Unknown POV

I walked up to the entrance of the city I had encountered. I noticed a sign with the name of the city: Station Square. "Station Square. What a perfect name for a city. Too bad I have to freeze it solid," I said to myself. I noticed a flower by my left foot, so I raised it and crushed the flower. "That'll teach that bitch Bloom for interfering in my personal life." I still remembered the day I found out my ex-teammate had killed the one I loved. (flashback begins) I was walking when I noticed a person on the brink of dying. I stepped closer to get a good look and rushed over to her. "Leaf! Who did this to you? I want a name," I said. "It was B-b-b," Leaf started before closing her eyes for the final time. "What? Bella? Belle? Bloom? No, Leaf! Don't leave me! Leaf!" I cried over her lifeless body until it dissolved into the ground. "Goodbye, Leaf. My love," I said sadly. (flashback ends) That was also the day my ex-best friend Scorch picked the wrong side to support. (flashback begins) "Scorch, come on. We gotta get rid of Bloom. She did Leaf in, so let's do her in," I said. "I'm sorry, but I have to side with Bloom. She did it out of love for you," Scorch said. "Screw her! I never loved her! I loved Leaf! Leaf was the most important thing to me. Now she's gone all because of Bloom." That was when Scorch grabbed me by the neck and pinned me to the wall. "Now listen to me! Bloom did what she did because she loved you and you are going to love her back, damn it!" "Hell no," I said before punching Scorch's lights out. "I never loved her and I never will. And if you won't take my side, then we're done being friends." I then walked off and into the great unknown. (flashback ends) "There's no one in the world who can thaw my icy heart," I said before walking into Station Square. My every step froze the very street and everything on it. "This is my domain and it shall resemble such," I said before slamming my fists to the ground. A wave of ice spread throughout the city and froze everything in sight. A castle of ice emerged at the very center of the city and stood majestically. "This should do perfectly for a base of operations. There's no one who can stop me. I am Frost," I said to the heavens.

Rocket's POV

I woke up to be met with extreme coldness. "What the hell," I muttered as I walked over to the thermostat. "72 degrees. Yet it's freezing cold." I walked over to the sliding door leading to the terrace and saw it was covered with frost. "This can't be right. It was supposed to be warm all week," I said to myself. "I better call up Sonic and ask him what's going on." I then walked over to the phone and dialed Sonic's number. "I'm sorry. All the circuits are currently frozen at this moment. Please hang up and try again later." "Somehow, I expected that," I said before putting the phone back into its receiver. I walked out into the city and noticed everyone and everything was frozen. "What's going on," I asked myself. I walked over to a frozen car, got inside, and tried to start it. The engine stalled, so I checked and saw it was just as frozen as everything else. "Strange. Everything's frozen. No technology, no transportation. Nothing's working." I was too preoccupied thinking that I didn't see the wall before me and I crashed into it. "What is this? It hasn't been here long because I would know," I said, looking at the newly created structure. I backed up and saw it was a castle made of pure ice. "I better tell the others about this." I then ran off to tell the others about the ice castle.