Author's Note: Just came home from watching the movie, and this is the resultā€¦

"Does anybody else think they were separated at birth?"

That comment from Buffy was just so utterly wrong on so many levels that it managed to divert everyone's attention from looking through the conference room window to all together giving this Slayer identical incredulous looks.

"Hey," the young blonde woman huffed, waving a hand in the direction of the two men sitting across from each other at the conference table in the other room deep inside the Helicarrier, "You can't watch them, and not feel what they're doing is way beyond creepy!"

Again, all there took a moment to glance at each other out of the corners of their eyes, and in a flash of silent communication, the entire team of Avengers (minus Thor) in their civilian clothes - Natasha, Steve, Tony, Clint, and Bruce - plus the envoys from the New Council - Dawn, Willow, Giles, and Kennedy - had to reluctantly agree.

Several weeks after their tremendous battle with the Chitauri in New York City, the newly-formed superhero group had been reunited by a call from the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury. Acting upon the request of this man, they'd all traveled to the flying aircraft carrier for a meeting with another organization dedicated to protecting the world, the New Council with its Slayers and Watchers. None of these personnel led by the Sunnydale survivors had been involved in the carnage at Manhattan ("This time, it was the other guys," wryly remarked Buffy while watching the television news reports), but in a hasty conference at their Scottish castle headquarters, it'd soon been agreed to reveal the presence of their secret supernatural society and offer to S.H.I.E.L.D. any aid they could provide in order to safeguard Earth.

Except, right from the start of their meeting, two of their company had stared hard at each other, and without a single word, they'd gone off to hold a privateā€¦meeting on their own. Sharing a mutual sense of confusion, the rest had trailed along after, mingling along the way, to then stand outside in the Helicarier corridor while they all disbelievingly watched through the wall window what next occurred.

Seated in his chair, Xander Harris didn't pause in his perfect imitation of the Marx Brothers mirror gag from the 1930's film Duck Soup despite muttering under his breath without moving his lips, "You sure we've messed enough with their heads?"

Staring back with an equally blank face as he pretended to rub in a circle with the palm of his hand at an presumed mirror, flawlessly following Xander's lead, Nick Fury responded in an exactly-alike low tone, "Yeah, it's always a good thing to once in a while just do something flat-out nuts make everyone think you're completely unpredictable. Ready for the big finish?"

Successfully fighting back an evil smirk sent at the black man across the table, Xander grunted in acceptance. Placing both hands flat down on the tabletop, just like Nick had done, both men leaned forward, their stern faces almost touching nose-to-nose, and then in faultless synchrony, the pair brought an extended forefinger to their faces, where the guys then flipped up their matching eyepatches.

The resulting chorus of a loud, disgusted, "EWWWW!" coming from the nearby corridor meant that it'd all been worth it.