Crush Couples are: Katniss/Glimmer, Gale/Peeta, Marvel/Cato, FoxFaceXThresh, RueXoc, CloveXoc -

"Cato? Cato? Are you even listening to me?"

"Huh? WHat?" Cato, the tall, handsom blonde boy with dreamy eyes and a good-build was pulled back to earth. His younger cousin Clove was pulling on the sleeve of his hoodie,"Cato! Earth to Cato!"

"Sorry, zoned out for a minute, go on." Cato said and took a bite out his cheese sandwhich, his eyes however drifted back over to where they were looking before.

Clove rolled her eyes,"You get a crush on Marvel don't you?"

Cato almost choked on his sandwhich,"W-what? Of course not it's just-"

"I've got eyes, Cato and you've got it bad." Clove chuckled abit and took a bite of her slice of pizza.

"So what if I do I mean he-he's strong and good-looking and funny and-"

"A complete air-head?" Clove asked with a mouthful of pizza.

"C'mon Clove he's not that bad...Gloss and Cashmere are worse."Cato and Clove both laughed.

"What's so funny guys?" Peeta Mellark asked as he walked over carrying a blue lunch tray with a burger, some fries, a can of soda and a small cupcake with blue icing.

Peeta was a stocky boy with pale skin, golden blonde hair, a square jaw, blue eyes and strange enough, a metal cast-like thing that replaced his leg below the knee. See about a year ago he, his two brothers and his parents were going on a roadtrip to New York and were in a car crash. Everyone died but Peeta, who instead lost a huge part of his leg below the knee. He was in the hospital for months and had to move in with his aunt and cousins since he had no where else to go and was only 16.

Cato remembered the first time he saw the small blonde. He'd arrived late because he slept in and missed the bus and when he got there someone else had all the attention. Somehow Cato managed to push his way through the crowd and there, standing beside Katniss Everdeen was a scrawny looking blonde kid with a metal thing attatched to his leg.

I guess you could say Cato felt bad for Peeta and took him under his wing, he never regretted doing it. Peeta was now his bestfriend who was well, another guy. Plus Cato and his friends now had ties to Katniss who was the star player on both the soccer and archery teams and super popular!

"Nothing much," Clove said as she moved to give Peeta some room to sit down, "Just making fun of the senior class."

The seniors ruled Panem High-school, that was the way it always was and always will be. Some seniors were alright, like Cinna, Annie, Wiress, Beetee and Finnick but others like Gloss, Cashmere, Brutus, Enobaria and Titus weren't so much.

"Oh." Peeta said softly and sat down inbetween Cato and Clove."Hey where's Glimmer?"

"Cheerleading practice although why she wants to even be a part of something so shallow is behind me." Clove said and took another bite of her pizza.

"Yeah." Cato said shoving the rest of his sandwhich in his mouth, still looking across the lunch-yard at Marvel.

Clove rolled her eyes,"Boys."

Peeta ate one of his fries, curiously looking Cato over before asking,"Something on your mind buddy?"

"Oh," Once again Cato was brought back into reality,"N-no it's nothing to concern yourself with Peeta."

Peeta, obviously unsatisfied with his friend's answer, turned his attention over to Clove who without taking her eyes of her lunch said,"He's crushing on Marvel."

"Marvel? Marvel King from classroom 1a? Marvel from Glimmer's class?" Peeta asked in disbelife.

"Shut up!" Cato said, actually blushing and looking at the ground.

Peeta laughed,"You're crazy man! Marvel's an air-head!"

"That's what I said but no, Cato's crushing on Marvelus Marvel." Clove laughed and Cato blushed even redder.

"Well, here's your chance buddy! He's all alone and coming this way, talk to him." Peeta said trying to push Cato off the bench.

"Peeta!" Cato protested.

"Trust me, what's the worst that can happen?" Peeta finally succeded in pushing Cato off, too bad he fell in the mud and was now covered in it.

Marvel, a tall handsom boy with shirt brown/blonde hair and dark blue eyes raised an eyebrow at Cato and chuckled,"You alright?"

Cato quickly got up and attempted to brush off some of the mud,"Yeah. Yeah. Fine."

Marvel smiled at him,"Maybe you should be more careful in the future."

"Yeah." Cato said, looking at the ground and his muddy boots.

"Marvel! You coming?" One of Marvel's friends, a red-headed girl with green eyes called to him from the main doors leading into the school. Her name was Fern, is Cato's memory served right but everyone called her Foxface because of how smart she was.

"I'll be there in a minute," Marvel called to her before giving Cato a flirty smile,"See you around." And with that, Marvelus Marvel King was off.

Cato stood there for a minute stunned. Pros: Marvel noticed him, they had a conversation and Marvel now knew he exsisted. Cons: He humilated himself in front of Marvel, he was now covered in mud, he hadn't said anything except 'Fine' to Marvel and had now made the impression that he was some clumsy dork.

Peeta and Clove came running up to him grinning.

"Smooth moves man!" Peeta said, slapping Cato on the back.

"But now he probablly thinks I'm a klutsy dork!" Cato whined.

"Oh please, All good relationships start with a chance encounter. Peeta-bread was just give you a little push." Clove said.

"Pun intended?" Cato asked.

"No, happy accident." Clove smirked.

"C'mon captain clumsy, let's go to class." Peeta grinned when Cato moaned and punched him hard in the shoulder.

"Hey Seneca!" Gale Hawthorne grinned as he and his bestfriend Katniss practiclly strutted into the principal's office.

The head secritary, Seneca Crane rolled his eyes at them when they entered."What you two do this time?"

"Oh some young hooligans started a food-fight in the west-side of the lunch-yard and we're getting the rap!" Katniss said, flopping down into one of the waiting room chairs.

Seneca raised an eyebrow,"And you two didn't?"

Gale sat down beside Katniss,"We were framed by Gloss and Cashmere."

"Gloss and Cashmere? You mean Gloss and Cashmere King? Head-cheerleader, Captain of The Football team, honor students, members of band and founding members of The Career Club, which specializes in helping the poor and unfortunate?'' Seneca scoffed.

"It's a cover! They're visiocous!" Gale protested.

"Yeah, Yeah, whatever kid. Principal Snow is having a meeting with the School-board right now so it looks like the two of you will be stuck in the waiting room for awhile." Seneca said and went back to work.

Katniss looked over at Gale and whispered,"Gloss and Cashmere King are going to pay for this."

Gale nodded,"Oh Yeah!"

Marvel King was angry. No not angry, Pissed off! Today everyone was getting there report-cards and like always, in the teacher's comment spot, he was being compaired to his older siblings Gloss and Cashmere. And the day was going so well up until then too!

So there he was now, sitting in the back of Gloss's Jeep as the three of them drove home, all the while having to listen to Gloss and Cashmere go on and on about senior gossip.

"-So then I was all 'Titus don't be an idoit! You insane bimbo if you want to bang that Mason girl then go ask her out at the pep-rally next saturday' and he was all 'but there'll be teachers there so we can't do it until later' and I was all 'Everything isn't always about sex-"


"Wow baby brother, what's gotten into you?" Cashmere asked, re-applying her lip-stick in the rear-view mirror.

"I think I know," Gloss laughed in a sing-song-y voice,"It's report card day!"

"OHHHHHHH GOODIEEEEEEEEE!" Cashmere squeeled and clapped her hands,"So Marv what did you get?"

Marvel looked out the window,"Doesn't matter."

"Yes it does!" Gloss teased and pulled over on the side of the road.

"W-what are you doing?" Marvel asked.

"Give us your report card, Baby brother!" Cashmere said, leaning into the back seat and holding out her hands.

Marvel sighed and rooted threw his kit-bag to find it, might as well. They were going to see it anyway. Silently he handed her the envolppe and watched as his older sister ripped it open.

School: Panem High-School Student's Name: Marvel L. King Language(s) English Schooling Level Grade 11 ~French: D Spanish: B+ Chemistry: D+ Math: F English: A-
Geography: B-
Politics/Law: C Economy: D+ Cooking/Culinary: A Shop: C-
Botany/Biology: B Mythology: A+ Art: B Reading level: Grade 11

Cashmere laughed and handed Marvel back his report card,"You're failing more then half your classes!"

Gloss, meanwhile, had started the jeep and the three were back on the road again."I know why he's sooooo stupid though don't you dear sister?"

"Yeah! Me and you got all the talent, brains and good-looks and poor porr marv got what was left." Cashmere flipped her hair back and laughed some more. "Just wait until mom and dad find out."

Marvel groanned, he was in for it now.