Hi! This is Rose! And I just wanted to give you a small summary of what this Fanfiction will be about!

This is set after "Love fades, mine has" and Rose runs away. So three years later they (Dimitri, Lissa, Christian, Adrian, Eddie, Mia, ect) get a location on Rose, they found her in Granbury Texas(My home town) working on a horse Ranch(Shocker, huh?) for those three years and now and this point she nearly owns the ranch.


So, that's all!


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Dimitri Point of View

I sat there, head in my hands, waiting for Abe. I heard the door slam open. Lissa and I snapped our heads to see Abe storm into the room.

"Well..?" Mia asked.

"I got a location," We all sat up straighter as he continued.

"But we have to be there by tonight, that's the only way we are going to see her," He said. I was a bit confused.

"Where's there?" Christian asked. His usual attitude was missing today. Christian has been a bit dull since Rose left three years ago. She left because of me, I hurt her, bad. I remembered her as I said those words at church that day. She didn't show rage or heartbreak. She just met my eyes with cold understanding and said in a voice of cold politeness.

"I understand, Dimitri. No more words need to be said." And with that she walked out the doors but more than the church doors, she walked out the doors of my life.

"Granbury, Texas," Abe answered Christian. We were all struck with shock. That was the last state we'd thought to look into. Rose was not a country girl, hell she didn't even like country music.

"Actually, she doesn't live in Granbury, that's the closest town. She lives and works on a Ranch own by-" Abe broke to look down at the papers. "Owned by Kelly Davidson, whom is married to Jonathan Woodard. Rose has been working there for about three years. She must have fled there and found out about the horse ranch pretty quick. By now, Kelly has put half the ownership in her name and it says here that if Kelly was to die, the ranch would go straight to Rose, no questions asked," Abe finished. We were all in complete shock.

"So, what did you mean that we had to get there by today to see her?" Adrian broke the silence.

"See, well the Ranch is about thirty miles out of town and I couldn't find how to get there because according to the Mayor, it has at least ten different roads that cut off from the road you have to turn on to get to the Ranch and plus you have to have a ID to get through the gates that even the Mayor doesn't have. And the town is having their annual barn ball and the Ranch always comes up and has some of there horses for show. I have a feeling that's the only way we're going to get a chance to see her," Abe said. We all nodded. Lissa sprung up from the chair she was sitting in.

"Then why are we still sitting here?" With that we got up and went to pack. I went to my room and pulled out my suit case and started stuffing clothes in at random the thought running through my head like a broken record.

I going to see Rose.

Rose Point of View

"Jeez, hurry up Gus! These horses don't want to be in this trailer any longer than they have to!" I hollered.

"Oh, shut up, Rose! I'm hurrying!" He yelled back. I reached and tightened my sloppy, making it even sloppier and glanced at my watch. 4:37. Damn, we had to be down there and set up by six. Soon enough Gus managed to get the rest of the horses in the trailer and slammed the trailer door and locked it. I whipped the dirt on my jeans and looked at my filthy tank top.

"You are going to go down with Rob and set up and get the babies ready so Kelly and I can get ready, right?" I said referring to the horses as the babies. He gave me that look that said duh.

"Just makin' sure, because normally I gotta do everything 'round here," I smiled. Gus rolled is brown eyes at me.

"Whatever, liar. I'll see you at the square," He told me walking away. I laughed and walked toward the manner. We called the main house the manner, Kelly and Jonathan lived in the Manner, I lived in a guest house by the Barn. I walked in the door, whipping the dirt off my cowboy boots. It's funny, because I would have laughed at the thought of me half owning a Ranch three years ago and now I couldn't think of life without it. I even like country music now. I loved everything about living and owning a Ranch. I found out about three years ago that I was really good with horses. Today is my three year mark of living on the Ranch. I remember three years ago, after I fled Lissa and Dimitri's cruel games. I was wondering around looking for a job. I managed to stumble across Granbury on the day of the Barn Ball. I walked across Gus and Jonathan trying to calm a horse. They were really trying hard but it only seemed to freak out the scared horse more so I walked up to the fence and started making soft clicking noises to the horse, she looked my way and stopped stomping and walked toward me and let me pet her. Everyone was so shocked. The horse, Flicka was uncontrollable, until she found me. Kelly came up to me and asked how I did that. And once we got to talking we were instant friends and she asked me if I was looking for a job and she offered one down at the ranch, I said yes without a second thought. The first few months were hard, leaning the ropes and everything but now, I couldn't be more I happy with the choice I made. I've slowly started to forget my past, just letting it slip away and that was fine with me. The only part I didn't let myself forget was the Belikov. I kept in touch with them all the time. Olena's son had contacted her and told her that he was no longer a Strigoi. She was so happy that it made me happy. But I haven't seen them since I was last in Russia.

I climbed the stairs to Kelly's room, knowing she'll have something for me to wear since I own no good clothes anymore. My whole closest was jeans, tee shirts, tennis shoes and cowboy boots.

Kelly was in the bathroom doing her hair and she yelled when she heard my come in.

"The dress is on the bed, just wear your boots with it, it'll look really cute."

I smiled.

"Okay, Kel. Is there any chance I can get you to do my hair too?" I asked. I could hear her sigh over the blow dryer.

"Yes, but you're gonna have to take a shower then," She told me. I walked into the bathroom and shooed her out.

"But I need to do my makeup!" She said. I pointed to her dresser that had a mirror hung over it. She gave me a glare and went back to getting ready. I closed the door and stripped my dirty clothes and hoped into a hot shower. My hair was to my waist and still as thick. It had some gold in it from all my work in the sun. My skin was just as dark. I was still toned. I kept up my training and plus I liked to stay light. I still had all my curves.

The water felt good. My back was hurting really bad this week. Well, I did get kicked by a horse. I looked down at my arms. They were covered in bruises. My hands were rough and callused from carrying hay bales. My legs were strong and toned as ever. I sighed and started to wash my hair. One thing I forgot to mention is that we lived in a dhampire community. I never thought I'd ever live in one. I didn't judge anyone like I did before I met Olena and everyone else. I actually like living in one, everyone knew you and you knew them. There was a lot of love being passed around here, it was nice.

Too soon, I stepping out of the shower and dried off. Kelly left me my clothes. I slipped into my lacy bra and panties. The dress Kelly chose was so pretty. Short, to my lower thigh and a pretty color of orange that showed off my tan. The ends had white lace. It was strapless also. I shimmed into it and managed to put on the string of pearls that laid next to it. I looked like a Southern Belle. I stepped out and left Kelly to my hair. I think I fell asleep a bit. Soon enough she was doing my makeup. I rolled my eyes and allowed her. Kelly was my best friend. She knew about Lissa. And she was there for me, she played a bit part in helping me pick myself. She breathed life back into me. I was lifeless and dull before she was there. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't found her. I just may have killed myself. I know I had been thinking about it before Kelly found me. The pain had been unbearable. Dimitri and Lissa hurt me to no end. I may be able to forgive and forget but they left scars. Scars don't fade, their there for a lifetime. I may be able to forget everything else but I'll never be able to forget the pain they caused. But it made me strong. It made me tough and unafraid. I don't think anything could scare me anymore maybe sides my family's lives in danger. My family was this Ranch. This was my home. Forever and always.

Dimitri Point of View

We had bored and a plan with an hour after Abe told us. We were all tense and anxious. We've all missed Rose dearly, more so Lissa and I. She was sitting besides, playing with the edge of her skirt, Christian on the other side of her holding her other hand. Rose should have been beside me, holding my hand on our way to some tropical vacation. Not going to plead her forgiveness and beg her to come back. I wondered if she looked different. Did she have a southern accent from years of being around southern people. Did she still use the same shampoo? Was she cold and icy like the last time I saw her? Did she cut her hair? The questions ran through my head but then one popped in my head.

Did she find someone else?

That one stuck with me. I didn't even know if she had a boyfriend or someone else and yet the pain started to coil in my chest. I don't know what I would do if she had found someone else. I wanted her to be happy but I always wanted to be the one who made her happy. Would she give me another chance? I hated to think that there is a huge possible chance she'll push me away. That she'll push us all away. I sat there staring at the back of the seat for I don't know how long. Hours for all I know but soon darkness started brushing the edges of my vision and then it completely took me over.

The plan woke me from my slumbers. I awoke to see and nervous and jumpy Lissa and Adrian and even Christian seemed a bit excited. We all wanted to see Rose. Even though I couldn't see Mia and Eddie I knew they were the same way we all were. The plan landed in the private landing strip in Granbury. I was surprised that such a small town had one. We all filed out the plan. As soon as I walked out side I was blasted with hot air and took off my jacket. It was very hot. The sun was hung low in the sky. It was made six o clock and Barn Ball started at seven. There was a large SUV waiting for us. We got in and they drove off. The music turned on and country music filled the awkward air. The beat was fast and catchy.

Hey, good girl get out while you can. I know you think you got a good man. Why, why ya gotta be so blind? Won't open up your eyes. It's just a matter of time, 'til you find. He's no good, girl. No good for you. You better get to gettin' on your good bye shoes and go, go, go… Better listen to me. He's low, low, low…

The song played on and Lissa was tapping to the beat. As the song came to an end, we pulled up to a large house that said

Bed and Breakfast!

It wasn't like a normal hotel. It was like a huge house. It had a wrap around porch on the first and second floor. It was a pretty color of blue that seemed to give a home town feel. The trim was a bright white. We walked up the stair steps into the pretty lobby. We checked in and went to our rooms. I didn't even pay attention to my room, I just changed into shorts and a tee-shirt but kept my stake with me. I took the stairs and met Lissa and the gang. They had all changed too. Lissa and Mia wore dresses. Lissa wore a black, purple and white floral dress. Mia wore something similar. Mia wore a black, white and bluefloral tube dress. They both wore flip flops. They could have been sisters. Lissa's hair was down and Mia's was pulled up in a sloppy bun. The guys were in something like myself. It was hot.

"Are we all ready?" Abe asked. We just nodded and followed him out the door.

Granbury was pretty. The square was set up like Carnival. There were rides, mechanical bulls, horses. Then there was a dancing area that had a live band playing a George Strait song You love so good in love. They did a good job of playing George Strait. A bunch of people we dancing.

"Okay, we all split up to find her, okay?" Abe asked. We all agreed. Lissa and Christian were with me. We walked to the dancing area. A tall guy wearing a cowboy hat, button up shirt, jeans and boots was pulling and girl in a orange dress.

"No! I'm not dancing Gus!" The voice had a slight southern accent.

"Aw! C'mon! Have some fun sometime!" He said still pulling her. She was laughing. She was beautiful, I could tell even fro this far away. The voice was familiar. I kept walking forward but faster. Lissa seemed to pick up, same with Christian. The woman and Gus were dancing now. I got to where I could see them. I choked on my emotions as I saw them dancing. She was gorgeous. She long dark hair wavy and to her waist. She had on a pretty orange dress and brown cowboy boots. She was dancing with him. She found someone else. My Roza wasn't mine anymore. The song changed but the band wasn't playing it. It was If heaven wasn't so far away by Justin Moore. She was smiling and twirling with Gus. Lissa didn't run up to her but rather sat and looked at Rose with teary eyes and a sad smile on her pink lips. Christian and I sat in either side of her. She said in a wobbly voice.

"Do you think she'll forgive me?"

Christian grabbed her hand and looked at her and told her truthfully.

"I don't know, Liss. I don't know Liss…" He said softly. Christian was a good guy, Lissa needed someone like him. He wouldn't tell her just want she wanted to hear. He would tell her the truth. I respected him. I really did because he had made a few wrong turns but he knew what was good for him and came back to Lissa in the end. That's what I should have done with Rose but my foolish self wasn't allowing. Rose still was dancing and we were all now dancing. A woman with strawberry blond hair walked up to Rose. I don't know what she said but Rose started laughing so hard. Gus too. They were all almost rolling on the floor laughing. It made me smile too. Rose soon came over and sat a few seats away from us. She didn't seem to notice us. Lissa stood up and walked to Rose and stood in front of Rose.

Lissa Point of View

It was Rose. My Rose, my sister, my best friend that I missed so dearly. She was stunning as ever and full of life. She sat down and was talking to a woman with strawberry blond hair and hazel eyes.

"So, have we got any bids for the babies?" I heard Rose ask the blond woman as I was walking up.

"Yes, I good one too. 10,050 is the highest to far. Plus, Wayne is buying from us next week. Four horses, I made him a deal for 31,000 for five instead of 9,500 each. Our horses are not cheap because their the best," The woman finished. Her and Rose looked up at me standing in front me.

"Yes? May I help you Vasilisa?" Ouch that hurt. She called me by my real name. Rose never, ever did.

"Cut the shit Rose. You never called me Vasilisa, it was always Lissa. What's changed?" I asked. That was a stupid question. The woman started to glare at me fiercely. What the hell? I didn't even know her.

"What's changed, Princess? You a banned me. Not the other way around," She said icily. Nor Christian or Dimitri had come with me. I wanted to do this myself.

"As far as I'm concerned, I wasn't the one who ran away," I snapped back. Okay, this wasn't the way I planned on asking Rose to forgive me. I was still angry with myself for hurting her so bad. I never what she said was true. I took a calm breath and pushed away the darkness.

"Rose, I'm not here to fight with you. I'm here to ask your forgiveness. I'm so sorry that I did you like that. That I totally shunned you out and paid every moment with Dimitri. I took you for granted. I never thought you'd leave. I didn't think you would the first time. But the second time was a lot harder because I knew it was because of me or at least mostly. We miss you, Rose. Come home," I pleaded. Rose was emotionless.

"And that's it? You expect me to forgive you, pack up three years of my life and come back with y'all?" She said with a slight southern accent that never used to be there.

"My home isn't with y'all anymore, Lissa. It's here. Y'all had y'all chance with me and like you said you took me for granted. Face it, my main goal for the last three years was to forget y'all. The only way is I knew you weren't dead or anything was when I would take away your darkness. I forgive you but only because I've moved on, you should too. I have a family here. I have best friends and people that care about me. That wouldn't ever turn their backs on me. You did once, how do I know that you wouldn't do it again?" She said. She was happy and moved on and had a family but I wasn't giving up.

"No! Rose we are your family! We love you! We've spent three years trying to find you, Rose. The day you left, I wanted to kill myself, please!" I was crying now, not caring who saw.

She pressed her lips together and shook her head.

"Lissa, I'm not just going to trust again. I don't just give out trust like I do pennies. Trust is earned, not given. Respect is not given, it is earned," She told me. I dropped to me knees in front of her.

"I'll do what it takes, Rose. You are my sister. We've been through hell and back. I'm begging you to give me a chance that I will, never, ever do that again. How about this, we stay here and get to know the new you?' I begged with tears running down my cheeks. She seemed to think about this.

"Depending on who's with you," she said at last. My heart fell. I knew that she was never going to let this happen if Dimitri was here. I sighed and told her.

"Christian, Adrian, Mia, Eddie, myself and…Dimitri."

Her face said it all.

"No, there is no way I'm going to deal with him now or ever," She spat the word him like a curse word. The blond woman snapped up from her sitting position.

"Where is he?" She snapped at me.

"Huh?" I said, confused.

"Kelly, no. Not now," Rose said to her.

"The hell I will. Now, where. Is. He?" Kelly said turning to me. I nodded to Christian and Dimitri. Kelly walked over there briskly and stood in front of the guys and asked which was Dimitri. I turned to Rose not caring what she said to Dimitri.

"Please?" I asked one more time. She crossed her arms and pulled me up with her.

"Fine. But your going to get a taste of what me life is like."

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