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Chapter 1: One more time.

He was brought back to teach a lesson and end an abomination. He taught the lesson how one became a hokage because the village acknowledged him and not because he acknowledged te village, he learnt to leave the thing's out of his reach to his comrade's namely a blonde haired teenager who had surpassed his expectation's. He had watched as his best friend had given him his eye so that no conflict would arise over them. He had watched as his younger brother grew and feeded on the hatred he pointed him to. He had done the unthinkable, he had raised his hand against his fellow clansmen to secure peace for the village and he did it as his duty, war had changed him , he had lived his life for peace as a sacrifice to it, he had changed one's fate and had ended the abomination known as Edo tensei. And now he slumbered in darkness, ready to meet the fate of the afterlife, punishment or harmony, he was ready, but it was not what he expected. He heard the voice of a girl crying, sobbing. He awoke, his eye's snapping open. He rose up as he viewed the surrounding's around him.

"Where is this?..."

*A flash of pink, a circle flashing before him*

Itachi's eyes widened as he saw a little girl raise up all sort's of battle equipment and slaughter the people infront of her. His eye's drawing away from the bloodshed, it was just as he had seen in the third ninja war, bodie's and blood lying everywhere. He watched as her scream died down and a comand.

"FInish that impudent little slave now!"


A slave, bondaged to someone in hope's of gaining something, for the most part, it was bearable if the owner of the slave chose to treat the slave as his/her friend. That outcome however was highly unlikely. Itachi's eyes widened as he raced forward grabbing the girl and an old man. A huge blast shook the area as rock's crumbled down. The girl whimpered as her face was buried in his chest. He kept the old man's body down and cheked for his pulse, it was weak. What caught him off guard was the old man opening his eye's and looking straight at him. With his right hand, he pulled on Itachi's cloak and spoke in a hoarse voice.

"P-please..I-I beg-g o-f y-you, t-take her a-way f-from here..." muttered the man, as the child looked wide eyed as tear's fell down her face, Itachi looked at her as a look of shock settled over him. the child was missing an eye, a metal eye patch in it's place. Anger slowly grew in his chest as he looked toward's the now marching group of people. He didn't say anything as he then dissapeared.


A kick made it's way onto the face of one of the men wearing armour. Their eyes in shock as they viewed the sight infront of them.

"W-who are you!" shouted one of the men as he aimed at Itachi. No response as Itachi sidekicked one of them into the whole group. Itachi analysed each of their attack's, they seemed to attack him with jutsu's of different element's, but what caught him of guard was that they were muttering incantation's to attack him. He had never come across any of this in the short life he lived. The other thing that he didn't register was that his sight was restored and he felt no illness in his body. He would save it for later as he engaged his opponent's. Taking them out with ease and leaving them near the brink of death. He didn't say anything as he walked back to the old man lying on the ground with the girl sobbing onto him. Somehow the elderly man had enough life in him to talk to Itachi.

"P-please...t-take car-re of her...I-I beg y-you.." murmured the man as he drew his last breath and closed his eyes. Itachi looked away as the girl began crying once more. he held his gaze a but more as he then heard voice's below, he walked past her as the girl looked up at his retreating form, tear's streaking down from her lone left eye.

3 hour's later...

The true heir of the Uchiha clan watched as the "slave's" got onto the ship's. His job now done, he turned his back and started walking. He didnt't search for the girl again, but he stopped when he heard the shuffling of footstep's. He turned around, his cloak waving in the wind, his eyes widened momentary as he saw the little girl from before, run up to him, she was tattered and small injuries adorned her body as she came up to him, Itachi kept looking at her as she came and stood infront of him.

"C-can I-i come with you?"

Itachi looked on, as a little surprise shone in his face, he knelt down to her level as the form of his younger brother took over her.

"What purpose would you have accompanying me?"

She looked down as her feet shifted on the sand, she didn't meet his gaze as Itachi waited for her to answer.

"Rob jii-san told me to go with you, he said he felt you were good." muttered the girl. Itachi blinked as she viewed the girl infront of her. He then came to the conclusion that the old man before was named Rob, he didn't know even where he was, he decided to take her and get her to a town and find out if he was anywhere remotely near the shinobi countries. One way of finding that out would be to search the bingo book in any given town and then find out. Itachi returned his gaze to the small girl, he could tell that she had been crying, crying in excess. He slowly poked her forehead with his two forefinger's making her stagger back a bit. She looked up at Itachi as a small smile crept onto his face.

"Why don't we get going then?" asked Itachi, he stopped his back turned to her "What's your name?"

The scarlet haired girl blinked at him and beamed a smile "Erza!" after a long pause "Erza Scarlet..."

"The colour of her hair?...amusing." thought Itachi.

"Nii-san what's your's?"

Itachi blinked as he answered her "Itachi" He left his last name out so that if any found out that he was an Uchiha, they would target him or her...

Half an hour later, they had covered a fair amount of distance, the sound's of panting and of a body hitting the ground. Itachi turned around as he sighed. He came up to her panting fallen form as he knelt down. He pulled her up and made her arm's wrap around his neck, his right hand holding onto her arm's which were wrapped around his neck,she regained conciousness with half lidded eyes. With his other free hand, he carried her on his back, making sure she was holding on to him tightly, he let go of his right arm and placed it under her thigh carrying her. She mumbled something about something called "Fairy Tail" which Itachi couldn't understand, he smiled a bit as he recalled the way he had carried Sasuke when he was younger, steadily he treaded down the barren land. His eyes widened as a shadow cast over him, he looked up to see a lizard like creature with wing's flying over him, he watched as it passed him by.

"Where exactly am I?"

He started to walk once more as he felt something near his feet, he looked down to see a small pouch filled with note's, he slowly kneeled down and picked it up examining the note's inside it. He observed the number's present on it.

"This must be some form of currency...strange, I haven't seeen anything like this, save for ryo.."

He placed it in his cloak, for some reason, he felt the cloak he was wearing to be loose, like it didn't fit him, neverteheless he walked on, step by single step. He continued to tread on the barren land as finally he reached a town, weariness overran him as he came to the entrance of the town, night had fallen. Itachi knew he needed to find somehwere to stay, he decided that if people wouldn't recognise him then it was safe to say he wasn't anywhere near the elemental countries, he walked along carrying the girl. He saw a library, it's title in bright bold letter's. He stored it in his memory as he came into the inn. He took in the air as he entered the building, he hoped that no one would recognise him, and his hope was rewarded when the lady sitting infront of him smiled at him. Itachi went up to her.

"Hello there young man, what can I do for you?"

The woman looked to be in her twentie's wearing a black dress, her hair neatly tied into a bun. He silently felt relieved that he wasn't discovered. He then looked up to her.

"I require a room for one..." came Itachi's voice.

"Don't you mean for two?" chuckled the woman as she pointed to the girl on Itachi's back. Itachi didn't smile, he just stared at the woman until she conceeded her defeat. That wasn't happening any time soon.

"I think your little sister would appreaciate sleeping on a bed, don't you?" asked the lady.

"The chair will be sufficient for myself..." replied Itachi. The woman smiled as she then took out a key and handed it to Itachi.

"That'll be two hundread jewels..." came her answer. Itachi took out the pouch he had procured. He saw that the paper had number's on it, he placed two hundread's and a fifty note on the table as the woman took it. She then raised her hand and showed him the number two with her finger's. Itachi looked on.

"This is for two day's, if you want the room for more than two day's, then the price increases by a hundread..." sad the woman. Itachi nodded his head as he turned around, he looked at the key, the number on the key showed the number of the door as he searched for it. He found it but before he went in, he came back to the woman, she raised an eyebrow at him.

"Have you heard of a place called Konoha?" asked Itachi, she blinked.

"Konoha?" asked the woman, Itachi patiently waited for her answer.

"Never heard of it kid..." came her reply. Itachi then walked back to the room with the young girl on his back.

He then entered the room, he observed the room, the bedroom was the living room, there was a door to his right, he opened it to see a bathroom, he closed it, as he took in the other part of the surrounding's, a table was present to the left of him and a closet. He slowly went to the bed and placed the girl on the bed, making sure her head was on the pillow, he took a sheet and covered her body. he kept his gaze a little more on her and then went into the bathroom. He went to the sink as he let the water run, when he looked at himself in the mirror, he was shocked, his hair was shorter and his cloak didn't fit him. He observed himself in the mirror, he could see clearly as well.

"Was this a result of using Izanami?...did it determine my fate as well?...I look as if I was when I was sixteen year's old..." thought Itachi. As he contemplated this, he shook it off as he looked at himself in the mirror, he watched as his eye's warped into red and then finally into a pinwheel.

"I still posses the mangekyou? but I can see clearly, are it's effect's nullified?"

He then made a handsign as a poof echoed in the bathroom. He looked at his clone. "You know what you have to do."


His clone then walked out of the room and went out of the building. Itachi just looked on as he slowly seated himself on the chair looking out the window. The last thing he could remmeber was his fight with Kabuto and meeting his brother once more.

"It's now all in your hand's Naruto..."

His attention then turned to the girl sleeping on the bed, he contemplated on who she could be and how she could have that much power. And what could be that pink circle that had appeared when she had cried out to the elderly man's death. He needed answer's. He slowly looked back at the girl, she had one eye, a certain silver haired ninja came into his mind. He then turned his gaze back onto the window, watching the building's. He slowly drifted to sleep.

Next morning...

Itachi felt something tugging his clothe's as his eye's opened, he saw the small girl looking at him, he rubbed his eyes as he suddenly clutched his head in pain. The information that his clone had gathered had come back to him. He then saw the bag that the clone had placed on the table as he slowly stood up and took it, he then turned to the small girl as he gave her the bag. She looked at him curiously with her lone left eye.

"Open it..." said Itachi as he then wore his cloak once more. He decided to go out and get himself some new clothe's to blend into this new area. The girl looked at him curiously as her eyes widened when she took out a blood red dress complementing her scarlet hair and black shoe's. She looked up at him..

"Is this mine?" she asked. Itachi just nodded his head, his eyes closed.

"W-why?" she cried out to him as her lone eye shed tear's.

"Why?...I wanted to honour a dying man's request." said a calm Itachi. Erza looked up in surprise.


"P-please..I-I beg-g o-f y-you, t-take her a-way f-from here..." muttered the man, as the child looked wide eyed as tear's fell down her face, Itachi looked at her as a look of shock settled over him. the child was missing an eye, a metal eye patch in it's place. Anger slowly grew in his chest as he looked toward's the now marching group of people. He didn't say anything as he then dissapeared.

"P-please...t-take car-re of her...I-I beg y-you.." murmured the man as he drew his last breath and closed his eyes. Itachi looked away as the girl began crying once more. he held his gaze a but more as he then heard voice's below, he walked past her as the girl looked up at his retreating form, tear's streaking down from her lone left eye.

xxEnd Flashbackxx

Itachi's voice brought her out of her musing's as she looked up to him. "When you were asleep, you murmured some...thing's...Fairy tail I believe..." said Itachi in a clam voice. Itachi watched as her face turned into joy. She began telling him of how her "jii-san" told her about Fairy tail and how everyone there was a family. Itachi listened to her explanation intently and then decided, he knew where Fairy tail was. His clone had amassed the information. He decided to leave her there and travel on his own for a while until he could come to term's that this world was his home now.

"I see...and you wish to join this "Fairy tail"?" asked Itachi as she looked at her calmly. She beamed at him and nodded her head.

"Uh huh!" she beamed at him. Itachi recalled a memory where Sasuke had asked him to teach him shuriken jutsu, he couldn't honour that promise, he decided to honour this one.

"Get yourself dressed, I'll return shortly..." said Itachi as he walked out of the door leaving a confused looking little girl in the room.

In half an hour, Itachi had gone to the same store where his clone had brought the clothe's for the little girl and had come out wearing clothe's reminiscent of his past. A plain black shirt with an overturned collar and a dark brown pant, he left the sandal's which the Akatsuki had given him on and had sealed his cloak and his previous purple shirt and pant into a piecce of paper and had placed it into his pocket. He came back to the inn and once again spoke with the owner.

"I see, so you want to leave? you barely spent a day here..." asked the woman, Itachi nodded his head.

"Fine then, here's hundread jewels.." said the woman as she came took it out of the counter and gave it to Itachi, Itachi in turn gave her the key to his room. He then went back to his room to collect the little girl. When he opened the door, he was tackled by a hug from the little girl as he looked down in shock at her.

"Nii-san! thank you!" beamed the girl as she looked up at him. Itachi blinked as surprise shone in his face..


"I'm home" called Itachi as he opened the door to his home.

"Nii-san!" jumped Sasuke as he tackled Itachi "Nii-san! will you show me the shuriken jutsu today?"

"He has to study..." came Mikoto's voice. Sasuke looked crestfallen as Itachi smiled at him.

"It's quite easy, I'll do it later"

Mikoto sighed in defeat as Sasuke grinned at her "Nii-san thank you!"

xxEnd flashbackxx

Itachi shook it off as he looked at the girl hugging him, he slowly pried her off of him and went and took his pouch, Erza looked confused as Itachi told her that they were leaving.

"Where are we going?" was her innocent question.

"Fairy tail" was his simple answer, she ran up beaming behind him as they both left the inn.

Itachi had procured a map, a guide from the library, his clone stole it but since he was a shinobi, it was a necessity, he opened it before he moved forward, it was half a day way by sea, he now knew he needed to find a port since he was in Bosco at the moment from what information he dug up. He then placed it back inside his sleeve as he then left with Erza.

After a few minute's walking, they arrived at the port, he went up to the captain and paid him money, the price being six hundread jewel's for him and three hundread for Erza. the captain welcomed him and Erza onto the ship, Itachi sat down on the floor of the ship as he saw the blue vastness infront of him while Erza smiled as the wind blew in her face.

The ride was boring and uneventful except for the fact that Erza suddenly had dropped a glass of juice onto Itachi when she tripped. Itachi's eye's slowly opened as he gave her a glare. She smiled a sheepish smile as she muttered a sorry to him, Itachi slowly got up as he kindly asked the chuckling captain for a towel, he glared at the captain silencing him and taking the towel from his hand and wiping himself with it.

He went back to sitting on the floor of the ship. Another event was when a man had commented that Erza would become a "fine looking lass one day and would be a man eater". That man was mysteriously thrown into the ocean and found muttering something about demon with red eye's all around him. To say Itachi wasn't satisfied was an understatement. He was more than content at the moment.

They finally reached Fiora and reached a town called Hargeon town. They disembarked from the ship as Erza enthusiastically waved goodbye to her new found friend in the captain. They were currenlty south of Magnolia town. Itachi decided to go by a horse driven carriage as it wasn't very far. After almost a whole day of travelling, they arrived at Magnolia town. Itachi then questioned a passerby where the guild was, he pointed them in that direction as Itachi and Erza began their treak toward's the guild, they reached it after a few minute's of asking passerby's, where the guild was.

Fairy tail Guild

Itachi slowly opened the door's of the guild, all the sound inside died out when the people inside saw him and Erza, Itachi watched each of them closely as he entered the guild. He saw children, Erza's age at a table staring at them. A man then approached them. His outfit was simple and practical, consisting of a dark, tattered cape over his bare chest, with a high collar and armored plates on the shoulders, held closed by a belt and covering his whole figure, and loose dark pants, complete with an armored waist-guard with plates similar to the ones on his shoulders, tucked inside simple boots, Itachi wearily looked at him as he approached him. He smiled as he came up to Itachi

"Welcome to Fairy tail, can I help you?"

"I'm looking for Markarov-sama, is he present here?"

"Ah...I see, wait a moment" said the man as he called out "master"

Itachi watched as a dwarf of a man came up to him. Itachi gained a serious expression as he approached them.

"What can I do for you, young man?"

"I'm here to fulfill a request by a man whose name was Rob-san, he was part of your guild I believe.." answered Itachi. The man infront of him, Markarov broke into laughter as he asked him how his friend was and that he didn't hear from him in year's.

"I'm afraid he's dead Markarov-sama" said Itachi in a monotone voice. That shocked the two men infront of him as he quietly requested them to talk to them in private. The motioned to him to a room with only him, Erza, Markarov and the man Itachi had just met, after some proper introduction's, he told them about what happened to Rob, he asked Ezra to step out, she protested but listened as she went out .swore the two men to secrecy, about what he told them, He told them how he was not part of this world and how he had saved Erza and travelled with her here...

"I see, it's unheard off but I believe you Itachi..." said Makarov as storked his chin in thought.

"Another world?...I understand and the old man told that little girl about us huh?" asked the man now identified to Itachi as Gildarts. Itachi nodded his head in response.

"We'll take her in Itachi, but what about you?" asked a concerned Makarov, to Itachi , the man reminded him of the third hokage, kind but stern.

"I wish to find someway to adapt to this world's system of...magic." answered Itachi.

"We could help you here, surely!" protested Gildarts.

"I appreciate your willingness to help me Gildarts-san but it would not benefit me, I need to adapt to how this world actually is both by sight and feelling..." answered Itachi.

"And what about Erza? your just going to leave her here?"...Itachi nodded his head.

"Are you that heartle-..." before Gildarts could finish, Makarov interrupted him.

"Itachi, I will make a deal with you, I know you care about Erza deeply because no one would just make sure that she would make it here safely like that and so I tell you, we'll accept Erza into our guild only if you promise to return to her and join our guild" said Markarov

"And if I refuse?"

"You can find some other guild to put Erza into..." said Markarov. Gildarts eye's widened "Master!"

"I agree to your term's Markarov-sama." answered Itachi. Markarov just gazed at the boy in awe.

"He's willing to throw away his own freedom so that Erza can join us? how selfless is he?" thought Markarov.

"This kid...we should inform "her" that the same thing happened to him," wondered Gildarts.

"Take this tatoo, this is our seal of promise so that you won't forget"

"Forgive me for my rudeness Markarov-sama but that's a guild mark, who are you trying to fool?" asked Itachi

"A seal of remembrance.." stated Markarov, not withdrawing.

"Fine, place it here" said Itachi as he drew up the left sleeve of his shirt. On his right was his ANBU mark, he didn't want them to see that.

Markarov and Gildarts smiled. The three men then walked out of the room, Erza smiled as she saw Itachi come up to her, he knelt down to her level as a sudden poof echoed through out the building. Gildarts and Markarov looked at the strange kind of "magic" as a small sword came into Itachi's hand.

"Erza, this is for you..." stated Itachi as he gave her the small sword. She took it in both of her hand's as Itachi stood up and poked her in the head.

"Ow!" murmurmed Erza as she glared at Itachi.

"Get strong Erza..." said Itachi as he walked past her.

"Wait! Itachi nii-san! where are you going?" she called out to him, Itachi didn't respond as he kept walking, She ran up to him grabbing the back of his shirt. Itachi sighed as she looked at her.

"Forgive me Erza maybe next time..." said a smiling Itachi as his eyes then warped into his sharingan, Erza looked confused as she slowly collapsed, Itachi then carried her back to Gildarts and placed her in his care.

"Please take care of her..." said Itachi, Gildarts and Markarov smiled as they nodded their head's. Itachi muttered a small thank you and made his way out of the guild.

"That boy, he's strong...with the time he take's to train, he might become the strongest person in our world..."

"I know and guess what Gildarts?" smiled Markarov, Gildart's looked on..

"Fairy tail has two new member's, we keep growing stronger and stronger..."

"That we do master..." agreed Gildart as he watched Itachi leave the guild... "That we do...the next generation will alway's surpass the previous one..."

Author's note: And that's the first chapter, I had to add in the honorific's as Itachi uses them alot when he show's older people that he respect's them, and yeah it was similar to the one with Sasuke. anyway review please :D and thank you! And Itachi's kinder in this fic because this is the Itachi who came back to life with the edo tensei and gave advice to Naruto about how his comrade's are important and telling him that he believe's in him. Oh and there's another surprise character added to this fic. You'll get to meet "her" in the next chapter or the one after that, you'll be surprised though and no, she's not a love interest for Itachi, you'll know when I introduce her..