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A/N: I'm blaming the incredible amount of angst here on the fact that I wrote this during the final days of spring semester when I was both teaching and studying.

At first she thought she'd have to spell it out for him.

She'd found out on Wednesday, but had waited until Friday night to let him in on her secret-she didn't know how he'd react and figured that giving him the weekend before he was expected to go back to work and behave as normally as he was capable of behaving was the kindest option available to her. She also half-hoped that he'd figure it out himself and save her from having to break news that would either fill him with joy or absolutely crush him.

She practiced saying the words in the mirror a hundred times. "I have something interesting to tell you," or "I know we didn't exactly plan this, but we weren't really preventing it either," or "So, you know how I've been feeling sick lately?" Nothing sounded right.

In the end, she simply thrust the thin white plastic stick into his hands the second they walked through the door. Two lines.

"Um, Rose? Why does this thing smell like urine?" was probably the last thing she'd expected him to say.

Oh God, she realized. He doesn't know what a bloody pregnancy test is. Of all the times for the gaps in his knowledge of daily human life to pop up… "Uh, well-" she began.

"Wait, I know this. Give me a sec-Donna knew what this was," his brow furrowed as he tried to retrieve the memory from the fragmented banks of the Doctor-Donna consciousness he'd inherited. For some reason the Donna memories had always been on a kind of time delay. He'd recognize something but not be able to place it for a minute-usually a very awkward minute if he was talking to someone who didn't know who he really was.

"Oh my," the furrow disappeared only to be replaced by two very surprised eyebrows. "Is this…? Are you?"

She nodded, unable to suppress her smile any longer. Of course she was terrified—not only of his reaction, but also of what this meant for her and for them together. But she was happy too. She'd thought about motherhood before, particularly in the last two years, and now it was going to become a reality.


He wasn't smiling. In fact, he looked as if a bomb had just gone off in his face and he'd been knocked clear off his feet. For a minute he just stood there, and she'd begun to worry that he'd gone into some kind of shock when he turned and gave her his biggest, fakest smile. "Good, that's good. Great, even. Really great. Extra great! Except, you know, I just realized I forgot something at the office. Before we…um…well, it won't take me a minute to run back to fetch it." He embraced her quickly and raced out the door before she could speak.

That hadn't gone well at all.