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Sadie Anderson had been having a hard time since Frankie left for New York. You wouldn't have known it to look at her; she had long since mastered her mask of prepared nonchalance; but she had never felt quite right when she wasn't with the woman since she entered her life. When she first left, Sadie had been prepared – it was something expected, and it didn't take too long to move on. This time, things had changed. Seeing Frankie's soft side had knocked her back, drawn her in, and left her unprotected when she left. She supposed it was worse this time for many reasons; but the fact that Frankie knew exactly how she felt and left anyway harboured most of the blame. That woman was without a doubt the most heartless girl Sadie had ever shared a bed with – including herself.

She hadn't spoken to Frankie since she'd left, and she hadn't heard of her either. Everyday she'd check with Tess, her unwilling flatmate, but apparently she hadn't yet deigned to update her best friends of her continued existence. Lexy didn't have news either – unsurprising – and the one time Sadie dared approach the still-grieving Sam she'd been knocked back violently with nothing to show for it. Sorrow, an emotion Sadie still felt like a physical presence, was slowly fading into less humane notions like annoyance and anger.

Despite the emotional upheaval in her private life, Sadie had managed to pay the next month's rent to Tess out of what she had decided to call Lauren's Hush Fund, and the two had come to an uneasy agreement. If Sadie didn't bring back random girls every night, Tess would clean. If Tess didn't pressure Sadie into doing anything girly or stupid – such as spend time with her and her snotty boyfriend thing – Ed, was it? – Sadie wouldn't bring home random girls every night.

It had been working out quite well all around. In the two weeks since the Gabriella Incident, the only bedfellow Sadie had had was Lauren. And as she reasoned with herself, that was strictly business. And a one time thing.

It was this mantra Sadie repeated to herself every time the woman – and she was all woman – made her unwelcome appearance in Sadie's head. It wasn't so often as to be a problem, only about once a day or so, but just enough to be a distraction. A hassle, actually, as it had come to the point where there would be long stretches of time in which only thoughts of Lauren came to mind; every so often interrupted by thoughts of Lexy Price, the Australian next door. Literally, next door.

In her opinion, Frankie and Tess could not possibly have chosen a worse woman to move in with. A doctor. She would always play her music loud, fuck her women even louder, and didn't hesitiate to make her disapproval of Sadie's life known. Of course, she was an angel in Tess' eyes. The poor girl. A blind man could see that Lexy's attention was elsewhere.

Sadie's room was a messy haven – dirty clothes, sticky glasses and overflowing ashtrays covered every surface. She had to brush a bra out of her face when she entered, pausing for a moment only to wonder how it got there before shrugging and throwing it into the hamper Tess would no doubt unwillingly empty. It was the least of her worries though, as she dropped the bright yellow paperback onto her bed. It weighed a ton.

The English Language and How To Use It – For Dummies. Her latest challenge. Despite how much she disagreed with Lauren's verdict on her article (she could spell just as well as any other Glaswegian) she would wow her the next time. Not for the money, or the job, just because she could. No woman in her right mind liked being bested, and Sadie less than most. That was why even when she lived in her car she would walk around with perfect hair, perfect clothes and the sexiest bedroom eyes in the whole of the city. Well, second sexiest, but her competition was in America now so it was moot.

The problem with Sadie wasn't laziness, or a lack of ambition, it was a knack for distraction. Twenty minutes after she started her work – she'd allowed one of her potential fucks to pay for a theatre ticket for specifically this purpose – the Australian arrived, laughing obnoxiously in the corridor.

"Oi, can you keep it down?" Sadie griped, slamming shut her book to launch it through the open door at the opposite wall. Within seconds a shocked blonde poked her head around the doorframe, mouth breaking into a grin at the sight of Sadie sitting cross-legged on her bed.

"Oh, it's you! The girl with the Italian!" She said, picking up the book and crossing the threshold uninvited to put it on the edge of the bed. "I hope you restocked the kitchen. I'm Bea."

"Sadie." She drawled in reply, shooting the girl daggers. "What are you-"

"Bea, you shouldn't go in there, Sadie doesn't like being disturbed." Lexy appeared then, tossing an apple she'd just snatched from the kitchen between her hands. "Oh, hi."

Sadie shook her body and took a deep breath before looking back up at the two grinning morons. It was her usual routine for dealing with people who annoyed her without the use of violence ('violence belongs in the bedroom, not the streets' had always been her motto). Bea caught the look in her eyes quickly and backed up a little. "Erm, nice to see you again." She muttered, fleeing into the hallway. Lexy stood there for a second, looking after her friend before meeting Sadie's hate-filled gaze.

"You've got a letter, by the way. Since when did your mail start coming here?"

"Not interested."

She tried again. "It might be from Frankie."

"That's what email's for." Sadie's attention started to siphon itself away and she looked at the book set precariously on the corner.

"It says Minus 21 on it. Isn't that who Frankie did those-"

Sadie blocked the rest of her speech out as she wandered into the hallway, trying with all of her might not to run to the door. She didn't even know where her excitement was coming from, and wasn't sure she wanted to. She couldn't ignore the light, airy feeling she got when she picked up the stiff white envelope and read that it was indeed her name typed onto the sticker. It overwhelmed her to the point that her bedroom door was slammed in Lexy's face before the girl had time to say 'g'day mate' or whatever aussies say.

And so, work was finished for that afternoon.

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