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"Sleep my darling, flyaway. Close you eyes and wish its gone. Dream tight my baby. Wake up to the morning my Darling, sleep.


Chapter 1


10 years later

"MOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS TODAY?" I yelled pulling the large womens dress.

"Yes?" Barbra asked.I frowned.

"You can't even guess?" I slunked down my shoulders. Barbra smiled.

"Lets see. Its July 24. Its sunny out. You've seem to have special clothes you made yourself. OH! I know!" My eyes widen in excitement "Tuesday!" I growled.

"NO!" I yelled. Barbra laughed and gave me a bag.

" are finally old enough to go hunting by yourself." She kissed me on the forehead. I nodded and pulled out my bow testing it out.

"This is gonna be EPIC!" I squeaked. The large women stuffed pieces of bread into my bag. "Don't worry," I said. "I'm only gonna be gone for 2 hours" Barbra giggled.

"You make it sound so short." She said. She took a spoon and scooped some soup and tasted it. "Sit down, breakfast is going to me ready in 5 minutes. After that, you could go out hunting" She winked. I smiled as I took my seat. Then I looked down at my feet.

"Tell me that story" I said. The women turned around in confusion. "The story about the Eternal Guardians. And how they saved the world." I finished. Barbra smiled. She handed me a bowl of warm soup and sat down next to me. She sighed and straitened her dress.

"Well... 10 years ago. There was a place called Aven." She started.

"It still exists, right?" I asked. Barbra glared at me for a second then smiled.

"Of course. At least, thats what a lot of people believe." She sighed again, "In aven, many different races from the world moved there. It was truly a magnificent place. Aven was a perfect place for people to start a new life. Everything there was peacefull. You might think Aven was a kingdom. I did too, when I was young" She stopped to take a sip of her tea. " But then after a few months, something went wrong. Merchents couldn't agree with each other and started to attack each other. There started war. Everything was madness. Houses were being burnt down. Children were forced to kill their own parents and hundreds were kileed everyday..." The women took a moment to recover. "...even your father was killed." I stared at her as she felt sad. "Then, when everyone started to lose hope, 8 young teenagers came out of nowhere and fought the forces of evil. No one knew who they were, or where they came from. The only thing they knew, is thay these heroes and heroines saved the world from destruction. They were known as the Eternal Gaurdians." Barbra finished. I smiled.

"Are... they actually real?"I asked. Barbra shrugged. "These children were born in a crystal. That necklace..." She pointed at the necklace I was wearing.

"Is the crystal of an Eternal Guardian."She said. I smiled."But you told me it might not be real." I said. Barbra hesitated.

"We found it in a mine. Rumors say it is from an eternal Guardian. But no one knows for sure." She said as I took the last sip of my soup. I stared at the empty bowl and back at Barbra smiling.

"I finished." I said. Barbra sighed and got up.

"If you can, can you fetch some mushrooms across the pond. And DO NOT go passed Angor Quarry. Thats too far from here." She ordered me. I nodded and grabbed some arrows. I wore my bag and opened the door. But before I left, I turned around and smiled.

"See you later!" I said.

"Stay safe, Jasmeena!" I closed the door and ran across the bridge waving to our neighbors.

"Your first day of hunting, Jas?" The small Zumi merchant called from his usual spot.

"Alec! Your back from Tranquill!" I said. Alec nodded. He pulled out a small pouch of potions.

"Take this. There are a lot of dangerous things out there. These potions will cure any cut. He said. I took it and bent down to hug him.

"Thanks Alec. Do you want me to get anything for you?" I asked. Alec though for a moment.

"You know, there are some rumors saying there are these rock spirits. Do you mind checking that for me?" He asked. I nodded. "And if you find some, bring me back some rock to prove to my fellow friends they do exist?" I smiled.

"Anything for you." I said. I walked down the hill and found some bushes filled with cherry blossoms. 'This would be nice' I thought and knelled down to pick some. After I was done, I continued walking into the forest. That was the last thing I remembered before getting slammed into the ground.


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