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Chapter 7 And the battle begins!

I stood there frozen, too many things were on my mind right now, I didn't know what to do. My body started to shake when I realized what just had happen, I clenched my teeth and my fist. "DAMMIT!" Out of rage I smashed the floor. Rock pieces flew everywhere.

Shana stood there confused at my reaction. None of us said anything for a while. "Sakai Yuji we need to find out what the Kariudo is planning, suddenly appearing in your house and kidnapping your mother. There's a high possibility that he's doing all this out of desperation." The Tenjō no Gōka said.

"Yuji, Alastor is right. We need to figure out what the Kariudo is planning we can't just recklessly barge in and attack him we need a plan."

I took a deep breath to calm myself down. I need to control myself or else I might destroy the city. "Yes, you're right."

Shana walked toward me and offered her hand, she had a stern expression in her face. I looked at her confused. "Don't get any ideas Yuji… it's just after what just happened… well you and Chigusa were nice enough to let us stay and bought clothes for me so, I just want to repay for what you did for us." Shana tried to avoid my gaze and blushed slightly. I took her hand and stood up.



"Do you remember that I talked to the Rasen no Fūkin this afternoon?"

I looked at her. She looked back and started to blush harder. "Ye-yeah what about it?"

She looked away from me. "Was there something bothering her?"

"He gave me some information that might be useful."

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A few hours ago…

"Miyako Gurai?"

"Yes, I don't know what he wants with all that power of existence, but it will be dangerous for the city."

I looked around, trying to find out what he was planning. "I talked to him some time ago and asked if he could make trouble in another city." I looked back at the Rasen no Fūkin.

"Is that so?" the Rasen no Fūkin placed his hand under his chin. "Hmmm turning a city into power of existence… well Sair… Sakai Yuji the only thing that comes to my mind is that he wants to create something."

"Create?" "Why would The Kariudo want to create something?"

"Yes, A Hōgu maybe or a new existence. Did he say anything or asked you something?"

"Why would he ask me for help? He didn't know my identity at that time."

"At that time?" The Rasin no Fūkin raised his eyebrow.

"It's nothing important." I said quickly, not wanting to go further with the subject. " But you said he wanted to create something from a Hōgu, but for that you also need a human. So if he wants to create a new existence… but for what?"

"I'm not sure about that, but it has to be something huge or else he wouldn't use Miyako Gurai. I do recall an incident where Miyako Gurai was used, luckily the plan thwarted by the previous Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite. Sakai Yuji you remember the Hitsugi no Orite?"

"Yes, I still can remember the last moments of that war."

"Soon after the Great War there were some problems with the humans and the Hitsugi no Orite's contractor got killed. He tried to use Miyako Gurai to create a child of both his and hers existence to fulfill her wish."

"So, you think the Kariudo will try something similar?" The Rasen no Fūkin nodded. "Come to think of it, he was very close to his doll Rinne. It does sound stupid, but if that Rinne is that precious for him…"

"Everything is possible in this time and age Sakai Yuji. People can fall in love with everything even the most ridiculous thing like a Rinne. They might have fallen in love without noticing it themselves." He smiled mischievously and winked.

"I didn't expect the Kariudo being that crazy." Shana sighed; "Are you sure he wants to turn his doll into an existence?"

"Turning into an existence? Shana, I'm not sure what he's planning you should know that Guze no Ou won't spill Power of existence just for a Rinne."

Shana walked toward the front door and opened it. "But you saw it yourself how attached he is towards it. Plus Yuji, when you threatened him with his doll he became desperate!" Shana exclaimed. "So, what we can guess is that, that Rinne is very important to him. I mean you nearly lost it when he took Chigusa and Tomogara and Flame Haze in general don't care for humans, right?"

I rubbed my head and smiled. "You're probably right. People would go do the craziest thing when it involves someone that's very close to you." I walked toward Shana and we existed the house.

"Shana?" I looked toward Shana who gave me a questioned look. What is it?"

"Would you do something reckless when it involves someone dear to you?"

Shana's face turned red. "Wha-wha what are you saying? Something stupid like that?"

"Is there a reason for that question Sakai Yuji?" The Tenjō no Gōka asked suspiciously.

"Well, Flame Haze usually work alone and aren't close to others but, Shana about what you said before… it sounded like there are still people alive that you care about."

Shana looked away from me and didn't respond."…"

"Don't worry, if you don't want to talk about it, then you don't have to."

"You really are a simple-minded person Sakai Yuji." The Tenjō no Gōka commented.

We landed on a building close to the shopping mall. " No I'm not simple-minded. I just respect people's privacy."

"Your mother has taught you well."

Suddenly I felt a shock and the sound of chimes. "This! He couldn't have started it already?"

"Yuji, we have to hurry or the city will be devoured!."

I nodded and jumped to the next building.

Shana stayed close behind me, until we arrived at the mall. The entrance was barricaded with no trespassing and keep out signs. Inside, it looked like any other 'haunted' abandoned building. It was dark, most windows were broken and a lot of products were lying on the floor.

We hurried to the top floor and saw the Kariudo holding his favorite Rinne in his hands, standing in the middle of a pentagram. Next to him was a small crystal stone hovering on a small pedestal.

"Greetings my guests, it's so nice that you have come." The Kariudo gave us a mischievous smirk while he petted his Rinne.

"Goshujin-sama, you should be careful, if you don't fight them seriously you could get killed."

"I know Marianne, don't worry everything will be alright. Didn't I tell you I've got everything under control."

"Kariudo, where is oka-san?" I asked calmly.

"Oww yes I almost forgot about your human mother." He snapped his fingers and two Rinne appeared next to him, holding my half unconscious mother. She was covered in scratches, her clothes were dirty and half intact and her hair was messy.

"Oka-san!" It shocked me, seeing my mother in that state.

"My apologies for leaving her in this state, but she wasn't behaving very well. Now shall we begin." He clapped his hands twice a white Fuzetsu covering the city and a ring of white fire surrounded us.

"Jizaihō?" Shana wondered.

"Exactly, this Jizaihō prevents the enemy from escaping the battle ground."

The Kuriado spread his arms and turned in a giant white flame his Rinne came to life and started to attack us. One of the Rinne's hand transformed in a blade and attacked us from behind. Shana and I dodged it.

I released the silver and caught some Rinne, the Rinne disappeared in seconds. Shana sliced through them, she stabbed her sword in the ground and threw a kick at her attacking enemies while using the sword for support. Luckily my mother was behind the fire wall so she couldn't get hurt, unfortunately the two Rinne were still guarding her.

"Shana we have to split up! There too many of them!"

Shana nodded and lured some of them to her. Cards suddenly appeared out of the Kuriado's flame form and cut through us. A Rinne with a whip hit me in the back and a flew against a wall. I felt a stinging pain and I noticed the fire wall was forcing me to go back inside.

"Shana, don't touch this wall or it'll burn you!"

The cards kept going for a while, until they disappeared and in place a Rinne in a maid outfit appeared. It took out a chain with metal claws and started to swing it and throwing it towards Shana. The nodachi fell immediate on the ground. Shana was wrapped by the chain, squishing every party of her body.

"Iya!" Shana screamed. I tried to help her, but the Rinne were with too many.

"Shana concentrate! We can't let that Rinne get to you." The Tenjō no Gōka ordered.

The Rinne pulled Shana closer to it, then jumped into the air and swung the chain hard towards me. The floor was partly crushed as Shana got slammed on top of me. Both of us were trying to get up when the shape shifting Rinne pierced its blade through us. I was able to move before getting pierced so my right arm only at a medium cut, sadly Shana wasn't that lucky. Covering her wound with her hand to try to stop the bleeding. I covered my right arm to hide the black flame that was coming from the wound.

A few more Rinne appeared. I dodged them all and used the silver to get rid of them. Shana was fighting the Rinne with the chain.

"Shana, the Kariudo is using the Rinne as bait to get more time. We should ignore them and attack him head on! I'll keep the Rinne busy, you go on ahead!" Shana nodded and headed to the white flame. I concentrated my power into my body and released it to the Rinne that were surrounding me.

Shana in the meantime headed to The Kariudo and tried a horizontal slash only to find out that she was just cutting through him like a ghost.

"Yuji my sword isn't making any contact!" She said, trying to continue her attacks only to find out that whatever she did was futile.

"HAHAHAHAAHHA!" The flame began to laugh. "It's useless the Jizaihō protects me from every physical attack and don't think about using any Jizaihō against me."

He took out Regular sharp and send them to Shana. She back flipped away to make some distance and destroyed them, the ones she missed inflicted scratches on her body.

"There has to be a way to lure him out of his hiding spot but, what?" I looked around while fighting the Rinne and noticed that the Hōgu he was using for Miyako Gurai was still there even thought a barrier was protecting it. "If only Shana could make it look like she found a way to destroy the barrier and plans to attack the Hōgu, then we can take him by surprise when he lets his guard down. Wait, that's it!" I ordered the Silver to block the Rinne by creating a wall and headed to Shana.

Shana was in a pinch; having to block The Kariudo's Hōgu and fighting the maid Rinne made it hard for her to attack. I ran toward her and nearly tackled her down when I pulled her along with me and rolled a few meters away. "What was that for?" She asked slightly annoyed by my sudden action.

"My apologies for the rude treatment but I have a plan on how to lure The Kariudo in attack position." The Rinne ran towards us swinging her Hōgu, ready to attack. We quickly dodged it and avoided the upcoming attacks.

"Okay, spit it out Yuji." Shana blocked the Rinne's attack and pushed it away from her.

I tried to get closer to Shana to explain my plan, but the Rinne didn't gave me a chance. Not only that, five more Rinne came after us. "I thought I've kept them busy with the silver."

"Where are they coming from?" Shana asked.

"It seems that the Kariudo hid some of them with his Jizaihō. I wasn't even able to sense them." The Tenjō no Gōka said stunned.

"HAHAHAHAHAH! You won't win no matter what you do!"

I glared at the Kariudo. "Ok it seems we need to switch strategy. Shana I'm sorry for what I'm about to do." I picked Shana up in bridal style and jumped over the Rinne. "Wha-wha-wha… YUJI PUT ME DOWN! WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THIS?!" Shana's face became as red as a tomato. I stopped in midair and ordered the silver to shield us from the Rinne.

The Rinne attacked the silver to destroy the barrier it created. "This can't hold us forever."

"Hiding aren't you? did you chicken out?" the maid Rinne wondered.

"Sorry Shana but this was the only way to explain my plan. Can you keep up with it a little longer?"

"… F-f-fine."

"Well here's the plan; You know that he Hōgu the Kariudo is using for Miyako Gurai is still there but only protected by a barrier, right?" Shana nodded. " If we fool him by making it look like we were able to destroy the Hōgu's barrier."

"How can we do that?"

"Easy, with this." I checked inside my pocket and took out a Hōgu that looked like a small planetarium. "Where did you get that Hōgu?"

"This Hōgu is called Kamina, it has the ability to create illusions."

Shana stared at the Hōgu for some time, then she and the Tenjō no Gōka started to laugh very hard. "HAHAHAHAHA, Kamina what kind of name is that for a Hōgu?"

I got a bit irritated by their reaction. "It's a long story that involved a Middle school and my project partner."

They laughed harder. "A Hōgu as a school project! Hahaaha!"

"Well, we didn't have much time left and my project partner told me that he only had two weeks to live, so he didn't mind turning into a torch, so I decided to let him name the Hōgu. He seemed to be a great fan of an anime called Tengen Toppa Guren Lagann and he named the Hōgu after one of the characters."

Shana and the Tenjō no Gōka kept laughing.

Before I wanted to say more I realized something. "Hey Shana, are you… laughing?"

Shana stopped immediately "It's not what you think! Something is stuck in my throat!"

"Sure, we don't have time for arguments and I don't know how long this barrier can keep it up." Before we knew it a scythe pierced through the barrier and the Rinne tried to get to us.

"Well, it's now or never. Yuji can you keep them busy?" Shana asked.

I dissolved the silver and threw Shana towards the Hōgu.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?! You can't harm me, my Jizaihō is invincible!" The Kariudo sent his flames towards Shana. She blocked them with her sword but the moment they came in contact they exploded.


Luckily she was able to dodge the attacks. She placed her sword in attack position and did a jump attack towards the Hōgu."

"NO! Not Zeria how did you find a way to destroy the barrier I placed on it!"

Before Nietono no Shana could make contact with the Hōgu a scream was heard. I turned around to see what had happened and I saw the Kariudo's favorite Rinne slashed in half. "I can't… let you… interfere… with… goshujin-sama."The Rinne declared before burning up in flames.

"MARIANNE! No, no how could you… how dare you do this to my Marianne! I won't forgive you for this!"

The Kariudo undid his Jizaihō and shot a bullet towards Shana. It pierced through her chest, just missing the Cocytus with a few inches. "KYAAAAA!" Shana fell on her back from the impact.

"Shana, hold on!" The Tenjō no Gōka yelled.

"Don't worry Alastor. Remember; one bullet won't kill me." Shana reassured him.

Suddenly the ground started to shake. "What is… don't tell me!"

Shana nodded at The Tenjō no Gōka's commend "The Jizaihō is nearly finished we need to hurry and finish him."

The Kariudo suddenly disappeared. "What?! Where did he go?" I looked around, but I didn't see anything. "Shana be careful he must be hiding somewhere."

Shana stood up and before she could make another move, the Kariudo appeared in front of her and threw a Hōgu in the form of a small ball towards her and immediately disappeared. The moment it made contact with her spikes came out and pierced through her arm."Gah!" She fell on her knees.

I ran towards her and tried to help her. "He's here, but we can't sense him." She said while breathing heavily.

"No wonder he's known as a Flame Haze killer, he has some rare and powerful Hōgu with him that are dangerous to Flame Haze. The Tenjō no Gōka said.

"If I'm right that Hōgu is called Doku Kirā. It slowly poisons its targets, the only cure is to kill the person who possesses it." I explained.

"But first we need to know where he is hiding." Shana said, while coughing some blood. "Hmm, if I'm correct. I've heard about a Hōgu that is able to hide the presence of a Flame Haze, Tomogara or a Rinne its name is Zeria."

"You're very well-informed. As expected of you Sakai Yuji." The Kariudo said my name in a sarcastic tone. "But that's not enough to defeat me."

We looked around the room in the hope we could find his hiding place. I tried to follow his voice. "His voice came from that spot!" I pointed at a place west from us. I shot the Silver in that direction but, missed.

"Nice try." I heard his voice from the opposite place. He appeared again and targeted Shana. "Since you're poisoned you'll make an easy target, now die!" He summoned a sea of flames. Shana used Nietono no Shana to shield herself but, thanks to the poison she wasn't able to hold on much longer.

"Muhahahahaha! DIE DIEDIEDIE!."

"I can't… anymore…"

"Shana, don't give up!" The Tenjō no Gōka encouraged her. "I have faith in you!"

"Alastor… Gomene I tried my… but…" Before she could let go I placed my hands over hers for support. "Didn't you say that a Flame Haze's duty is to protect the world's balance? Is this all the infamous Enpastu Shakugan no Uchite is capable off? Such a disappointment." I teased her.

"Yu-Yuji! Wait what's that supposed to mean baka, I'm not giving up!" She answered in a determined tone.

"That's what I like to hear." I gave her a smile. "Now let's go this!" I summoned the silver to counter The Kariudo's attack. Then all of a sudden crimson colored flames appeared out of Shana's nodachi and as our powers combined, consuming the white flames of the Kariudo with him and the Hōgu that was used as a vessel for Miyako Gurai along with it.


The flame wall disappeared and all that was left were my mother and the Rinne that were guarding her. "Shana are you ok?"

Shana looked at me. "Huff huff, of course huff I'm fine huff baka!"

She got up and we both looked at the remaining enemies. "Only two left, I don't think that it will be such a hard fight." The Tenjō no Gōka commented.

We both nodded and took a fighting position. The Rinne backed away."Now let's show them that it was a mistake to mess with this city." Shana summoned her newly discovered power. I gave her a slight nod.

With one attack we destroyed them immediately. My mother fell on the ground and I ran towards her. "Ōka-san!"

She slowly opened her eyes. Yu-chan, what happened? The last thing I remembered was that this person who called himself Friagne showing up and he took me away."

"It's ok now Shana and I took care of him."

My mother sat up and looked worried at us. "Oh my, you two are covered in bruises and wounds. Shana-chan is that blood on your chest?"

"Wha?" I looked at Shana and noticed her clothes were torn. Her skirt was so short that it just covered her panties and her shirt was completely open her bra was torn a bit but I could see her breast clearly. My face turned red and everything when black. "Yu-chan!.

"Yu-Yuji you perverted Tomogara! How dare you to look at me like that!" I heard Shana' yelling in anger at me.

I turned my head from left to right, too afraid to move or I might hit my head somewhere. "I can't see anything, you're over reacting. I felt pressure on my head followed by pain.

I winced. "Ouch!"

"Don't make any excuses, you saw it before you when blind!" She continued. I'm pretty sure that she hitting me now, otherwise I wouldn't be feeling that pain in my head continuously.

"Okay Shana-chan, Yu-chan enough flirting we need to get out of here." I heard my mother say.

"But, were not flirting." Shana and I spoke in unison.

I felt a hand grabbing mine and forcing me to stand up. 'Yu-chan you don't want to stay here, do you" I heard my mother's voice next to me.

"N-no." I replied.

I followed my mother and heard a door open. After a few seconds my sight returned. The room we entered was filled with… "Hōgu?" I looked around the room and saw more than 100 Hōgu piled up as if this was a junk yard for Hōgu.

"He had this many?" Shana wondered surprised.

"It seems so. He's famous for collecting them." The Tenjō no Gōka replied. The weapons the Rinne were holding in the battle must have been Hōgu too."

Shana walked towards the pile and started to search through it. "Shana what are you doing?" I asked. I walked towards her and looked over her shoulder.

"What does it look like? The Kariudo must have some rare Hōgu since we killed him we better look for some Hōgu that we can use in the future. Don't just stand there Yuji, Help me look."

I sighed and walked to the other side of the pile. "Chigusa." I heard Shana say. "Can you wait a little bit longer, we need to see if the Kariudo has other dangerous Hōgu."

"Ok but, don't take too long." My mother replied.

I looked around and saw something that caught my attention. "This can't be…" I walked toward the Hōgu that I knew too well. "Where did the Kariudo find this?" I picked it up to confirm that I wasn't mistaken. "No Mistake it's the Haridan!"

"Yuji!." Shana's voice send me back to reality and I turned around. "Did you found anything interesting?" She asked.

I looked back at the Haridan and then back at the direction were Shana's voice came from. "No nothing." I placed the Haridan back and walked back to Shana. "Now is not the time. I'll retrieve it when the time is ready."

Shana was standing next to my mother and both were holding a few Hōgu in their hands. "Here." She said as she threw one towards me. "Well figure out later which one we'll take but, I thought that this one will surely suit you."

I caught it and looked at it. "Azure?"

"Yeah, it blocks flame it sure will come in handy in the future. Now help us, you have to carry some."

I put the Hōgu in my pocket and took some from Shana.

"Now let's get home, you two must be tired from saving the city. I'll make some snacks as a reward when we get home." My mother exclaimed.

Shana and I nodded and we headed back home.


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