with it ran towards him.

"Um, can you return it to me please."

The boy looks at the girl and gives her, her ball back. When the girl looked at the boys eyes she noticed that he was a little odd, he didn't had the expression of a five year old he looked serious. His eyes were dark blue and his pupils looked like that of a snake.

"Oi Natsumi-chan what are you taking a long!" One of the other kids yelled.

"I'm coming!"

The other kids walked towards them.

"Thank you for returning it" Natsumi said.

The little boy just nodded.

"Hey you wanna play with us?"


The boy looked behind him, a young woman around her early twenties was sitting on a bench behind the boy. The boy looked with a worried expression at the woman. The woman just gave him a gentle smile. The boy looked back at the kids.

"No thank you, that is not necessary for me."

The boy bowed before them and walked towards the young woman. The kids looked all surprised at him.

"Oi Tomoki! Shall we continue to play then, even if where uneven."

"That boy is a little weird isn't he?"

The kids continued playing.

"What is it Yu-chan? Why won't you play with the other kids?" The woman asked the little boy.

"What is the use of playing with children of that age mother?" The boy asked his mom.

The mother looked a little worried at her son.

After a whole day in the park the mother and son returned home.

"Mother, what was the use of this trip?"

"It is so you could have played with kids around your age and have some fun."


"Yes, enjoying your time and learn about new things."

"That is not necessary for me."

"Of course it is Yu-chan, every child your age needs to play with others in order to socialize."

"But, I am not normal! I am not even human, I am a monster that devours humans! That is the reason I do not need others, they will all get killed, just like my older brother!"

"Oh Yu-chan it doesn't matter if you are human or not you don't harm people and it wasn't your fault that your brother died when you got born. Yu-chan you are not a monster you are my son and I love you very much."

"But mother!"

"No buts, now go watch some television while I'll make dinner. How about your favorite dish, that will cheer you up."

The boy sighed and went to the living room to watch TV. The boy looked at his right hand and focused on his right hand then it got surrounded by black flame.

That is right, I'm not human, I am a Guze no Ou.

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