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"Humans Are Very Strange Creatures. They Are Most Smart On The Whole Planet But Also Most Cruel Species Of The Planet.

As We See That A Human Can't Have Enough Of Something." A line I saw in a train ride. DID YOU THINK IT CAN BE MY WORDS? NO WAY. I AM NOT GOING TO TURN IN A SAINT OF SOMETHING.


(Place- Toad Mountain, old geezers' room)


Fukasaku and shima the old toad were resting when they were called here. It irritated them that they have to sacrifice their resting time for this but they both knew that whatever old geezer wanted to tell them could be very important information so waited for him to start but he was still waiting for something.

When it got very hard to wait shima finally asked –"Why did you called us here geezer-sama?" after a few seconds he replied –"I will tell everything when jiraiya arrive here".

After a few minutes jiraiya entered the room with GAMABUNTA and other important toads. When they were all in room old geezer told them the reason to call them there.

"I have a prophecy."-said geezer. "What prophecy?"-asked Fukasaku.

"A child born from unwanted union of two powerful shinobi will take over not only konoha but all the elemental countries also. He will contain a power which can not be equaled and will be orphan while his parents live."- said geezer.

"what does this prophecy mean geezer-sama?"-asked jiraiya.

"it means that the future of world will change by actions of one man, jiraiya. I hope this prophecy is not fulfilled or the world will be destroyed"-said geezer.


(Scene change)


(Place- konoha kage tower, time- around lunch)

The yondaime was doing the normal paperwork when suddenly the door of his office opened and entered his wife KUSHINA UZUMAKI NAMIKAZE.

"Hey honey, what are you doing?"-kushina asked. "Hi, just finishing the paperwork for today."-replied minato. "So what brings you here?" he asked.

"Well I was thinking that we should spend some time alone and have some fun." she replied.

But minato didn't wanted to go so he just lied." dear, i want to but i have an important meeting in a few minutes so I can't. Sorry dear."

"its alright, I just wanted to spend some time together as a family but your work is important."-kushina said. In truth she felt real bad because her husband was not the same as he was before their marriage. And it was becoming hard for her to keep her emotion from coming out in world view. She didn't want the villagers to know the tension in their kages married life.

So she decided to go and talk to her friend MIKOTO UCHIHA. She found her friend in a shop. "Hey, mikoto-chan. "-kushina said.

"Hello kushina-chan." mikoto replied. "How are you?" she asked. "i am fine." kushina replied but with less cheery attitude than normal which the female uchiha caught. "Is everything alright?"-mikoto asked her friend.

But kushina just told her to come with her. When they reach the namikaze residence kushina told mikoto about the problem in her married life. In the end mikoto decided that she was going to talk with the hokage on this matter. As she was about to go the kage tower kushina said-" please miko-chan; don't say something bad to him. "

"I will try to." was what the uchiha female replied.

(Scene change)

(Hokage office)

Right now minato was reading some reports about a failed mission in snow country (i don't know when kakashi visited snow country first time.). IT was making him angry that a possible ally who could have given them better technology than other hidden villages is dead and there is no chance of making an alliance with the current ruler. So when mikoto reached the office he was too much angry to calm himself down and control his rage.

Mikoto entered the office and said " Hokage-sama, i wish to know that why are you ignoring your wife these days. do you know how much depressed she have became." he tried to control his anger but it was getting dangerous for the woman in front of him if this kept going on so he decided to try and send her back " uchiha-san I don't know what you are talking about? But i would like to be alone for now so could you leave me alone."

But mikoto didn't do, because she wanted to help her best friend. So she denied. "No hokage-sama I will not go back until you tell me the reason for ignoring my friend which is your wife."

It was getting harder to control to just hit her. But when he thought to do something about the anger an evil idea come to his mind. she was getting impatient by now but still waited for an answer but what she didn't saw become her biggest mistake as minato activated security seals in rooms to keep anyone from either entering or exiting the room.

After doing that he decided to play with her. So he said-" the reason i am ignoring her is that i got bored with her. After this much time she hasn't given me a child. So i am thinking about taking another wife who can give me child." it shocked mikoto that this man who was a role model for husband is that kind person inside.

He then thought to entertain her with the truth so he just kept on saying the real reason and to her horror those truth were too much for her.

She was unable to think anything to say. So she moved to go back but when she tried to open the door it was locked. It made her heart shrunk; she knew something bad was going to happen. Mikoto started to panic. She could not understand what the hokage was doing. So she decided to ask the question. "Hokage-sama, what are doing?"- She asked. But the reply she got was not a verbal but a powerful slap. As she looked up to meet his eyes what she found terrified her.

The well respected, proud and great yondaime was looking at her like she was some kind of prey, the he started to speak." Shut up you bitch, how dare you demand something from me your kage? You want to know why I am not behaving like normal to Kushina. Well the reason is it is my real self. I am not a loving person everybody think of me. I don't even love kushina. All she is good for is to breed children; that is the reason why I saved her from her kidnapping by kumo. That's the second reason I am behaving like this to her. You got married the same year as us but you already have a son who is considered a prodigy. But she can't give me a child even after many years of our marriage." This shocked her, but he started again. "Now you understand why I married her. It was not for love but power. Think about it I am a kage and she is a jinchurikki. If we have a child how strong he can be with proper training that is the reason I married her."

It was now getting harder for her to make sense of what she was hearing. The most respected hokage was a power hungry man, who only married her friend to get a strong child not out of love. It made her angry and she decided to tell all that to kushina. As she moved towards the door minato said something which made her stop. "Do you know my first choice for wife was your name? But then Fugaku asked you and my plan was stopped. And i had to turn to kushina. Can you imagine what could a child with namikaze and uchiha blood do? He could be next hokage? But fugaku had to destroy that chance."-said minato.

By now mikoto was preparing to make a run from the room. It was making her feel fear that he was telling her all his secrets like this, there had to be a reason for this. When she tried to search for the usual ANBU protection of hokage she was unable to find anybody other then her and minato. it made her scared for some reason and when she tried to activate her sharingan it didn't work. She was unable to access her chakra. Then he once again started to speak. "Now you mast be thinking why i am telling you this all? The reason for that is for fun. i just want to see your scared face when i told you that. And now about entering my office like it's your home deserve punishment, and you are going to get your punishment now."-explained minato to which mikoto tried to run from room. She knew he was planning something evil as his eyes turned from full of anger to full of lust.

When she was about 5 feet from door minato appeared in front of her and punched her in guts. She falls to her knees and watched as he placed a seal on her neck and activated it.

"The seal i just put on you is a very special seal nobody without my blood can remove it if they tried it will kill you but the main function of this seal is very interesting. This seal will keep you from telling what happened in this room to anybody. And nobody other than me and you can see it. Not even the famed sharingan and byakugan. i made that seal myself with help from my dear wife but she don't know a last part of seal which is inherited by caged bird seal from hyuga's. If i activate the seal it start sending a wave of chakra in nerves system which will make your body paralyzed and activate your all pain receptors in your body to make your feel too much pain without a mark on body. Is it not genius?"-minato explained the seal to her. "And now let's start your punishment."- said minato before moving towards her.

"SORRY KUSHINA-CHAN, BUT I AM UNABLE TO DO ANYTHING" were the thought of mikoto before minato started her punishment. All the while she could only cry as her body was used as a sex slave.

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