Due to unforeseen circumstances, no EO Challenge word was released this week, so I have gone with a word of my own ... love.

All they need is a unicorn hair to complete a spell … how can something so simple be so impossible?

Set season 1 - 2

Disclaimer: Don't own them, such is life!


"Read it again Sam, there's gotta be some other way."

Sam shook his head wearily; "Dean, I've read all the books and they all agree there's only one way to catch a unicorn."

Dean's face fell into a constipated frown; "no … they're wrong. There's GOT to be another way."

"And I'm telling you there isn't," Sam groaned, closing his book; "unicorns are loving creatures who are attracted to purity, and they can only be caught by a virgin."

"Well, we may as well give up now," Dean sighed; "I don' know about you, but I can't even remember that far back."