Due to unforeseen circumstances, no EO Challenge word was released this week, so I have gone with a word of my own ... love.

Dean doesn't get a lot of time to himself so when he does, he likes to make the most of it.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, wished on a star. Didn't work.


'I dunno who y'are or what y'do or where y'go when you're not aroun' ...'

Wildly thrashing his air-guitar, he strutted around the room, gyrating and pouting to the pounding beat as he warbled along to the radio.

'I dunno anythin' about ya baybeeh, but you're everythin' I'm dreamin' of ...'

He cranked up the volume, thrusting his groin (and his finger) at the wall as someone in the room next door hammered on it, yelling about the noise.

'I dunno who y'are but you're a real dead-ringer for luuuurve ...'

Yes, Dean loved his little bits of me-time.

'Real dead-ringer for love ...'