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Phone calls

BRIINNG! BRIINNG! BRII—the ringing stopped as a gloved hand picked it up off of the receiver. Brushing aside some of his long dark locks he brought the phone up to his ear. He continued to curl the weight in his other hand.

"Yo, you got Casey Jones." The brunette answered, his broad shoulders stiffened slightly with anxiety. He closed his baby blue eyes and braced himself for the worst.

"Hey… cuz," the voice on the other end of the line sounded a bit drained, but alive. Casey let out a breath that he hadn't known he was holding. "Can you… do you mind comin' over to visit for a few days. I—I need someone to talk to that I didn't tr—try to—try to …" The voice trialed off, unable to finish the sentence.

"Bro, your family, of course I don't mind stoppin' over for a bit," Jones replied, I'm just glad your still breathing lil' bro, he added in his thoughts. "Today's Thursday right? I'll drive over tomorrow afternoon and stay the weekend. Don't fugget to tell your ma, ok?"

"Yeah… see ya later." The caller hung up on his end and Casey put the phone back on the receiver. The tall well built man placed the weight on the coffee table and rose from his old slightly ratty couch. Jones stretched a bit before heading to his room to pack for the trip.


In another state, a younger man sat his cell phone on his night table and flopped bonelessly on the bed next to it. Memories of the past few weeks flitted by as his obsidian eyes stared at the ceiling. He remembered the violence, the destruction, the pain he caused, and the people he hurt… and they—they still trusted him. For Pete's sake he had fought them, tried to kill them, hunted them and even tried to—tried to feed on them!

But—but they—no Gwen never gave up on him, she managed to save him from his instincts, from his rage—from himself. And afterwards they acted as if nothing happened! No jail time, no being held for observation, no being put on probation, no grounding, hell, the only one who actually got upset was Gwen's dad! Even then they stuck up for him, said he was out of his mind at the time. The teen covered his face with his large calloused hands; he didn't deserve people like that… monsters like him didn't deserve such good friends.

Then why did he call his older cousin and ask—no beg him to visit?

Kevin Levin couldn't really answer that question. The young Osmosian began to feel the toll of his energy-induced rampage on his body; weeks without eating or sleeping, and then being drained of the energy that was keeping him going definitely wasn't good for him. Soon darkness took him and brought nightmares with it.

Merrowww… (A/N: Next chapter and onwards I will be taking an artistic license with Osmosian physiology and culture. On the TMNT side the characters and setting will be a sort of blend of the comics, movies, and 2003 cartoon series.)