This is a rewrite of Panty and Stocking, some chapters are going to be direct alterations, others with new adventures. I'm not doing this because I don't like the original series (though the ending sort of sucked, and will be changed), I just wanted to put in my characters with the anarchy sisters.

Oh, and a side note, if my OCs share the name of others, I don't mean to copy them, it's just very hard to find names that haven't already been used AND are still catchy. Alright, now that that is over with, on with the story.

There lies a city on the fault line between Heaven and Hell, Daten City, where humans live under the constant threat of attack from evil spirits. Darkness invades peoples' hearts, and not one person realizes that it is consuming the city… there are those who seek to obliterate these manifestations of human desire with transcendent light. Has the duty of repelling the darkness fallen to the messengers of God, or the servants of Satan?

Our story brings us to the church on the edge of the City, the only church within a hundred miles of Daten. Outside the church was a small green dog adorned with zippers. This dog is Chuck, a zipper beast, who acts as a messenger from heaven to earth. How does he get messages from heaven, you ask? Just watch.

Chuck was jumping around in circles, minding his own business, until a lightning bolt came from nowhere and shocked the living hell out of him. The priest of the church, a black man with a large afro, popped out of a hole in the wall and hit the dog with a mallet. This priest is Garterbelt, not much is known of him, just that he is on a mission from god and has a bad temper. Chuck coughed up a piece of paper with the word "toilet" printed on it.

Garterbelt picked up the paper, then walked inside and sounded a loud alarm throughout the church, waking up three tenants inside. After sounding the alarm, Garterbelt man saw another piece of paper next to the burnt dog. He picked it up, and upon reading it, sighed in annoyance and dropped it on the ground.

The first to be woken up was a blonde in a rather large and messy pink room. This is Panty, a sex loving girl whose desire outweighs most men's. Surprisingly enough, she was and angel, sent from heaven to protect Daten City. She was under the covers of her bed because of a rather long night of sex. As she shifted in bed the mailman who she had spent the night woke up and began freaking out about the alarm. "Goddamn, what the hell is going on!" the man yelled.

The final person to wake up was a girl with dark blue hair with pink streaks. This is Stocking, a gothic Lolita girl with a major sweet tooth, and the other angel of Daten city. Her room was a dark mix of black and purple, with stuffed animals and skulls everywhere. She sat up slowly once she heard the alarm, and then slipped back down to go to sleep.

The priest stood in the main room of the church again, the odd dog still jumping around. A hole in the ceiling opened and dropped a couch down on top of Chuck, crushing him. The two angels followed suit, and the undressed man landed on the floor in front of the couch.

"Good morning, Panty," Garterbelt said somewhat angrily.

"See ya later," she said with a yawn.

"Anytime," he said with a perverted smile. He quickly left out the door, not wanting to be in the church any longer.

"Good morning, Stocking," Garterbelt said with the same tone.

"Morning…morning sugar," Stocking said as she began eating a piece of cake.

"We have been blessed with another hint from the heavens above," Garterbelt said as the angels sat there, not listening to what he was saying.

"Stand!" he said, annoyed. He then reached into his afro and showed the piece of paper. "Toilet," he read. He then pulled a small board out, and the projection of a man on a toilet came on. "As of late, there have been cases of humans being eaten by toilets. Humans are very vulnerable when they are engaged in excretion. It is an evil and dastardly deed like no other; it must be the work of Ghosts!"

The sisters were paying no attention, having their own conversation on the side. "You've gotta love morning wood," Panty said.

"You really have no standards, do you?" Stocking replied.

"It's crazy good, three spins and a half twist when you wake up…" Panty continued on.

"I'm more interested in sugar." Stocking cut her off.

"How about protein?"


"it's good for you, ain't that right garter?" Panty directed her attention to Garterbelt.

"How would I know!" Garterbelt yelled, "Listen to me! If you obscene angels don't want to be dropped, your only choice is to collect heaven coins by destroying those accursed ghosts on the surface. You are not here to collect men or sugar!"

Both angels were still uninterested, so Garterbelt decided to tell them the other news. "I believe I should let you two know, there will some visitors staying in the church from now on." This still didn't faze the angels.

"Did you get a girlfriend or something?" Panty asked.

"Is it some old bastards that are going to try and discipline us into good behavior?" Stocking asked.

"No, no, nothing like that," Garterbelt said, "it's just your brothers will be staying here now."

The two angels looked at Garterbelt with blank expressions, staring at him for a few minutes…

"WHAT!" they screamed.