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It Will End When I Win

The assistant looked harried and upset when he entered Lauren's office, biting his pert bottom lip. Lauren glanced up to note his presence before returning to her computer screen, face completely blank.

"She's back?"

He nodded and she only just caught it out of the corner of her eye. Slowly; feigning boredom; Lauren pulled up the document she had perused many times over the past few weeks, and nodded back. He was gone in a second. Lauren stretched leisurely out over the back of her office chair and watched the doors subtly though the wisps of hair falling into her face.

Would it work this time? Her plan of denial? Of course it would. If Lauren was anything, it was loving. She loved everything, from her wife to the tulips in the corner of her balcony on her Glasgow apartment. She loved her wife and she could be faithful. Even in the face of blatant seduction – such as that which Sadie Anderson brought with her into her office, cleverly disguised by a pair of black sunglasses and a sheet of paper black with smudged ink.

"I thought I told you I wasn't interested." Lauren drawled, watching as the woman took the chair opposite her, reclining and crossing her legs at the knee. Subtly, to draw the eye, Sadie rubbed her ankles together.

"You also said I have talent..." She replied, leaning forward with a playful smirk. "And allowed me to prove it."

"That was a one time thing, Miss Anderson." Lauren tossed her hair. "I said that too."

The woman chuckled, the sound full of suggestion. "You say alot of things. If I were to take them all as law, we would be having alot more fun right now."

"What do you want, Sadie?" Sadie visibly shuddered at the sound of her name, face becoming more sensual. Before she could respond, Lauren sighed. "I know you didn't just come here to flirt, so get to the point."

Sadie groaned. "Why are you never any fun?"

"I'm married." The other woman hissed, unconsciously leaning forward to give Sadie a welcoming view of her breasts.

"You said that." She finally looked bored, as though the effort to not take advantage of the situation was taking it's toll on her patience." Look, I got a friend to spell check my article. Will you try it again?"

"But Sadie, I already ran it." She was visibly thrown. "I put the money into your account a week ago, and emailed you. It was in the last edition." Lauren smirked, more comfortable now that she finally had the upper hand. "We do have editors, you know. And it was a good article."


"Will that be all, Miss Anderson?"

Sadie stood and left, looking a little dazed. Lauren giggled a little at her win, oxygen finally filling her lungs and making her realize that she actually hadn't breathed throughout the entire encounter. It was fine now though. She had said no. She had rebuffed temptation. She had-

"Wait, forgot this."

Lauren's trail of thought was abruptly cut off by the girl pinning her to her chair, mouth on hers, tongue warring with her own. The smell of flowers and cigarette smoke clogged her brain and through the haze she was dully aware of the familiar, sweet taste the other woman left. Her hands rose and rested on the breast and back of Sadie's leather jacket of their own accord. Her mind was detatched, screaming profanities whilst Lauren's body curved into the shape of Sadie's, but her heart was pounding and she was slowly getting dizzier.

Stop it. Stop it now.

And then Sadie was gone and Lauren wondered for a moment if she had actually listened to herself, but the feeling of unexpected emptiness said otherwise. Sadie had left her. And yet again, the entire situation was out of her control.

"Fuck." Lauren groaned, smacking a hand onto her keyboard in a fit of fury.

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