Chapter 6. The Reunion

Elijah could barely contain himself as he strolled out of the boarding house. The minute that they had uttered her name, Aurelia, he was overcome with conflicting emotions. Disbelief was at the forefront of his mind. He hadn't seen her in a century or so after their fallout. He fought the urge to let out a feral growl as the memories came back. She had berated him for being so loyal to Klaus after all the terrible things his brother had done. After Klaus had staked Rebekah, Aurelia had had enough.

"He's killed your siblings! Why can't you see that he's unhinged?" she demanded angrily.

"Klaus is my brother. I will stick with him until the end." He insisted stubbornly.

"The end?" she repeated mockingly. "The end will be when Klaus finally betrays you and puts a stake through your heart. The end will be when you're lying cold in a coffin next to your siblings." She hissed out.

"Aurelia," he pleaded. "You've seen the things he's done but you have to understand that my family is something I cannot abandon. Klaus is my family."

Her expression softened. "I understand your morals, Elijah and I know that you're a kind hearted soul. Klaus is different. He has forsaken those morals. I'm concerned for you, what will happen when Klaus sees you as a nuisance? I-I don't want to see you cold and lifeless."

As much as he tried he couldn't get Aurelia to see that their bond was unbreakable whether or not Klaus was in the right state of mind. Aurelia had stayed reluctantly, wanting to be with him but when she began to fear for her life, she fled out of his life without another word.

Elijah tried to shrug the memories off and he flashed over to the mansion that Klaus had set up for their family. He wondered if they knew of Aurelia's coming. He walked through the door, warily, and listened intently. He heard no noise and surmised that his siblings were out, probably wreaking havoc on the other side of town.

Plip. Plop.

He straightened up, tensing at the sudden noise. "Who's there?" he called out with a frown etched onto his face. Again the little sounds came, and he eased his way over towards the living room where the sounds seemed to come from. His muscles bunched together in preparation and his fists clenched together in anticipation.

"Elijah." A soft voice, tinged with amusement came behind him.

His blood froze. He could recognize that voice anywhere. He tilted his head to the side and turned around with an air of nonchalance.

"Aurelia." He greeted coolly. His eyes ran over her appearance, noting how much she had changed in just a century. She donned a bright yellow cocktail dress and bright coral heels. He recalled how much she liked to dress up. That hadn't changed, at least. Aurelia looked more confident and more striking than he had remembered. And then his eyes trailed down to her arms where her wrist was slit open. Bright, vermillion blood trailed down her fingertips and hit the marble floor in soft splatters. He swallowed hard, eyeing the blood. She was playing with him.

Her bright eyes eyed him keenly and her red lips quirked up in a smirking. "Something wrong, dear?"

Elijah cleared his throat refusing to be toyed with. "Looks like a nasty wound, you should clean it up. Klaus just renovated."

"Oh this?" she lifted up her wrist bringing the scent closer to his nostrils. The sweet, tangy scent filled his senses and he was overcome with want. He remembered how delicious her blood was and he cursed himself for not feeding earlier. His eyes darkened and he felt the veins around his eyes come out. "Aurelia, stop it." He hissed out evenly.

"I was waiting for you." She whispered out softly. "Feed. You look starved." Her eyes widened earnestly. "I don't mind."

Elijah swallowed trying to push back the bloodlust. An irritated look came over her face and she pushed the bleeding wrist towards him. "Don't be stubborn." She growled, and gently lifted her wrist over his mouth. His control broke as the smell enveloped him. His mouth opened, baring his fangs and he felt them puncture her soft skin. God, he missed the taste of her blood. He had had to go decades without it and now he felt like he was in heaven.

"Careful, you're going to bleed me dry if you continue like this." Her amused voice broke into his feeding frenzy. He broke away from her bloodied wrist and felt the excess blood trickle down his chin. She looked at him affectionately, "I see you still haven't lost your liking for the taste of my blood." Humor colored her tone as she watched him lick his lips clean.

He let out a little growl, "I recall you share the same obsession with my blood." He retorted in a sharp tone. He saw her eyes darken, affirming his statement.

"Ah, yes." She sighed dreamily. "But unfortunately, I've already fed." She pouted and watched, semi-interested as her wound closed up.

"Did you plan that?" Elijah demanded.

Her eyes brightened mischievously, "Did I plan to seduce you with my blood? No. Kol was here earlier and we had a bit of a spat." She replied easily. "As you can see, he was able to throw in a few punches."

Elijah snorted derisively, "You and Kol were never able to get along." He shifted, "What are you doing here?" he asked bluntly. "You swore never to return to me so long as I remained with Klaus."

Aurelia moved to grab a cloth as she cleaned herself up. "Don't flatter yourself. I didn't come to reconnect with you. On the contrary, I didn't even know you'd be in town."

He ran a hand through his hair, "Then why are you here?" he asked warily.

"Well, I had a rude surprise greet me when I went to visit dear Mary." She replied shortly. "It just reminded me of how much blood Klaus was and is still willing to shed after all these years." Her voice went flat.

Elijah groaned inwardly. He took her by the shoulders and looked into her bright eyes, "I swear to you, Aurelia it was to save us all."

"That's what you said last time when Klaus staked Rebekah." She whispered softly, her eyes hardening. "And then years later I find out it was just because Klaus was jealous of Rebekah's love. Her death was for naught."

"This time it's real. These vampires in this town they want to know who they're descended from-"

Aurelia roughly pushed him away with a little growl. "I already know the story, I've been in town for a while, long enough to the gist of everything. It doesn't help to know that Mary is still dead because of that. She wouldn't have talked. You know that!" Her eyes were blazing as she spoke passionately.

"I couldn't do anything about it. Klaus had already ordered Kol to kill her." He spoke softly.

"Did you see the way Kol slaughtered her? Her blood was sprayed everywhere!" Aurelia's voice pitched higher, almost hysterically as the tears came rushing down her cheeks. "When did you all forsake your morals to become these monsters?"

Elijah's heart gave a pang as he heard the word 'monster'. It was as he feared. He had become a true monster as Aurelia had said. "Please, listen to me-"

Aurelia ignored him, "She was our friend, for centuries. And yet none of you had any qualms about it. You just left her body hanging there for maggots to feast on!" she hissed venomously. "And you!" she threw him across the room so that he crashed against one of Klaus's paintings. "You claimed to be the moral one and you're the worst just standing by while Klaus wreaks havoc on innocents!"

He got up unsteadily, trying to quell her wrath. "What happened to Mary is in the past. I have the chance to fix what has happened in this town and I'm taking it!"

She stopped but her body was still shaking with rage. "Are you talking about the Salvatores?"

"Yes." He nodded quickly. "I plant to stop Klaus for once." He affirmed.

"I don't believe you." She retracted her fangs and composed herself. Aurelia stared him down trying to look for any sign of deceit. She let out a bitter laugh, "Huh. I can't believe it. Mr. Right Hand Man is actually going for the throat this time."

"We are all tired of Niklaus's ways. I don't want him dead, I just want him appeased." Elijah replied.

"I believe you." She allowed. "That means we have to work with the Salvatores and the doppelganger, not something that I'm looking forward too."

"Because she looks like Tatia and Katherine?" Elijah smirked, knowingly.

"If you're asking if I'm jealous, my answer is no." she shot back coldly. "I despised their personalities. Katherine was alright, fun to be around but Tatia was absolutely despicable." She shuddered in recollection.

"She had her good moments." Elijah argued.

Aurelia snorted. "Well I must not have been around for them." She turned on her heel but Elijah appeared before her, blocking her way.

"And just where do you think you're going?" he asked deviously, holding her chin in between his fingers.

She slapped his hand away. "Your charms don't work on me anymore, Elijah. Now if you excuse me, if you want dinner you best move aside."

He stepped aside but looked at her in disbelief. "Are you serious? You mean human dinner or vampire dinner?"

Aurelia rolled her eyes. "Human dinner. It doesn't hurt to be normal for once in your life. Besides, we need some routine. It's time some order came to the Mikaelson household."