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Chapter 9 confrontation

Yūji's POV

I was totally frozen by her confession. "Wh-what?" was the only thing that came out of my mind.

"Pl-please go out with me!" Her face was hidden behind her bangs but, I could see that she was blushing when she repeated her request.

I-I…"I couldn't think of anything to say but… "Gomen but, I don't think I can answer your feelings not now not ever."

"Wh-why, why can't you answer my feelings Sakai-kun?" She looked back at my face and I could see she was about to cry.

"It's complicated. I'm not the type of person you should go out with, gomen." I was about to turn around and walk away when she suddenly grabbed my right hand.


Shana POV

Yūji was about to walk away. "Yūji rejected her." Was the first thing that came in mind. I felt something was inside of me, I felt happy.

"Matte!" The following scene overwhelmed me. Yoshida Kazumi was being hugged by Yūji. I felt great pain inside my stomach as if the world collapsed. "I don't want to see any of this anymore, if only I didn't wend to look for him than…" I ran back inside the school building. I didn't care if they could hear me at that moment. I didn't care about anything now.

A few hours earlier…

Lunch was about to start and I was still confused about what happened last night hugging me and then all these secrets that he keeps for himself. I wanted to ask Yūji what was wrong with him. I noticed that he spaced out the entire class. He wasn't even listening to the teachers' lecture. I got up and walked towards Yūji who was about to leave the room. "Umm Yūji about Yesterday?"

"I don't want to talk about it Shana, now leave me alone." He answered me, it sounded pretty unfriendly. Did it bother him that much?



I was shocked at Yūji's sudden outburst, he immediately left after that. I didn't know what to do.

"Shana, if you go after him, you might be able to sort things out." Alastor communicated in my head.

I nodded and ran after Yūji. "Which way did he went to?" I looked around me and saw two girls of our class passing by; "Have you seen Yūji?" I asked them.

They both looked at each other before answering. "I saw Sakai-san walking towards the backyard together with Kazumi."

"Anything else?" I didn't really know how I should react or what I would say but, I did know that the thought of Yūji and Yoshida Kazumi alone together were no one could see them didn't please me.

"What if something would happen? What if he would do something to her? I know from source of becoming social mostly stated that male around the age of 13 to 17 would do lewd things to females when they are alone. I'm sure Yūji isn't any different from them. I thought of the things he would do to her. Touch her in different places lick her and ki-ki-kiss her. N-n-no he isn't allowed to do those thing with any other girl. The only person he's allowed to do it too is me."

"SHANA!" I heard Alastor's voice ring in my head and I noticed that I was blushing.

"Umm Yukari-chan are you alright?" The girl on the left asked my; your face is red maybe you should go to the infirmary."

"I'm fine, thank you." I ran downstairs towards the back yard of the school when came closer I hid my presence so Yūji wouldn't notice.

I heard them talking about something. "What were they talking about?" I tried to get as close as possible. I heard Yoshida Kazumi talking. "I like you, please go out with me."

"Yukari-chan, are you ok?" I heard a voice as I ran past a student. I ignored her and ran towards the roof. I was sitting in a corner, my face buried between my knees. I started to cry softly. "Why do I feel so terrible? Why am I crying? Why I'm I thinking about Yūji hugging another girl? Why am I thinking so much about him?" My chest hurts very much it was terrible. What is this feeling?

"Shana?" I heard the voice of the person I wanted to see the least at the moment.

"Go away Yūji!" I yelled, not having succeeded in hiding the fact that I was crying.

"Shana, what's wrong why are you crying?" I heard him walking towards me. He kneeled down.

"GO AWAY!" I yelled again; "I want to be alone, I don't want to talk to you right now!"

"Shana, I can't leave you like this, did you get hurt?"

I became more annoyed. "I said I'm alright!" I stood up and ran away leaving Yūji behind.

Yūji's POV

I sat down on the ground after Shana left. "Why was she crying?"

"Sakai what's wrong?"

I looked up and saw Ike standing in the doorway. "Did something happen between you and Hirai Yukari? I saw her running down the stairs crying when I came to look for you."

"I-I don't know, when I came to the roof she was crying already. I don't know why she's mad at me." Ike came to sit next to me and gave me a onigiri.

"I thought that you didn't buy any lunch so I went to the store and bought some for you." Ike had a smile on his face; I couldn't do anything but, smile back.

"Thank you." I replied and I took a bite of the onigiri. It tasted horrible, Ike laughed when I made a 'this is disgusting' look.

"Hahaha doesn't your mum cook for you Sakai?"

"She does but, I don't eat much; rarely actually but, her cooking tastes better than the food from the shop."

"I know; food is always better when it's homemade compared to the food they sell in the stores. Say Sakai…"

"What is it Ike?" I looked at my friend and saw a small grind on his face.

"You were called by Yoshida Kazumi today, weren't you?"

"Yea, how did you…"

"I saw the two of you walking outside; was it a confession?"

I nodded. "I'm not planning on dating anyone."

"Not even Hirai?' Ike asked curiously.

"What has that to do with Shana?"

Ike stared at me and started to laugh. "Hahaaha oh Sakai you're so funny."

"It's not a joke; I'm serious. Shana and I are just friends, that's all!"

Again he gave me that look that told me he knew something. "You and Hirai are 'just friends', you give her a nickname, you guys hangout a lot and if I am correct, Hirai is the prettiest girl from the entire school; no let me rephrase that make it the entire town. I hear that guys from other schools are drooling over her too and even older guys as well. And you Sakai Yūji, the guy that is called number one in school by your fan club." I started to feel embarrassed when he said that. I never wanted to get all the attention.

"How many girls have confessed to you already?"

"I don't know." I simply replied.

"I guess like 50 girls from our school; including our sempais."

"Fif-fifty!" I almost dropped my lunch on the ground; "That much!?"

"Yep, Sakai you're quite popular with the ladies."

"Ugh." I took a bite of my onigiri; "I don't really want all the attention; it's too much."

"That's so like you. Like that time in elementary school and you didn't want to have the main lead in the play but, enough of bringing up old memories. Something's bothering you Sakai and don't pretend that nothing's wrong; you've been spacing out the whole day."

"I…I." I didn't really know what to say Ike knew me too well. I couldn't hide many things from him. We know each other too long.

"How should I start… A lot has happened and my life has really gone upside down more than it usually was."

"So and what does that have to do with Hirai?" Ike asked.

"I don't know; I've been having these weird dreams lately and I know that sooner or later…"

Ike signed. "Ok so these dreams have been bugging you; what are they?"

"I can't tell."

"Already, then tell me what you can tell."

I looked at the sky. "I can only tell you that one of these days I have to go. That I have to do something; they are waiting for me."

I looked back at Ike, who gave me an understanding smile. "And were does Hirai come in all this?"

"In my dreams she found out and… she was afraid, she didn't want to see me… I couldn't do anything to save her. I thought that I lost her. If I told her about my dreams she wouldn't talk to me again; I guess that's why I yelled at her."

Again Ike was grinning at me. "What? Ike what's so funny?"

"You really have no clue do you, haven't you?"

"About what? Ike, just tell me!"

"No I think that it's better if you figured it out yourself." He stood up and walked toward the door. I followed him. "Sakai, I think it's better if you talk it out with Hirai; women are very sensitive. Just apologies to her and give her something nice, if leaving is worrying you that much, then don't think about it. I mean; you don't have to go yet, so why make a fuss about it now? I'm sure your parents will understand once the time comes. You should just enjoy the time that you have left, ok?" Ike placed his hand on my shoulder; "Promise me you won't think about it."

I looked at him and smiled. "Thanks Ike I feel much better now. You're right I should apologies to Shana." When we walked back to class sensei came to us.

"Sakai have you seen Hirai Yukari?"

"No why?" I asked

"She hasn't returned yet."

Shana's POV

"I couldn't believe it why on earth would I actually hope that Yūji and I actually will be together; a Flame Haze that's the only thing Yūji will see me as." I stopped in front of a small lake in the park. I sat down and looked at my reflection in the pool. "What does that Yoshida Kazumi has that I don't have? Except that she's human and I'm a Flame Haze? NOTHING! Is it the fact that she doesn't use bandages to hide her curves for guys? I'm supposed to not attract too much attention, so that I'm able to accomplish my mission." I squeezed my bosom softly; there's nothing wrong with them. "Or is it the fact that I'm short. Does Yūji like females with average high or longer ones?

"Shana." I heard Alastor communicate; "What are you doing?"

"Uh nothing." I quickly replied.

"You know as a Flame Haze you shouldn't care about such useless things."

I know but, Chigusa said…" I tried to counter.

"You're a Flame haze and he's a Guze no Ō; don't waste your time with useless feelings like love."

"I know but, I can't help it. I keep thinking about him all the time. It hurts so much that it feels like my heart is about to burst open; I-I want to be with him Alastor."

"What will the Banjō no Shite think if she found out!?"

I froze wen Alastor mentioned Wilhelmina. "She'll be furious if she found out."

"Hoho it seems you have some trouble with men Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite?"

I turned around and saw the Shikabane Hiroi, Lammies walking toward us. "Rasen no Fūkin what are you doing here? What if the Chōshi no Yomite found you!" Alastor yelled.

"I think we should be more worried about the fact that humans hear a yelling pendant than the fact that a woman will come and freeze the place to kill me." The Shikabane Hiroi smiled.

That silenced Alastor. "Well Shikabane Hiroi just as Alastor said you shouldn't be out here on you own. If the Chōshi no Yomite kills you there will be chaos."

"I'm sorry if I made you two worry. I just wanted to walk and get some fresh air, besides I saw you suddenly walking in the park; don't you have school today?"

I suddenly remembered why I decided to skip school and started a discussion with Alastor." "I-I" I began but Alastor beat me to it.

"That's none of your business Rasen no Fūkin." Alastor said; "I don't want you to put strange ideas in Shana's head.

"Alastor, don't speak to loud or the humans will hear you." I warned him; if they were to notice that Alastor could talk we might disturb the balance.

Alastor muttered softly in an angry tone because he couldn't prevent the Shikabane Hiroi from starting the conversation he was about to have with me. We went to sit on a bench in the more vacant side of the park and he started. "Listen Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite, there's nothing wrong with falling in love with a Tomogara. You're not the only one. It happens many times where Flame Haze and Guze no Tomogara fall in love with each other. They can even fall in love with humans or Torches."

"So I'm in love with Yūji?" I never realized it; I've read about it in these books about the daily lives of human teenagers but, I never really took interest in that.

"I see, the Tenjō no Gōka didn't teach you anything about love."

"That's not true." I said as I started to fidget with my shirt; I love Alastor, Wilhelmina and eating melon pan."

"But that's a different kind of love you have than the one you have for Sakai Yūji."

I started to think about it; even though I didn't really understand much but, it did feel different, when I think about Yūji I start to feel really warm inside and when I think about seeing Yūji and Yoshida Kazumi together my chest hurts a lot. When I think of Alastor and Wilhelmina I do feel a different feeling inside me.

"Don't be afraid of wanting to get to know him better." He finished.

"Then, what should I do, if he likes someone else?" Even though I tried to sound as normal as possible, my voice sounded weak.

"Then you should try to make him like you, seduce him."

"Wha-wha…?" My face turned red. The thought of me trying to seduce Yūji made me feel uncomfortable; "I can't do that."

"Of course you can do it. Sakai Yūji is a male, even if he was a cat or a snake it doesn't change his gender does it? And there are things that all males have in common."

I thought about it. "So what you're saying is that I have to win Yūji's heart?" I asked to make sure my conclusion was right.

"Exactly." The Shikabane Hiroi gave me a wink and smile.

Suddenly a Fuzetsu surrounded the park. "Hello Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite and Shikabane Hiroi; haven't seen you two for a while." The voice of the Jūrin no Sōga was heard through the park.

"Odamari baka Marcho!" We turned around and saw the Chōshi no Yomite standing in front of us holding her Guze no Ō like he was some dirty book; "You probably know why we're here and since that Guze no Ō isn't here at the moment, we can finish or job.

"Hahaaha you're right my beloved contractor, Margery Daw we have to finish this quickly before the Flame Hazes boyfriend notice and comes here."

"Yū-Yūji isn't my boyfriend!" I yelled. I summoned Nietono no Shana and prepared for battle. "I'm stronger than before; I can do this but, first I have to get the Shikabane Hiroi away from her."

Normal POV

Shana created a ring of flames and let it explode in front of the enemy. "You think you can defeat me by hiding yourself by blinding my eyesight! Let's do it Marchosias!"

"Ay ay madam"

Margery jumped into the air and started to cast a Jizaihō.

"Sight covered by a spell

To prevent us from finding our prey

In that case remove this wall of fog

With a power force that can overcome a hurricane

And let this illusion end here!"

The smoke created by the fire disappeared but, Shana and Lammies vanished.

"What the hell! Where did they go?" Margery landed on the ground and looked around.

"My beloved goblet Margery Daw I think you scared them off with your grumpy personality."

"Stop it Marco! They can't hide for long well find them."

Somewhere near,

Shana and Lammies kept a close look at the Flame Haze they were hiding for.

"Sorry but, this was the only thing I could think of right now. We need to get you somewhere safe Shikabane Hiroi. If I'm going to battle the Chōshi no Yomite I need as less distraction as possible and protecting you wouldn't make it any better."

"So what do you suggest Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite?"

The smoke that Shana created was to distract Margery and Marchosias so that they could find a temporary hiding spot and come up with a battle plan. Since they only had the park as their battle ground they couldn't make any risks.

"Seeing that the Chōshi no Yomite and the Jūrin no Sōga are battle maniacs it might be smart to calculate their next movement and get an opening to let the Shikabane Hiroi escape." Alastor started.

Shana looked through the place they were hiding and observed Margery's movements. "I think the best way for now is start with a surprise attack even if she expects it but, if it's on the least expected moment or place we still have a change. We need to get her full attention on us to have a change of proceeding."

"I can assist you with some advice before we start the plan." Lammies pointed then to Margery and continued. The Chōshi no Yomite knows an Yizaihō called Kyōbō-en; it dances around it's enemy gives a great amount of damage but, there's a catch, the Jizaihō reduces her strength and defenses for a while if you're able to avoid her attack and lay a hit on her the battle is yours."

"And how do you avoid her Kyōbō-en?"


"What?" Shana asked confused by Lammies vague answer.

"Illusion is the only way to defeat Kyōbō-en. It's a powerful Jizaihō it's obvious that avoiding a hit is rare till now I haven't heard of any Flame Haze or Tomogara that was able to avoid it."

"What about you? You were able to escape from her every time."

"But I always fled the moment she found me the Chōshi no Yomite never had the time the cast that spell on me."Lammies explained to Shana. "Having her chasing after me for all those years it's natural to ask around information about you chaser."

Margery in the main time sensed their presence in a bush a little farther from the place she was, the bush looked a bit suspicious.

"You think you can hide from me by using an unrestricted spell, how pathetic." She charged a ball of flame at the bush but when it hit an Jizaihō was activated. What Margery didn't noticed was that at the fountain close to her a pentagram appeared, Shana came out of the pentagram and immediately slashed a fiery attack on her.

"You fucking bitch! Now I'm getting angry." Margery took the form of a wolf and tried to attack Shana but unfortunately for Margery Shana went back into the pentagram and it disappeared.

"It seems like the Shikabane Hiroi is giving them a little help. we better be careful."

Margery looked around and focused on the area. "I know Marcosias they've indeed gotten better but, as long as that Guze no Ō doesn't appear, we still have a change."

At the old mall

Tanaka and Satou were keeping an eye on Misaki city through the Haridan.

"Oi Eita, Keisaku are you guys still there!"

The two teenagers looked at the tag that was given to them. "Margery-san is that you?"

"Of course it is who else would it be? Now listen the Flame Haze I'm fighting now is using an Jizaihō with the help of the Tomogara were looking for. Can you tell me we they are now?"

Satou and Tanaka looked at the Haridan. "Well ane-san." Tanaka started. "That's not really clearly shown here there are different small existence of the Flame Haze and the Tomogara shown in the park."

Margery clenched her fist and gritted her teeth. "SHIT!"

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