I knew right then I would do anything to ensure he made it through this.

Nightwing looked at the team all hidden in the shadows behind crates. They were busting a drug deal in Bludhaven. He was nervous about allowing the team to come here but they insisted on helping him.

He started going over plans. Okay guys this is my turf so let me make first move they will be expecting me so stay back. They all nodded consent and he disappeared to the ceiling.

He let out a cackle and dropped in front of the crates "hey boys you miss me I'm a little insulted I wasn't invited." He grinned as the gang grabbed their guns looking nervous.

"oh come on guys you don't need those toys it's just me." He walked towards them pulling out his eskrima sticks. Then he called to the team okay guys backup would be great right about "NOW."

He spit the last word out as he lunged and felt the team arrive beside him. They were taking down the thugs fairly easy when he heard a cry. "Nightwing!" he turned in time to see beast boy collapse to the ground in front of him holding his leg and a gang member holding a smoking gun.

Nightwing knelt beside him and seeing that he would be okay slowly stood looking at the nervous gang. His mouth formed a smile but not his usual cocky smile it was a smile that terrified everyone in the room which was now quiet. He no longer looked happy snarky teenager. he looked like a demon.

"Fred can I call you Fred?" he walked towards the man with the gun. "you have a talent man see I have three things that really tick me off and I gotta say no one has ever done all three before within a minute." he was practically growling now and the team was staring at him. The lone gang member backed into the group.

"one people who use guns" he moved closer to the cornered gang members. "two people who hurt kids." At this he lunged at the gang punching and kicking furiously until all were down except for the main offender. The man shot at him repeatedly scoring two hits on the slowly advancing man. One in his arm and one in his leg.

Nightwing ignored the pain and kept coming the red haze in his eye egging him on. He knocked the gun out of the man's hand. "oh and the last thing is the worst one." He leaned in and grabbed the terrified man's collar. "no one hurts my little brother." The quiet tone of voice was as terrifying as if he had been shouting.

He then punched the man in the chin knocking him out immediately and tossed him to ground. He looked and saw the other gang members stirring. He glared at them and they quickly took note of the situation. They ran as fast as they could.

He turned to his team who appeared to be in shock. He brushed past them picking up the barely conscious boy and headed toward the ship. "guys come on he needs medical attention."

Batgirl stared after him. "I think we just witnessed the first appearance of Daddywing "she said hoarsely.

Later in the medbay

Nightwing pulled off his mask and sat beside beast boys bed head in hands. He had been stupid if he had noticed the man Garfield would not have a bullet in his leg right now. He had refused treatment instead taking care of it himself opting to stay with Gar.

"Wing?" he looked up to see Gar awake. He spoke. "how are you doing." Beast boy didn't say anything he just tackled his older brother in a hug. "thanks." He breathed.

Slowly Nightwing returned the hug smiling.