"Simi!Simi we have to go!" Everything was burning down and they had to get out of there.

Nick didn't even know where they were now and he couldn't find Ash or Sin anywhere.

"But we have to get Sin and a-" Before Simi could say anything else Nick cut her off. Taking his hand into her's he started running.

"We don't have time, They'll okay I know they are!" Nick tried not to care, But he did even tho he 'hated' Ash.

He stilled cared for him and Sin, Well he didn't know Sin.

Simi started to cry. She let go of Nick's hand and turned to the burning buildings and demons ran out. "I WILL GET YOU! WHOEVER KILLED MY FAMILY I WILL KILL YOU!"

She yelled, Nick watched shaking his hand he took Simi hand again. "Simi... We have to go.''

Nick was trying to hold back his tears, Kody was in there along with his mother.

"I bet they ran out along time go.' Yeah sure they did. "Come on." He started running again. "Ash I need you now!"

But Ash didn't come, He was dead. Shaking his head Nick flashed him and Simi to his home.

"We're safe here.."

"Are we?" Nick turn to face Simi. Her eyes red from crying, Her clothes burned from the fire. Nick pulled her close to him.

"Simi.. " He said holding her tightly. He knew from that sec, The Simi he knew was going to fade away.

"Simi. It's been 3 months. Can you at least say something to me?" Nicked asked. Time had went so fast,

Simi looked up at Nick, "Take me home." Like that was gonna happened. Her home was gone. Along with her family.

Nick shock his head, "I can't do that.'' Cause their dead right?

Simi looked down at her feet. Why did this happened?

Truth be told, I was bored and I never seen a Simi and Nick story so I made this. Hope you guys liked.