This was inspired by the fact that, ohmygod, Akira Ishida-san voiced Akise-kun in the anime. (And I've loved his voice since Naruto.) So, simply stated, I decided to use a song he had sang with his beautiful voice - and when I read the lyrics, I realized that the song fit them perfectly!

So, without further adieu, here's our dear beloveds.


"Let's walk unhurriedly and patiently.

Let ourselves be guided by flashes or chance happenings."

Yukiteru heard a familiar voice sing softly, the sound a whisper through the barren hallways. Yukiteru had been assigned cleaning duty and had assumed most people had left the building (Yuno had declared on her own that she would "Wait for Yukki at home, with Mother!")

Yukiteru paused outside his classroom, the door partially cracked. The flowing voice continued.

"Whether you're sad or you're happy

Your falling tears are beautiful.

If you accept your true feelings

And are honest to your own heart,

you will no longer have anything to worry about."

Yukiteru peeked into the classroom, spotting a lean silhouette perched on a desk in the furthermost corner of the room. The light coming through the windows created a luminescent glow, in turn making the figure seem as heavenly as the voice that accompanied it.

"Both the stars that fall mysteriously

and the cold wind..

Secretly, nature conveys an

important message.."

Yukiteru watched the angel-on-earth, his lips parted as he exhaled a breath he hadn't been aware he was holding.

He gazed at the divine being, the being's white hair obscuring his half lidded eyes. Yukiteru was in awe. This voice was unbelievably touching, grasping his heart and causing it to clench and thud inconsistantly.

Yukiteru finally began to move his shaking legs, opening the door slowly and standing in the doorway. It appeared he went unnoticed as the angel finished.

"I want to whisper privately to you

the secret that I have hidden..

I will always stay with you

and look after you from behind."

Yukiteru felt hot beads run down his cheeks, tasting the salty tears that landed on his dry lips. From the moment he had first heard the voice to the final lyric that left those lips, it felt as though the angel was singing to him. Singing for him.


Yukiteru's eyes widened. The angel with the white tuft of hair spoke, and to him!

"Yukiteru-kun, are you all right?"

Yukiteru's mind returned from it's delusion, recognizing the holy body as Akise Aru. Even upon this realization, his eyes continues to brim over with tears. Akise's lips turned up into a wonderful smile. He hopped off the desk he was seated on, taking on a leisurely gait whilst heading towards Yukiteru.

"A - Akise-kun.." Yukiteru whispered. The aforementioned boy reached up his hand, lightly carressing Yukiteru's damp cheek. Yukiteru closed his eyes, leaning into Akise's touch. Akise sighed, savouring the contentment between them. This wasn't a common occurance, nor something to take for granted - Akise knew this. He was enchanted. The one he loved was letting him be this close. He was absolutely enraptured.

"Akise-kun, your voice is beautiful." Yukiteru opened his eyes, revealing the electric blue that had been concealed, "It amazes me. Like an angel. Could you sing again?" he nearly whispered, his cheeks earning a light touch of pink.

Akise smiled, his expression filled with the gentleness of an honest love. Akise would do anything for his beloved. And so he did. He sang quietly for Yukiteru, not turning his eyes away from Yukiteru's dazed ones, his heart soaring. Akise would sing anytime for his love. He would do anything for his sweet, innocent angel.