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"Edward, you need to make a decision or things around the Kingdom are going to fall. Your people will rebel and try to destroy us if you ignore them any longer!" My mother screamed at me, pointing outside to where the people were.

"I am doing the best I can! I don't know what I'm doing, I don't know who to choose!" I yelled back at her, the stress of abruptly becoming King weighing down on me.

"You must marry Isabella! That is tradition and the only possibility for an heir to the Throne."

"I can't do that to Jasper. He's not some piece of meat to do with what I please, when I please!" It was unfair to Jasper and he deserved so much more.

"Unless he can birth a child, that is impossible," she told me, her face beet red with frustration over her blissfully confused son; torn between two hearts.

My eyes burned, a tearing inside my heart shooting off pain throughout my body. My head throbbed, my brow perspired and fear taunted me. For the Kingdom, respecting the legacy of my Father, I was forced to break my loves heart as well as my own.

With a bow of respect to my Mother, while trying to mask my anger and devastation, I turned and swiftly walked to my Chambers. I had a decision to make.

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