He'd lied, of course. Elizabeth was no more human (well, perhaps a bit more, but not in any way that counted for his purposes) than he was. Rose had been right when she'd said that naming was a serious business on Gallifrey. The fact was, he'd never given Rose his own name-a carryover, he expected, from the centuries he'd spent refusing to entertain the notion that he would ever share that kind of intimacy with another person again. He needed to fix that.

For Elizabeth, though, he hesitated. Any child born to a Time Lord needed a Gallifreyan name. A secret name. A powerful name. A name that would only be shared with a handful of people, if that, in her lifetime. Such a name took time to develop, so he decided to give it time.

Late at night he'd sing to her in his own language. When they were alone he'd tell her stories about Gallifrey. And one night, when she was eating every hour and Rose was so tired she'd actually started to cry when Elizabeth's yell woke her again, he rocked his daughter gently and told her about the brothers and sisters who had died before she was born. That night he cried too.

The next morning he phoned Jackie. They'd hardly spoken since Rose had announced her pregnancy and he'd lost his mind a little bit. He knew she was never really going to forgive him for that. Still, when he said that Rose was exhausted and he needed a few baby-free hours to take care of her, Jackie was there in a heartbeat. He made sure Elizabeth was secure in her pram, and tried not to panic as she left his sight for the first time since the hospital. Then he went back into their bedroom and curled up next to the still-sleeping Rose.

"What? What time is it? Does she need to eat again?" Rose startled, and looked around, unsure if it was night or day.

"Shhh," he stroked her hair and pulled her back down to the pillows. "Your mum has her for a few hours."

"I love you," she said, closing her eyes again and burrowing deeper into his arms.

"Sleep," he murmured. "But before you do, I have something to tell you."

"Mmmm?" she was already half unconscious.

And then he whispered his name into her ear.

Her eyes flew open, and she looked up at him. "Was that…?"

"It was. I should have given it to you a long time ago." He kissed the tip of her nose. "Sleep now, and we'll talk about her name later."

And Rose slept.