One Year (And a month or two) Later


Katniss Everdeen leaned up against the brick wall of the school, Archery practice had been cancelled do to the coach having to go stop a food-fight in the Gym and she was quite disapointed. Not because she wouldn't be able to play her favorite sport in the world but because Glimmer(Now Head of the Cheer-squad) had managed to talk Principal Snow into letting them practice alongside them. The Archer had grown fond of Glimmer although neither of them had much time to hang out.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw her cousin walking along with her bestfriend's arm around his waist. She snorted, Gale hadn't left Peeta alone since Athena was born. Don't get her wrong she was happy for the both of them but still it was kinda strange watching her bestfriend kiss Peeta infront of her.

She'd have to adapt though because she was certain that 'Galeeta' as Glimmer had dubbed them wouldn't be splitting up anytime soon.

Across the courtyard she could see Cato's little cousin Clove flirt- Oh no I'm sorry, TALKING with that boy in 3C. Sheldon something...genius, wanna-be Tony Stark, inventer kid. Katniss chuckled at the thought of Clove's cousin stumbling upon them and their little 'talking' game. Everyone knew she had a crush on him and it was only a matter of time before the two became an item.

Speaking of Cato, he and Marvel were looking over some brochures for Panem University. The Slayton boy was taking Pre. Med. and his 'boytoy' as Clove called him was going into some writing classes, they'd both start attending classes in Late August.

She smiled, It was nice that Marvel was happy for a change and no longer had to hide in fear of his Mother and sister. After their mother's death Gloss had taken over the family company and had gotten full-custedy of his little brother and due to many buisness trips to work out deals, was hardly ever around so it was just Marvel and the servants.

He didn't mind.

Anyway, after Mrs. King's death Cashmere had fought hard to keep herself out of the big house. Even slept with her Lawyer and tried to seduce the judge...okay so her lawyer got laid but the judge didn't budge and justice had prevaled. And to top it off, Cashmere was now offically up the duff with the lawyer's kid. He packed up his bags and left town as soon as he found out by the way.

She smiled as she watched some other the others walk around, happily chatting about graduation and college and stuff like that.

Everything was finally right in this perfect little messed up world.


Cashmere looked at her large baby bump, Dear god how she'd gotten fat because of this horrid parasite growing in her stomach!

Stupid child, she'd abort it if only the guards would let her but they wouldn't because they believe that the child deserved a chance at life.


No matter what happened she'd get back at everyone for this.

She'd get her brother back for this.

And then, just to hurt him a little more she'd get the one he loved most to leave him for her.

She'd revenge her mother and make herself a cushy lifestyle for herself in the process.

She smirked and rubbed her bump, maybe this child wouldn't be so useless after all.


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