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beast boy's POV

Beast Boy was sitting perched on one of the bars in the training room sniffling. He wished M'gann was here to talk to but his big sis was at the watchtower briefing the league. He still couldn't get the image from the waterfall out of his head.

He felt someone land beside him and turned. It was Nightwing. He wondered what the leader of the team was doing in here when he should be at the watchtower.

"Is there something you want to talk about?" he sounded concerned

I ran my arm under my eyes wiping away the tears and sniffled. "You wouldn't understand."

Nightwing just smiled sadly "oh yeah try me." He gave me a knowing look.

I just lowered his eyes to the ground and stared into the distance for a second. "When we were on the mission we ran into an area that looked just like…" he choked up for a second. "It looked like where m-my mom was k-k-killed and now I keep seeing it happen in my head." I broke down sobbing.

I felt Nightwing's hand on his shoulder; he must really think I was weak. But then I felt something wet hit his shoulder. He looked up and saw a tear run down his leader's face. "Nightwing?"

Nightwing looked at him "I understand more than you think" he looked at me "I lost my parents, both of them, when I was 9 right in front of me. They were murdered. I think about it all the time. I see it happen all over again in my dreams."

I looked at him. the pain in his eyes obvious. I had never heard about this before but suddenly the way he acted quiet and sad sometimes made sense.

"I know how you feel and I can't promise it will get better but I can promise to be your friend and brother if you will let me." He extended his hand toward me with a comforting look in his eyes.

I looked at him for a moment then took his hand and hugged him. "How do you do it?" I whispered softly crying he pulled back and looked at me, grabbing my arms.

"I do my best to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else." He said now serious.

I grinned through my tears "so Miss Martian for my big sis and Nightwing for my brother we have one seriously messed up family don't we."

He grinned back at me tears now gone "well I can only be your brother if I'm alive so don't tell the Bat I told you about my past."

"I won't…. big bro." I thought about how similar we really were. down to the acrobatics and being the youngest i was wrong earlier he understood me exactly. with siblings like Wing and Miss M. I knew I would be alright. He jumped down and motioned for me to follow.

"Come on M'gann and the others are on their way."

I grinned and jumped transforming midair into the creature from Rann and flew off down the hallway suddenly a lot happier.

Nightwing POV

I watched him down the hallway. It killed me to see a kid in the exact same situation I had been in. we really were brothers in my mind. I knew right then I would do anything to ensure he made it through this. It wasn't fair for a kid that happy and energetic to have to grieve this early. But then again I did it and I guess I turned out okay.

In the seconds I had been thinking he had far out distanced me and was almost to the briefing room. i shook my head and chuckled. What have I gotten myself into; I grinned seeing myself in him. "Exactly what Bruce got himself into" I muttered. "Karma strikes again" I started running to catch him.

"Hey beast boy wait for me kid, I can't fly like you"

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