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Chapter 8 Doubts

A/n: From this chapter on I will spell Yūji's name with an ū instead of an u because that's actually how you write it when Romanized.

Sub arc; The Chōshi no Yomite Margey Daw

Yūji's POV

"How long has it been? Pretty long I'm sure. Centuries… and here I am laying in my bed as if nothing happened. As if those events never happened but, I still remember them since the moment I was born; The Ancient War..."

Because of the rain, my room looked very gloomy. I looked at the Azure in my hand. I kept tossing and catching it. "So the Haridan is in the old mall building, it won't take long before they'll find me."

"Yūji, are you ok?"

I sat up and looked towards the door. It opened and Shana came in. "You have been like this ever since the battle against the Kariudo, is something bothering you?"

"I'm fine, don't worry." I assured her.

"You said the same thing to Chigusa. You're not even eating."

"Is there a problem with that?"

She frowned and walked up to me, she bent over and placed her face close to mine, she stared at me. I felt my face becoming red all of a sudden and I started to feel very uncomfortable. "What's this strange warm feeling inside of me?"

"Chigusa is worried about you! Even if I'm not good with this kind of thing but, at least I know that it's not nice to make her worried. She's been trying her best and you're not even appreciating one thing!"

I got bit angry at her comment. "How dare she say something like that when she doesn't even know anything!"

"You can't tell me what to do or not! You don't even know my situation!"

"That's because you never tell anybody! Look, since you've done a lot for me; training and we defeated the Kariudo together, I thought it would be ok to be friends but, Chigusa told me that friends trust and believe in each other! If you never tell anybody, how do you expect me to be your friend?!"

I was silent for some time. I hid me face behind my bangs. "I'm sorry Shana but, there are things that I don't want to share with anybody. I said in monotone. "Will you please leave me alone for a while, I need some silence."

She looked at me. "Fine." And she left the room.

I looked out of my window and saw it was still raining. "How long will it be before the Trinity finds me?"

Normal POV

At Satou

"Man, it's so boring." Margery said as she put the glass with whine back in the table. "Why does it have to rain now?"

"Hahahaha my bored moody Margery Daw, you need a hobby. How about collecting post cards? It fits and old woman like you HAHAHAHA… ouch!" Before Marchosias was able to finish laughing Margery punched him. "Odamari, baka Marco!"

Tanaka just walked into the room when Marchosias was getting abused. "Ane-san, isn't that going a bit too far."

"Heh." She took another sip of her drink.

"I totally agree with Eita, you should be more cheerful since the Kariudo got Killed by the Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite and her Tomogara lover."

Satou was sitting at the kotatsu(1) checking his homework. "Those were the ones that beat you, right Margery-san?"

"Heh, I'll get them back and force the information out of Lamies."

Tanaka walked up to Satou and sat next to him. "Satou what are you doing? Are you making homework? "

"Yeah, I'm bored." He answered.

"Ok I've had it! Rain or not were going outside!" Margery yelled and she stood up. She picked up Marchosias and walked to the door; "You two coming or what?"

"What?" Tanaka, Satou and Marchosias said in unison.

Yūji's POV

I walked downstairs and saw my Mother and Shana sitting in the living room. It looked like they were talking with somebody. To my surprise I saw the Shikabane Hiroi Lamies sitting across of them on a couch.

I blinked a few times. "Did I miss something?"

My mother turned to me. "Yu-chan I'm happy that you've cheered up. An old friend of Alastor-san came to visit. He told us that he's an acquaintance of yours." My mother said in a cheerful voice.

"We meet again Sakai Yūji. I heard that you defeated the Kariudo together with the Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite."

I looked towards Shana who avoided my gaze. "Are you still mad at me because of earlier?"

"Because of earlier? " My mother looked curiously at me and Shana; "Yu-chan did you and Shana-chan had a fight?" She asked angrily.

I looked at my mother confused. "Huh?"

Shana's face became red and she looked away.

"Uh, madam noting like that happened I assure you. It seems like Sakai Yūji has some troubles that he doesn't want to share." The Tenjō no Gōka explained.

"Yu-chan, is that true?" She looked at me sternly.

"Eh? I didn't do anything to Shana. It was a small argument that's all." I countered, making signs with my hands.

" Seems like there has been some private problems." Lamies commented; "Did I arrived at a wrong moment after all?"

"Oh of course not Lamies-san, my son doesn't have any experience with woman, so he makes a lot of mistakes."

"Youth these days are very energetic when it comes to love." Lamies looked at me and Shana."

Shana started to hide her face behind her bangs.

"You're, making it sound like you're talking about us." I said.

Both my mom and Lamies started to giggle. I walked up to Shana. "If you're still upset about before, my apologies but, there are some things I can't share with people."

"Wha-what makes you think that I'm upset about something like that?" She commented. Her face was completely red.

"You aren't?"

"N-no of course not."

"Well, now that that's finished." My mother said as she clapped her hands; "Let's go back to the main topic; Lamies-san, will stay here for a while? You seems to have some trouble, so the best we can do is to give you a place to stay in the main time."

"What!? Mother, are we starting some kind of Tomogara/Flame Haze hotel?"

"Lamies-san is a friend of Alastor-san so we should help him and that's that."

I had to prepare a room for the Shikabane Hiroi, while my mom and Shana were preparing dinner, well I guess Shana only had to lay the table, since she can't cook.

"I hope this isn't much of a problem Sakai Yūji."

"No, it's ok my mother has always been like that and I don't mind either. Actually, it would be a problem if the Chōshi no Yomite found you, so it might be the best if you stay here for a while." I answered while cleaning up the guest room.

After I finished we went downstairs. Shana was sitting in the living room reading one of the manga she bought a couple of days ago.

"What are you reading?" I asked when I walked towards her. I peeked from behind her, trying to check the contents of the manga. She closed the book quickly and tried to get it as far from me as possible. "Nothing." She replied quickly.

"It's just a book, you shouldn't be that ashamed. What are you reading?"

Shana backed away when I tried to get closer. "I said it's nothing and it's none of your business."

I noticed a pen and a small notebook next to her. She quickly bragged it and kept it close to her. She was looking very nervous.

Before I was able to say anything my mother's head popped up from around the corner. "Minna, it's time for dinner."

I played a bit with my food that was still untouched, my head rested on my right arm that sat before my plate. I kept thinking about the same thing that has been haunting me for a while.

"Yu-chan, you haven't touched your food yet."

"Huh?" I looked at my mother who was staring at me with a worried look.

"Yu-chan, you haven't touched anything and I made you favorite meal."

Shana and the Shikabane Hiroi were still eating aware of their surroundings but, they didn't want to meddle with things that were none of their business.

"I'm fine, how many times do I need to repeat myself?" I tried to stay calm, but I had to repeat this sentence a million times today. It was starting to get on my nerves.

"No you're not. Usually you're happy and stuff yourself full."

"Oka-san!" I stood up and placed both my hands on the table.

Shana and the Shikabane Hiroi were giggling and that meant something. I didn't want people to know about my habits.

"I'm not in the mood to eat, excuse me." I stood up and went to my room.

I changed to my pajama and crept in my bed.

Normal POV

Down stairs Chigusa stared at the untouched food of her son.

"Chigusa…" Shana wanted to cheer her up but, she couldn't think of anything to say to her.

"It seems like he has a lot on his mind." The Shikabane Hiroi said; "Well madam let me help you with cleaning the dishes."

Chigusa nodded and took Yūji's plate. "I'll put it in the fridge for tomorrow."

Shana stood up too. "I'll check on Yūji." And she went upstairs.

Shana stood in front of Yuji's door, but she hesitated to enter. "Shana, you should be quiet he might be asleep already." Alastor told her.

Shana nodded and quietly entered Yūji's room. It was dark just as Alastor said he was asleep. She walked towards him and sat next to him. She started to blush when she looked at Yūji's sleeping face. He looked just like a normal teenage boy. You would almost forget that he's a Guze No Ō. Shana found that side of Yūji very attractive if only she understood her own emotions.

"He looks really peaceful as if he isn't thinking… Wait, thinking?" she though; "Yeah for some reason even though Yūji has a calm and serious character but his face always gives him a restless expression, as if he isn't at peace. Is he waiting for something to happen? Did he saw something in the pile of Hōgu that made him remember something?

"Ugh, no I won't let that happened." Shana's broke out of her thoughts and looked back at Yūji who started to talk in his sleep. His face looked restless. Was he having a nightmare?

"I won't let you destroy my plan, everything they've dreamed off."

"They? What is he talking about?" She whispered.

"Moreover I'm curious what he means with 'his plan'." Alastor wondered.


Shana nearly jumped out of surprise of the voice. Yūji had woken up and looked with a sleepy and confused face at her. "What are you doing in my room?"

"Eh, I-well." She turned around so her back would face him. "Nothing." She answered.

"Then, what are you doing in my room?" Yūji repeated his question.

Shana took a deep breath and turned back to face him. "I was only checking if you were okay, I didn't mean to wake you."

Yūji kept looking at her waiting for her to say something more.

"You were talking in your sleep." She continued.

"I was?"

"Yes, you were talking about a plan of yours and a dream or I think it was a desire from a lot a people."

Yūji froze after he heard the words Shana had spoken. His face was very serious and for the first time Shana noticed that Yūji's eyes were similar to a snakes, his pupils at least.

"Yūji? Are you ok?"

Yūji broke his gaze with her and stared through the window.

"Does that nightmare have something to do with your recent behavior?"

He didn't reply. He kept staring through the window. "Yūji!" Shana placed her hands on Yūji's shoulder and pushed him down in a laying position on his bed.

Shana's sudden act surprised Yūji; he looked right into her eyes. The moon light shone at her, making her eyes shine.

"Was she always this beautiful? She always has been pretty but now something seemed different she looks more beautiful than before?"

"Yūji!" Shana's voice broke him out of his thoughts; "Answer me! Is that the reason why you have been like this?"

Yūji looked away from her. "I… can't tell you." His voice turned sad.

"Your mind is always in another world. There's always that pain in your eyes. You're waiting for something to happen, but at the same time you don't want it to happen! Why is it that only in your sleep you're peaceful?! What is it that you're hiding?!"

"If I told you, you would hate me."

Shana got off Yūji and sat on the bed. Yūji did the same before he spoke again. "Shana, everyone has secrets you probably have some of your own, my mother too, even the Tenjō no Gōka. No one would tell everything about him/herself to anyone. When the time comes, you'll see for yourself."

"I have to agree on this one, Shana I'm sure the time will come when everything will be clear." Alastor answered.

Shana looked at Alastor and then back to Yūji. "Ok but, you have to talk to Chigusa."

Yūji nodded in agreement. "I will."

Yūji's POV

The first thing I noticed was that I was surrounded in darkness. "Where am I? This isn't my room."

I started to walk while I was looking around trying to get any clues my whereabouts. Suddenly Shana appeared in front of me. "Shana!" I was really happy to see her. When I tried to approach her she back away.

"Yūji, you lair!" She yelled. Those words shocked me.

"You lied to me! How could you?!" Her eyes were filled with tears.

"Shana what are you talking about? I never lied to you!" I tried to get closer to her but, when I tried a familiar voice spoke to me from behind.

"Commander it's time." I turned around and to my surprise the strategist; Gyakuri no Saisha Bel Peol was there; "Commander please return to Sei-reden with us."

I felt fear overcome me as I looked at myself. I wasn't in the form Shana knew me, instead I was wearing some red royal like armor and my hair was long and braided. "What's going on here? How did this…?"

"Commander." I looked at my left side and the General was standing there; "Commander, You need to hurry I'll finish her off." He pointed to Shana while he said that.

"Wait!" I wanted to protect her but she wouldn't allow me.

"Don't get close to me! YOU MONSTER!" Tears were falling from her cheeks.

I never felt so helpless before. She was hurt and it was my fault. I felt terrible; I didn't want her to be hurt. I wanted to tell her that I never meant to hide it from her I never wanted to hurt her. If I could tell her, hug her and take that pain away from inside her heart.

Before I could do anything the strategist and priestess took me away and the last thing I could see was Shana getting pierced by the general. "SHANA!"

I woke up with my right arm stretched out. "A nightmare?" I sat up and looked around.

"Nani?" Shana looked at me curiously. A feeling of relief overflown me and I hugged her as thigh as possible.

"Y-Yūji, what-what are you doing? L-let me go!" She tried to push me away but I was too happy to let her go.

"I'm glad you're alright. As long as you're alright I'll be fine." I buried my face in her hair.

"What are you talking about?! You hentai, let me go!" Just then I realized what I was doing and quickly let her go. I felt my face heat up.

Shana's POV

I felt totally embarrassed. What's gotten into him? Suddenly hugging me like that. And what is this warm feeling in my chest? When he hugged me I felt kind of happy, No wait it isn't normal to feel happy about it, right?

"Sorry Shana." I looked back to him. What did he meant with sorry? Was it for hugging me?"

"I didn't know what came over me. Seeing that you were alright made me relieved and happy." His voice was serious like always, but I could hear a bit of embarrassment in it.

"Why wouldn't I be alright?" What is he talking about? Yūji's acting strange; "You called out my name before was something wrong?"

Yūji looked surprised. "I did?" I nodded at his question.

"I must have been talking in my sleep."

Tomogara have nightmares? "You had a bad dream?" I never would have thought that it was possible. I need to ask Alastor about it tomorrow.

"Eh, it seems I had one. By the way Shana what are you doing in my room and especially in my bed?"

My face turned as red as a tomato. "Eh tha-that's none of your business."

"Actually it is, since this is my room."

What was I going to do? I definitely couldn't tell him that I felt lonely, a bit cold and that I wanted some company. No definitely not! A perfect Flame Haze would never sneak in a bed together with a Tomogara. If Wilhelmina found out she would kill me. "URUSAI URUSAI URUSAI!"

We sat in silence for a while, avoiding each other's gazes. I guess both of us felt uncomfortable. Then I suddenly realized something. "About what would a Tomogara dream about? And what kind of nightmare did he have?"

"Yūji? What were you dreaming about?" I asked still avoiding his gaze.

"What?" I could see from a corner of my eyes that he was looking at me.

"You had a nightmare, right? What was it about? What kind of nightmares would a Guze no Tomogara have?" This time I did look back at him.

His expression froze. "It's… something that I can't tell you." He answered.

"Why? Is there such a big burden on your shoulder?"

He nodded. "Look, I don't think this is the right time to talk about it Shana."

"You're always avoiding this subject." I tried to get something out of Yūji but that didn't seem possible.

"I already said it, when the time is right I'll tell you. Please go back to your room we have school tomorrow." He wanted to pull me towards the door but I stopped him.

"Tonight! I'm going to sleep here!" I said in a firm voice.

"What?! but, this is my room you expect me to go to yours?"

"No we'll. Both. Sleep here."

"What's gotten into you Shana? There no way I'm going to sleep with a girl." Yūji protested.

"Is it because I'm a Flame Haze and you're a Guze no Ō?"

"No it's because I'm a man and you're a woman. When it comes to these kinds of things; whether its earth or Guze, a male and female only sleep together when they're in a relationship."

Yūji looked very serious when he said that. "What's the problem with two people sleeping together? I slept with Wilhelmina when I was small and what does he mean with relationship?"

"Shana." Alastor began; "What Sakai Yūji says is right. It's very inappropriate for two existence of the opposite gender to do those kinds of activities."

"What do you mean?" What was Alastor talking about? Inappropriate activities?

"We'll better talk about it tomorrow." Alastor quickly continued.

Yūji nodded. "Or we might wake up my mother and The Shikabane Hiroi."

Chigusa's POV

I was standing in the kitchen making breakfast. "I hope Yu-chan will be feeling better, if this continues he might end up skipping school and make wrong friends. No Chigusa you must not think like that you raised your son very well, Yu-chan is a well-behaved boy he won't do any inappropriate things."


I looked towards the living room. "That was Yu-chan's voice. What happened so early in the morning?" I placed my kitchen ware on the kitchen dresser and hurried to Yu-chan's room.

I was taken by surprise when I entered the room. I found Yu-chan on the ground next to his bed and he was on top of Shana-chan, who had her pajama half-open. Both of them looked shocked at me as I was staring at them with a shocked expression.

"What's with all the ruckus at this time?" I heard Lamies-san walking towards the door.

When he stood next to me, he scratched his head and looked at the pair in front of us. "Ara ara, aren't you two a bit too bold? Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite, won't the Tenjō no Gōka be upset if he saw you making a move on Sakai Yūji?"

"This-this is." Was Shana-chan's only response.

I placed my hands over my mound. "I'm. I'm really sorry for intruding." I closed the door and ran down the stairs I grabbed the phone to call Kantarō-san.

Normal POV

"I'm. I'm really sorry for intruding." Chigusa said after that she closed the door and hurried down stair.

Yūji and Shana hurried down stairs, when they were on the 1rst floor they heard Chigusa talking to her husband in a panicking tone. "Kantarō-san, I really don't know what to do Yu-chan must be in that time of age where he wants to try things with girls. What if one of these days we hear that we'll became grandparents."

Yūji's face turned red from embarrassment. He quickly walked to his mother. "Okā-san it isn't what you're thinking. When I woke up Shana was sleeping next to me." He explained.

This only brought Chigusa in a worse state of panic; "Did you hear that Kantarō-san?! Yu-chan already lost his virginity!" She was on the verge of crying.

"Okā-san!" Yūji raised his voice. He couldn't believe that his own mother would think that.

"Chigusa-san." She heard her husband calling out to her from the other side of the phone; "This isn't the first time you said that. And you know Yūji as good as I do. He won't do something like that unless he's sure he wants to."


"No buts Yūji's already a young man, he knows what he's doing, you're just overacting remember a few months ago when you said that there was a girl in his room?"

"Yes, I guess you're right, maybe I'm overreacting a bit."

"Good, I have to hang up now. Say hi to Yūji for me." Chigusa hung up the phone and turned towards her son and Shana and apologized. "I'm so sorry for thinking something like that. Will you forgive me?"

"It's alright mother." Yūji answered.

Shana didn't understood what just happened, so she just stared confused at Chigusa.

"I don't what to interrupt…" Lamies said as he was standing on top of the stairs; "But, I smell something burning."

"Oh no!" Chigusa hurried towards the kitchen that was filled with smoke from the burned breakfast and turned it off quickly; "Now I need to start all over again."

Yūji looked at Shana. "And we should get dressed or we'll be late for school."

Shana nodded and they both went upstairs.

After breakfast Shana and Yūji had to run towards school to prevent them from getting late. Yūji was the first to run around the corner towards the zebra crossing and bumped into a person. "Kya!."

"Oh I'm sorry. Are you ok? Here let me help you." Yūji reached his hand out for the girl who lay on the ground.

"Uh arigatō." She took his hand and he pulled her up.

"Yūji there's no time for that we'll be late." Shana said behind him.

"I know." Yūji looked to the girl; "Wait, aren't you Yoshida Kazumi from our class?"

"Yes, that's right." Kazumi answered.

"Why are you late?"

"Yūji, there is no time." Shana started to get impatient.

"Ok, ok, I get it." Yūji answered. He pulled Kazumi towards him: Since were in the same boat we can't let you come late." He placed one of his hands in front of her eyes; "Don't worry I won't do anything." Yūji said when he noticed that she was starting to panic.

"Yūji! What are you thinking?" Shana was obviously not happy with the idea of Yūji's sudden action.

"We're all late so it's better if we help each other out. Don't worry Shana."

"Fine." And the both of them jumped into the air over the houses on their way to school."

Yūji and Shana landed a few blocks away from school were no one could see them. Yūji put Kazumi down and released his hand from her face. "We're here." He said.

Kazumi opened her eyes.

"Let's go." Shana said and she went ahead.

"How did we…?" Kazumi couldn't finish her sentence, she was too surprised. How were they able to get to school so fast?

"I'm a fast runner." Yūji answered; "Let's hurry." And they headed towards the school.

"Sakai, it's nothing like you to arrive at the last-minute what happened?" Hayato asked his best friend as Yūji entered the class.

"Iroiro." Yūji responded.

"Alright class stand, bow and sit down." The teacher said as he walked inside and the class did exactly as they were told; "I'll be taking attendances now. Ike?"

"Hai." Hayato responded.



Yūji wasn't paying attention at al he started at the window.



"Time seems to flow slowly." He thought; "How long will I be able to keep on living like this?"



"Sooner or later they will find me and pick me up. I'm sure that Shana doesn't want to see me anymore if she finds out."





"What will okā-san and otō-san do if I'm gone?" Yūji was deep in thoughts.

"-Kai. SAKAI!"

"Huh?" Yūji looked back to his teacher when he heard his name.

"Daydreaming is something you do after school time, NOT in class." The teacher crossed his arm while speaking; "understood?"

"Hai, sensei." Yūji stood up and bowed; "I'm sorry I won't do it again."

"Right, since you're an honor student, never caused trouble to any teacher and get good grades I'll let it slip for now. Don't let me catch you again."

The teacher continued checking for absence until he ran through every student; "Well it seems that Satō Keisaku-san and Tanaka Eita-san decided to skip class again, I'll remember this for next time when they decide to show up. Ok class let's start the lesson."

At the same time…

"Ano ane-san, where are we going?" Eita asked as he and Keisaku walked behind her.

"Where do you think we're going? We're going to check the mess left by The Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite and the Guze no Ō." Margery replied. She was walking in a fast phase.

"But didn't you say that Flame Haze and Tomogara were mortal enemies why are they working together?" Eita asked confused. Was it possible like humans that they were a couple?

"Beats me." Margery made clear that she was still pissed with how Yūji had treated her.

"You do know that were going to have trouble with school." Keisaku commented; "We probably have missed a lot of classes already."

After 30 min walking the trio arrived at the mall where Yūji and Shana saved Chigusa from Friagne.

"FINALLY I GET TO TALK!" Marchosias felt as if he'd been released from a cage after being locked for a long time; "It's really annoying when you have to shut your mouth, just so humans won't freak out from hearing a book talk, HAHAHAHA! ouch."

"Enough talk baka Marco." Margery walked towards the pile of Hōgu; "It seems that the Kariudo kept himself busy with his hobbies."

"Are all those things Hōgu?" Eita walked towards the pile and looked around.

"Yea, he probably kept himself busy with collecting Hōgu, when he wasn't killing Flame Haze. There must be some rare ones here, maybe one that can make our search for Lamies easier." Marchosias answered.

"There definitely has to be one." Margery walked around the pile she stopped when she suddenly noticed something; "What the hell do we have here?"

"What is it Margery-san?" Keisaku and Eita walked to Margery's side to look at her discovery.

Between the piles they found a large spot that wasn't covered by Hōgu. It looked like a blue map that showed Misaki city.

"What's that?" Keisaku asked.

"Haridan. It's the Haridan." Marchosias was surprised; "I can't believe that that bastard found it, how's that even possible?"

"The Haridan is an Hōgu made by a powerful god class Tomogara known as the Sairei no Heibi, but he got cocky and tried to create a city where he could rule over. So the ancient Flame Haze had to stop him. In the end no one exactly knows what happened to him; even the ones who survived the Ancient War have no clue."

In the main time Yūji was having Japanese history.

"*Hakushon, Hakushon*"(2)

"Kushami (3) Sakai." Hayato whispered.

"Thanks Ike I think someone is bad mounting me."

"Maybe, you had to sneeze two times." Ike giggled.

"YOU TWO, DON'T TALK IN CLASS!" The teacher yelled.

"So what does it do? If it's made by a god then it must have some amazing ability?"

"My dear Eita." Margery began; "As you can see this Hōgu has the ability of showing a city and not only that, take a closer look."

Eita and Keisaku walked closer to the Haridan they noticed the flames in the city. "Those are…" They said in unison.

"Yep those flames are torches and the other two entities that you see are the Flame Haze and the Guze no Ō."

"Hah it seem like they have been so close to you two. Look where their presences are, isn't that you school!?" Marchosias asked in a tone that almost sounded like yelling.

"So, you mean that they could be one of our classmates or teacher?" Keisaku wondered.

"Yup but, scrap the teacher idea the two of them are of your age if I remember it well."

Yūji's POV

I was about to leave the class room when Shana spoke to me. "Yūji, where are you going?"

"To the roof it's lunch break, right?" I responded.

"About yesterday…" She wanted to continue but, I cut her off.

"I'm not in the mood for a conversation Shana. I need to be alone for a while."


"RIGHT NOW!" I walked away from her and headed to the store.

"Maybe if I eat something I can clear my mind a bit."

After I bought my lunch I headed to the roof. When I reached the stairs Yoshida Kazumi stood there. "Huh? Yoshida-san is there something?"

"Eeh well, I um well…" She looked pretty nervous; "You can do it Kazumi just a few words. Just do it." I heard her mumble.

"Is something the matter?" I asked.

"Yes, well can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure." We walked to the backyard of the school."

"S-s-Sakai-kun." She turned towards me and took a deep breath; "I like you, please go out with me."

(1)I guess most of you already know but I'll still explain; a kotatsu is one of those small Japanese tables that you see in anime and manga. Mostly seen in front of a TV in the living room.

(2)Japanese sound of sneezing.

(3)The Japanese word said after a person sneezes.

(4)Well most people know this when you sneeze according to Japan it's because someone is gossiping about you; in a good away you sneeze one time. Two times is in a bad way and three times if someone is talking about love and multiple times when it's a sign that you'll catch a cold.

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Me: You have no idea how close twins are.

Yuji: So will you praise her or not?

Me: Fine, seems like she finally learned how to write longer chapters. Not that her short ones are bad. I just like to read long chapters, so that I can enjoy them longer. What will happen, what will happen? I am sure everyone is curious.

Yuji: Me too, I'd never expect a confession so early.

Shana: Me neither… *grumbles* you'd better reject her!

Yuji: It's not up to me.

Shana: Then, Flower-san go threat your sis, if she doesn't make Yuji reject Kazumi, I'll cut her open with Nietono no Shana.

Me: You can try but you have to do it yourself, I'm too lazy and I'm sure she'd go in fangirl mode if you went yourself and force you to play video games with her. Anyway I hope you guys liked it and I want to thank everyone who reviews, follows and favorite this story. Till next time and don't forget to fill the review box. The more I get the happier me and my sis are and the more motivated she gets XD.

Shana: Stop talking so much and go work on your other stories.

Me: Fine, but you owe me a strawberry cake.

Shana: Eh?

Me: This was xxxDreamingflowerxxx over and out.