Hi there well here is my first fanfiction story for Hetalia with the pairing of Germany + N. Italy, I don't know how long this story will be so with that in mind please sit back relax and enjoy.

Maid For You

Chapter One

Italy sighed as he stood in front of the mirror in his bedroom; how did he get into this mess he thought as he put the finishing touch's to the maids uniform he now had to wear. The uniform in question was a fancy, frilly French maids outfit, the colour of the outfit was cherry blossom pink. There were also red ribbons on the sides of the dress these same colour ribbons could been seen on the tops of the stockings which he had to wear. The apron was pure white with a floral motif that ran along the bottom, there were also tie backs which he had to tie in a bow. He picked up the pink choker and put it on at the front it had a red ribbon with a small pink rose at the center and last but not least he put on a pair of crimson red shoes .

Italy sighed again as he thought back to Saturday night when he and the other countries had gotten together at Germany's house to play a game of poker. That night luck had been on his side for he was winning and after four hours had passed he and Germany were the only ones left in the game.

Italy looked at the cards he was holding and smiled; I could win this he thought and then an idea came to him to make the game that more interesting.

''Hey Germany how about we make this game a little more fun!"

''What do mean by that?" Germany knew that Italy had something up his sleeve.

''What I mean is the loser of this game has to dress up in a French maids outfit and do whatever the winner says for a whole week!"

''Now that does sound interesting, so if I win this game your gonna dress up as a maid and be my little servant for an entire week!"

''Exactly and the same thing goes for you if I win this game!" Italy could hardly contain himself, the sheer thought of seeing Germany dressed up in French maids outfit would be something to see indeed.

''Okay Italy you got yourself a deal!"

''Good then it's settled, may the best man win!"

Italy looked at his cards one more time, he knew he could win after all luck was on his side so how could he loose now well that's what he believed at the time.

He looked across to where Germany was sitting, he looked so calm and collected as usual there wasn't even a hint of worry on his face and this ticked him off but at the same time he also felt a little nervous.

The atmosphere in the room was tense , the only sound that could be heard was the ticking of the clock on the far wall. Both of them sat there as they eyed each other up neither one was willing to give up.

''So do you fold Germany?"

''Not a chance!" came the reply

''Okay guys I think it's about time the you both show your cards, lets finish this game shall we!" said Britain who was getting fed up with the both of them.

Okay guys that's it for chapter one, you can probably guess who wins but how does he what hand does Germany have and what did Italy have that made him believe he could win. Your answers will be answered in the next chapter see you then.